Shitshow! - the book

Richard Stanley

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The following excerpt is the opening text from a new book, Shitshow!: The Country's Collapsing ... and the Reviews are Great, documenting the decline of American society, from the street perspectives of various segments of average American society. Here also is an interesting interview with the author, Charlie LeDuff:

LeDuff argues, correctly IMHO, that we are once again riding the wave of yet another bubble, and we must ask to what end, if any. In the very next Morning Joe segment, Colonel Jack Jacobs (ret) states that we don't have the will to sustain occupation of such as Afghanistan long enough to effectively pacify the place. The Romans would keep legions in occupation in perpetuity, and we've been occupying Europe for generations now. Now Trump is spending much more on the military, and quietly taking on more missions. To what end?

"The Americans with Charlie LeDuff" is a series of short segments (mostly 5 minutes or less) distributed through Fox News stations. It is not to be confused with "The Americans" (2013-2018), also a Fox series, which is a Cold War drama about Soviet spies in Washington, DC.

The Fox News segments are also posted to LeDuff's YouTube channel. I watched the most popular one (3.7 million views) which shows LeDuff successfully persuading the police to evict a squatter from a flat in Detroit. Very entertaining.