Site compromised?

Jerry Russell

Staff member
Jerry, it seems your website has been compromised...when i enter from email link, it works, but i cannot get in from postflaviana... are you aware of this?

Winston told me a few days ago that there were problems with the site. He keeps getting pop-ups that redirect him to other links.

I haven't had a problem so far.

I had a similar experience trying to access the site from my phone, on the road, via cell tower. It seems to work fine at home on my desktop.

I'll look into it, and probably open a support ticket at the ISP.
Wordpress site has suffered some sort of major disaster. My efforts to fix it, have so far made things much worse.

The forum seems to be unaffected. Please navigate here directly:
The problem seems to be fixed. After going down various blind alleys: I restored the wordpress site from a month ago, and then updated the Tagdiv Newspaper theme from version 12.1 to the current version of 12.6.5. Then, restored the Xenforo database from a new backup.

My best guess is that some hacker developed an attack against the Newspaper theme, that allowed them to succeed with the popup window attack. Updating this software, defeated the hack and restored normal functionality.