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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Jerry Russell, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    This short speaks to me. The situation cannot be blamed entirely on the elite or cultural degradation.

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  2. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    This is outrageous mockery of Western Civilization Jerry. How dare you!!!!

    The vast desert in which I live, and the mountains' foothills that surround it are littered with the vast detritus of white trash Americans who refuse to pay to have their refuse hauled away (and piled in a big mound). Much of this detritus originated in Communist China, so that these patriots could enjoy their pagan Christmas rites and such. These same people buy horses and pets, only to cast them out to fend for themselves when the virtual slave economy turns south on them. Then, they complain about their culture being degraded. WTF?

    Fortunately the Randian heroes at the top (who are paradoxically also cronies, as usual) are doing ever well sending capital to and fro globally at the push of a button, or merely making more capital merely from speculating on the up and downs of things, including their various capital units of measure.

    But, what's with the hexopods? The movie Arrival shows them as heptopods. And the latter are here to help us, not turn us into Welcome mats.

    Early in my engineering career, I did some consulting for a national pet food company, in one of its factories. OMDogod!!!

    Here are three personal anecdotes about the industrial food industry:

    1. The factory was having a long running problem with one of its computerized ingredient dispensing stations, namely it would seem to randomly turn itself on, dispensing the ingredient all over the floor, or into the wrong bucket. In between my visits there to investigate this problem, the multi-billionaire owner of the company paid a routine periodic visit, and while getting his usual tour of the factory, that dispensing station incorrectly turned on, dispensing liquefied chicken onto the floor. The embarrassed tour leader panicked and attempted to stop the pumped flow (from a 3" diameter pipe) of chicken with his hand. Unfortunately(?) I was not there at the time to witness. (Yes, I did soon fix the problem, with 3 bytes of additional machine code (8080 processor no less) into the dispensing processor. But I had to sit on the catwalks for several days, looking at my oscilloscope) amidst assorted cow lungs and tracheas awaiting to be ground up and dispensed.)
    2. The owner of the (private) company was informed that, for tax purposes that he needed to spend something like $200 million that year. One of the spending projects was a $14 million assembly line for a new product line. The new dog food product had orange peel zest added to it. They did not test this product on real dogs until after building this assembly line, and their kennel test dogs then refused to eat it. Apparently they eventually sorted this out.
    3. At the factory the state inspectors had a reserved parking space next to the building, because ... some people eat pet food out of economic motives. Ironically, some of the cow and other animal's parts in the pet food might make it superior to what most of us human carnivores eat usually (muscle meat), based upon our picky 'culture' preference.
  3. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Our cows and chickens lead happy lives here, but all of them wind up in the freezer eventually. Our vegetables aren't even so lucky as that, they're immobilized in the dirt from day one.

    It seems like there's some difference between wanton cruelty and random destruction, vs. getting one's needs met. But hard to say where to draw the line.

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  4. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    And don't miss this one by Cutts.

    Compare to Bimbo's Initiation. The images of people falling into a manhole cover, and of a search for some solace by opening closed doors or peering through windows, reminded me of Bimbo's quest. But I'm not sure it's a close enough match to call it typology.

  5. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    What about fruits and fungi Jerry?

    Aren't omnivorous animals, like us chimpigs, bears and such, the intended gastro vectors for poopulating future fruit trees?

    Can we then at least have fruit salads, and maybe 'honeymoon salads' (let us [lettuce] alone, or optionally with passion fruit)?

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