Special Relativity creates Logical Paradoxes & Physical Impossibilities

Jerry Russell

Staff member
I have had some time to reflect on what happened here. My editorial policy is, perhaps, unusual among discussion board moderators. Generally, what I see is that either posts are allowed to stand exactly as written, or else they are censored completely, and the users are blocked. This seems to be because website owners want to simultaneously act as publishers to keep control of their content, while also qualifying for limited liability as free speech platforms or common carriers.

But in terms of the legal status of this website: I feel it's clear that I am a publisher, and that this is not a free speech platform. Rather, I am the owner of the copyright on any original content posted here, and it's my responsibility to make sure that all content conforms with legal requirements and the site policies. And, my goal is to present interesting discussions that could be relevant to the issues of our time.

Accordingly, it seems appropriate to me, to act as an editor of a "letters to the editor" column in a reputable newspaper or magazine would act. That is, it seems entirely reasonable to me, to strike irrelevant, scandalous or libelous material while keeping those aspects that seem relevant & interesting.