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Benjamin D'Israeli (merchant) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia'Israeli_(merchant)
Benjamin D'Israeli (1730–1816) was an Italian-born merchant and financier, the grandfather of the British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield.

Woe to Ariel. Isis is here! Woe to the rebellious children

Lark is singing. About the court Jews
Yet I will distress Ariel; there shall be heaviness and sorrow, and it shall be to me as Areil.

Tempest and flame of devouring fire. Dreaming of mount Zion! Read this! In this day the deaf shall hear! This is the way walk in it!


Benjamin Disraeli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Benjamin Disraeli. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield KG PC FRS (21 December 1804 – 19 April ..... against the increasing power of the merchants and new industrialists in the middle class.
William Ewart Gladstone - ‎Mary Anne Disraeli - ‎Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th ...

Full text of "How Britains Biggest Racists and Financiers Created Zionism - by Mark Burdman"
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There is one man who can
properly be regarded as the father of Zionism and Nazism:
Benjamin Disraeli. To omit Disraeli from a central place in the 19th century
development of Zionism, agent historian Barbara Tuchman once said, "would be as
absurd as to leave the ghost out of Hamlet." As prime minister under Victoria in the
1870s, Disraeli was the overseer of Britain's imperial design to secure a "homeland" for
Jews as a British outpost in the Middle East, and a secret document authored by
Disraeli became the manifesto for early Zionism in Europe. That much is admitted on
the public record.

What's hidden are Disraeli's motivations. In the 40 novels he also authored, Disraeli
called for an Aryan-Semitic alliance to form an organized superior "Caucasian race" that
was destined to rule the world with British power and the Hebrew-centered "sacred
mysteries of the East." This was the counter-cult to the rising demand for
industrialization and progress throughout Europe, the United States, and the Arab
world. As we shall show, Nazism and Zionism were the hideous twin offspring of the
same Anglican racist mother.

Disraeli himself was the son of an early British cultist, Isaac D'Israeli, a dilettantish
figure and literary critic associated with circles around the Edinburgh Review and Sir
Walter Scott. Nominally a Jew by name, Isaac D'Israeli was involved in the Isis cult
worship of these circles and encouraged his son to study Jesuit teachings and explore
other pagan anti-Christian teachings. The Walter Scott clique was the originator of
numerous myths and cults conduited into Europe, including the Odin cult in Germany
that supplied a mythical history for Nazism.

Early in his political literary career, Disraeli made two important connections. The first
was to the up-and-coming Rothschild family. The most notable Hofjuden ("Court Jew")
family of Britain patronized Disraeli's activities and Disraeli wrote in a letter, "I have
always been of the opinion that there cannot be too many Rothschilds."

Secondly, he was introduced to Edward Bulwer- Lytton, an arch-priest of the Isis cult in
Britain. Bulwer- Lytton was the author of the Last Days of Pompeii : which promulgated
the Isis cult and the novel Rienzi. The latter supplied the story for one of Wagner's first
operas which became another manifesto of Nazism. Bulwer- Lytton and his son were
both to serve as Colonial and India Office secretaries during the mid-nineteenth
century. Bulwer-Lytton's novels became the seminal tracts for a whole variety of cults
devoted to spreading the cult of Isis directly or in other guises. Those included the 1848
creation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, the 1860s Metaphysical Society and
Masonic Rosicrucian Lodge, the 1880s creation of the Isis-Uranus Temple of the
Hermetic Students of the Golden Dawn, the Theosophy Society founded by Madame
Blavatsky, who published Isis Unveiled and The Cabala Unveiled, and end-of-the-
century grotesqueries like the.
"Cannibal Club" and the "Suicide Society."

The Cannibal Club - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Cannibal Club was a Victorian dining club associated with The Anthropological Society, probably founded at the same time in 1863 by Sir Richard Francis ...

****There was one
aim behind all these cults: the formation of ritual worship cults for the creation of
terrorists, **environmentalists**, anarchists, and other zombified "enemies of progress" that
could be deployed against whatever obstacle stood in the way of Britain's imperial

Disraeli's own initiation into the ****Isis cult ******came with an early 1830s trip to the countries
of the Mediterranean, a trip that took him to Malta, the home base of the Knights of St.
John of Jerusalem, Greece, Egypt, and Palestine, the latter two for extended stays. In
Greece, the future prime minister expounded on the theme of the "Oriental background
of Hellenistic civilization. ' According to Disraeli, "in art the Greeks were the children of
the Egyptians, ' the originators of Isis. The trip provided Disraeli with his hallucinatory
raw material for his "cabalistic" 1830s-1840s novels, which according to one of their
Rothschild-modeled characters, Sindonia, were aimed at "penetrating the great Asian
mystery." Upon his return from the Near East, Disraeli set to work on writing Alroy, his
first call for a return to Palestine.


The first British cries for a return to Palestine were sounded when Napoleon conquered
Egypt. In entering Egypt with the idea of creating a modern nation in this country that
had fallen to the rule of the homosexual Mamluks, Napoleon was carrying out the Grand
Design of the great 17th century humanist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. That Grand
Design, the design of humanist republicans in the United States, France and elsewhere,
called for industrializing Asia, the Near East, and Africa — the Third World — as a
means of advancing the process of industrialization of Europe and America. Leibniz's
special project for conquering Egypt to open the Mediterranean as a trade route for a
France-centered European trade drive was coopted in full by Napoleon in the 1790s.

When Napoleon's troops landed in Egypt, the British press shrieked in. loud headlines:
"Napoleon: Plagiarist of Leibniz."

Upon arriving in the Near East, Bible in one hand, Koran in the other, Napoleon made
an appeal for an ecumenical alliance of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to bring the
Near East under the hegemony of republican forces in Europe. Within this ecumenical
framework, Napoleon called for the return of Jews to Palestine as a crucial input for the
development of the entire region.

Upon routing Napoleon from Egypt, the British moved quickly to subvert the potential
the project had represented. First, through agents like explorer and profiler Richard
Burton, the British Foreign Office set about infiltrating Islam with overlays of Isis cult
mythology through Sufism and other cults. Secondly, Zionism emerged as a
fundamental tool to secure British imperial designs.

In the first decade of the 19th century, a few ideologues pushed for the Palestine
return perspective as an anti-French weapon; not until the 1830's did leading British
policy makers, however, turn Zionism into a live operation, and the search began for

For the rest;

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More??? Ok.

In the first decade of the 19th century, a few ideologues pushed for the Palestine
return perspective as an anti-French weapon; not until the 1830's did leading British
policy makers, however, turn Zionism into a live operation, and the search began for
Jews who could be duped, coerced, or threatened into allying with the scheme. Except
for a few Hassidic elements in Eastern Europe, Zionism had little attraction for Jews.
Western European and American Jews were celebrating the recently won achievements
of emancipations brought with the Napoleonic Code to Europe and republicanism.
Eastern European Jews in Poland, Russia, and elsewhere eagerly awaited the process of
industrialization and de-ghettoization of their countries. And for every one or two who
trekked off to Palestine to worship the land of Mother Zion, tens of thousands of Jews
migrated to the "Promised Land" — the United States.


The first important impetus for Zionism from Britain came with the formation of an
"Evangelical Revival." Its best-known preacher came from the highest ranks of the
British aristocracy: Anthony Ashley Cooper, the seventh Earl of Shaftesbury. The revival
was the promotion of an anti-Vatican, anti-French "Anglican Israel" movement which
called for the restoration of British-sponsored Jews to a "homeland" in Palestine.

Shaftesbury sounded the trumpet for a "Second Advent" of the Messiah. Calling for a
"return to Hebraism," the Anglican Earl molded the Old Testament doctrines into a
weapon against the humanist hopes of Europe's Jews and against "continental
rationalism and revolution." In one telling outburst on this theme, Shaftesbury attacked
science as follows: "Revelation is addressed to the heart and not to the intellect. God
cares little comparatively for man's intellect. He cares greatly for man's heart. Two
mites of faith and love are of infinitely higher value to Him than a whole treasury of
thought and knowledge. Satan reigns in the intellect; God in the heart of man."

By the 1820s, Shaftesbury's irrationalists were compiling a monthly periodical entitled
"Jewish Intelligence," under whose auspices missionaries were sent to Eastern Europe
to proselytize for the Anglican "return to Israel" doctrine to Jews.

As a result of this mission, Shaftesbury was to write in late 1838 of a "resurgence of
feeling" among Jews in Russia and Poland that the moment "for the turning of their
captivity was nigh at hand." He described images of Jews "once they felt the soil of
Palestine beneath their feet ... again becoming agriculturists"; and of Jews' willingness,
by nature, to "implicitly obey... the existing form of government, "(emphasis added)

For this racist claptrap, Shaftesbury has been called a "Zionist-before-the-fact," and
during the 19th century membership in his Jews' Society (or the London Society for
Promoting Christianity Among the Jews) was occasionally cited as proof of insanity
before a Lunacy Commission established in London.

But exactly such insanity became a centerpiece of British Near East strategy during the
1838-40 period, under the aegis of Shaftesbury in-law, British Foreign Secretary Lord
Palmerston, the same Lord Palmerston who was overseeing the establishment of
Scottish Rite freemasonry cults across the globe.

Palmerston's turn toward Zionism as a useful tool was again the result of a renewed
threat of an Egyptian-French alliance. Egyptian leader Mohammed AN had conquered
much of Syria and Palestine beginning in 1832, and he had established allies in both
these areas. Mohammed AN was a strong believer in development and had secured the
first major imports into the Arab East of the technologies, skills, and trained manpower
that had transformed the European nations into modern, industrial societies. The
Egyptian ruler was threatening to catalyze a "bonapartist" momentum throughout the
Islamic world which would reverse centuries of stagnation and would jeopardize two
centuries of British East India Company-Levant Company control of the region. To
"check any.. .evil designs of Mohammed AN or his successor," Palmerston was by 1838
quite ready to set in motion the proposals of Shaftesbury and several other Church of
England and Church of Scotland officials for a Jewish Palestine. In 1839, a Foreign
Office outlet, the London Globe, ran a series of articles envisaging the mass settlement
of Jews in the context of the establishment of an independent state in Syria and
Palestine — without, of course, there being any Jews to enlist in such a mission.

This fact did not stop Palmerston from exclaiming in an August 1840 memorandum,
"There exists at the present time among the Jews dispersed over Europe, a strong
notion that the time is approaching when their nation is to return to Palestine."
Palmerston "strongly recommended" that the Turkish Sultan be persuaded "to hold out
every just encouragement to the Jews of Europe to return to Palestine."

During the same month, the Times of London reported on a scheme to "plant the
Jewish people in the land of their fathers." The Times praised Lord Shaftesbury's

Ok why not Read more of this here;
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Huxley used it as the title brave new world for his novel (published in 1932) that depicted a world populated by five castes (alpha through epsilon) of genetically stratified slaves, all ruled over by a tiny elite of ten “World Controllers”;

The Venace ruled there part of the world for 500 years with a elite. Oligarchs families
And picked "ten" men to run the show.

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN: "Darwin ... › transcripts
Dec 29, 2009 - Wanted Institutions Specializing in Sterilization, .... Benjamin Franklin actually put it in his writings, on display there at ... a world Federation eventually to be ruled by 12 wise men, …12 ...

Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Dec. 29, 2009:

Darwin Dared -- Happy Slaves are Impaired:

"We Live at the Pinnacle of Political Knavery
As They Introduce the Sophisticated Form of Slavery,
First Mentioned to Lessers by Charles Galton Darwin,
A Superior Inbred, No Humility, Not Charmin',
Claimed Overbreeding by Lessers, Top of his Fears,
Laid Down in his Book, 'The Next Million Years,'
Wanted Institutions Specializing in Sterilization,
The Victim-Taxpayers, Ones who would Pay Them,
A Golden Age, New Order then would Arrive,
Master Race, Nature's Chosen, Fit to Survive"
© Alan Watt Dec. 29, 2009
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By Alan Watt Dec. 29, 2009:

So many changes have happened since 2001. They were already on the go when the FIRST Gulf War broke out. That was the first big push into the new system because organizations in the world, including the Project for a New American Century in the US, already had it mapped out, all the countries that they’d have to take out to conquer and dominate and to seize their resources. They started this with Afghanistan to be followed with Iraq, then Iran and then Syria as well. We have lived through all of this as they go from one target to the next so cunningly that often the public are left behind and it’s often up to the media to tell them who they are fighting NOW, as though we’d always been fighting them, exactly as George Orwell said in 1984. They keep changing their gun sights but we’re not supposed to notice. “It’s always been Eastasia; we’ve always fought Eastasia.” See. That also works very well too.

You can not have a country that is a sovereign, independent country where through treaties… I’ve always wondered about the US. Through treaties which are legally binding, they can OVERRULE every other law that you have on the books. Until you go into the beginning of the US... Remember, these guys were idealists at the start. They all belonged to certain fraternities.

***** They talked about an INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD. Benjamin Franklin actually put it in his writings, on display there at the Franklin Museum, you’ll see where he said that, I hope this Federation of the States of America will be the beginning of a world Federation eventually to be ruled by 12 wise men, …12 wise men.

He wasn’t alone in this belief that the brotherhood of man would eventually dominate the world. HOW IT’S DONE IS BY THE SIGNING OF TREATIES. That’s why in the US Constitution, again it’s left kind of vague. These guys were not stupid, who had the Constitution and the Bill of Rights written up. A lot of them were lawyers; these guys are very careful with their words. When they do want changes to be made possible IN THE FUTURE, they will word it in such a way that they can always do that very thing that they wish. Lots of people were quite content in the beginning thinking well, the treaties were to do with the treaties of the US states themselves. That’s how it would sound until you really get to look into it. It’s so vague that no, it could mean anything.

We know that through the League of Nations, then on to the United Nations, that everything’s been put into bondage through treaties that you must submit to. It’s fascinating too to see that the US, and I’ve always seen this happening and coming. I’ve said it for years. The US, with the guns of America, will be turned on the whole world until it all succumbs to this world governmental system and while they are finishing it off – this is exactly what’s happening – they are pulling the rug from underneath your feet at home at the same time. They don’t want the US to be a dominant force when it brings IN the new world order. They want it bankrupt and heading towards third world poverty. Bank crashes don’t happen by themselves. They are foreseen. There are people who keep a pulse on the bubbles that are out there all the time. There are oversight committees that know exactly what’s going to happen and they can encourage it to happen or they can delay it for as long as they wish.

The big banking boys… It’s so interesting to see Rockefeller, when he was thanking all the groups of reporters that attended the various Council on Foreign Relations meetings, he said, thanks for keeping it all secret all these years - all these years, he said, for not telling the public; -it’s far preferable that an intelligentsia and bankers decide the future of the world rather than leaving it to the countries’ own free will and to the erratic roads they would take. That’s what basically he was saying; I’m paraphrasing it. Therefore, the bankers are heavily involved; the international bankers are heavily involved with bringing in this new world order. THEY RUN THE FOUNDATIONS. THEY RUN THE PARALLEL GOVERNMENT. THEY FUND THE PARALLEL GOVERNMENT WITH THEIR NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS. THEY FUND HUNDREDS OF OTHER DUMMY, FRONT FOUNDATIONS THAT SPECIALIZE IN CERTAIN AREAS TOO. That’s how it’s really run. As Professor Carroll Quigley said, that is the parallel government. If you are in a parallel government, you are not responsible to the public. You can get things done, like Maurice Strong and Kissinger and Brzezinski, behind the scenes and no eggs will get on you. No eggs will land on you, you’re not responsible but you get things done.


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Our lives are so short. We blink through life really. Agendas that are risen out with 100 year, 150 year, 200 year parts to them is nothing new. We find this technique was used, for instance, within the Soviet system and the League of Nations and the United Nations and they still use it today. 50 year plans for a certain project, 20 year plans for another, 70 for another and on it goes. When we hear these numbers bandied about and we say, well, it doesn’t affect me and that’s how we simply take care of it. We HEAR it but it simply bounces off us somehow and we don’t really think it’s real. But everything that you are hearing is going to be paid for BY you and those around you because everything is a cost and YOU are the only source of income that the big boys at the top have.

Slavery is a wonderful thing, in many different forms. We don’t realize slavery at one time was considered quite normal in ancient times; it was a normal way in Greece and Rome. So much so, that at one time in I think it was Rome, it got so bad that almost ¾ of its entire population were slaves. In those days a slave had a kind of set work hours. If you were a really hard working, maybe a bit manic and have a bit of time to yourself, you could acquire some money in a side job. A lot of the slave owners came out of being slaves themselves and went into the only business that made sense to them because they knew all the ropes, and they became slave owners. So much so, that they had their own big monuments built to them when they ended up dying awfully rich. That was accepted in those days. When you were conquered by a city-state next door, you were automatically subjected to them. The common folk were just basically bought and sold quite easily, while the elite of both sides tended to forgive each other, pay some tribute and then INTERMARRY. We’ve had this system going on down through the centuries right up to the present time because WEALTH MARRIES WEALTH, always.

Agendas for a world system were born also quite a long time ago USING a slave system. It was Charles Galton Darwin, another inbred person, related to Charles who was completely inbred for generations with only one other family because they believed in the master race even then. Charles Galton Darwin said in his book in the 1950s… Charles Galton Darwin worked as a physicist on the atomic bomb project so he wasn’t just another little theorist who liked cutting up bits of bodies and eyes of toads and newts and all that stuff. He was into physics. He was at the head of the British atomic energy firm at that time. He wrote his book, The Next Million Years. He talked about the need to cull off and sterilize all the inferior types starting in Britain and going across the world, so that the ones who should have the world and the future to themselves would certainly have it without all the useless eaters eating up all the excess grass out there in the fields. So he wanted to cull them off and have the right to do so and he put it forth in a sort of academic style format to try to persuade you why it should be. He got accolades from all the major media in Britain. If you don’t have a copy of that book, try to get one in the hardcover with the original - you know the little binder over the top of it, the slip jacket - and look at all the accolades they had from all the mainstream media saying yeah, this guy said it like it should be said and at last it’s come out into the light and all that stuff. They truly believed that in a post-industrial era, which they saw coming, they wouldn’t need all the working classes for a start. He also said there has always been slavery in one form or another. WHENEVER YOU ARE TAXED ON SOMETHING, YOU ARE A SLAVE. That represents your labor. Under the legal definition of slavery, it’s using someone’s labor, generally against their will. So you call it a tax and you take it off in a money form and you don’t think of it as being the same but legally it IS still the same. It’s the same with property, you either own something or you don’t own it. If you have to pay tribute to a government or anybody else, and they can come and lien on you and put in the heavies, that’s just a mafia; it’s called extortion. It’s the same thing, you’re still a slave. You see.

We accept it all because it’s given different terms to it. The odd thing is, the more folk that go along with it, the more you think it’s normal. Again, that’s the coward instinct in the herd mentality that the people who do nothing for all the lives will do; it’s a herd instinct. They need someone to guide them and then they’ll generally go along with them if they think they will win. They won’t go near them if they think they might not win. But they always follow the leaders, generally when the battle is almost over. That’s the history of humankind unfortunately and the big boys who rule the world know that. “A more sophisticated form of slavery,” Charles Galton Darwin said.
The words of mr alen watt.

100 years during the "century of change" from now some say the brave new world will be here for the next million years; LH

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