Sept. 8: Craig Rice, Anatoly Fomenko, Flat Earth. Sophistry!

Jerry Russell

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OK, now this is getting more spooky.

Jan's case is being discussed at this Facebook group:

More testimony is emerging about Irvin's pickup artist activity. It seems it's not entirely a bluff.

Jan is getting more and more anti-Semitic. He's recently even denounced Joe Atwill as Jewish, without the slightest shred of evidence.

And yet, Jan's gorgeous new stripper wife is Jewish? How could Jan and his new wife Holly possibly get along, if she's Jewish (and a trans-sexual rights advocate to boot) while he's as anti-Semitic as any medieval Pope? Opposites attract? Or is this a classic Hofjuden + spook marriage?

Richard Stanley

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Thx 90210, have you read this book?

I wonder if it discusses Russian alt-History as serving state interests, or if it sees it as a separate phenomenon?

Richard Stanley

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Thx again.

Page 44 and those leading up to it present something of the problem faced by Putin trying to assuage rising ethnic nationalism on the one hand and then deciding whether or not the new Russia is a 'cosmopolitan' nation or a re-emerging imperial power.

In skimming through the book, I was struck that the sensitivities regarding the true nature of the historical relationship to the Mongol's and their influence on Russia seems like it may be being repeated by the West's influences upon Yeltsin and Putin after the collapse of the USSR. Ignoring here that Putin is now perceived as driving the wedge of nationalism into the once cohesive West (seemingly biting the hand that fed him).

The following, from pages 146 and 147, should be some fun for those who assert that Putin is a Khazar:



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