Special Relativity creates Logical Paradoxes & Physical Impossibilities

Jerry Russell

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I wondered why you had not brought up the question of the patent. That is my fault.
Yet Zeilinger, ein dumpfes Kraut, supports SR and its claim of no faster-than-light signalling! This despite the fact that I used his own work to prove the viability of my US Patent #7,135,700, the article being Alois Mair, Alipasha Vaziri, Gregor Weihs & Anton Zeilinger, "Entanglement of the Orbital Angular Momentum States of Photons", Nature 412 (19 July 2001) 313-316. Just look at figure 4, where the data shows (and the deduced images would reveal) that movement of the hologram on one photon stream has an effect on the other stream of photons (the one photon stream being quantum-entangled with the other photon stream). His work flatly contradicts SR yet Herr Doofusman cannot see it!
I was wrong on one number which is now corrected above.

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