Seeing Through Christianity

Richard Stanley

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The following is a great lecture by Bill Zuersher, author of a book, Seeing Through Christianity.

The lecture starts out with a great textual critique of the foundations of Judaism before moving on to Christianity in the same fashion.

The only book you'll ever need to read about Christianity. This remarkable book provides a critical overview of Christian beliefs and the evidence for them. Where did these beliefs come from? Are there good reasons to believe Christianity is true? Bill Zuersher clearly explains each of Christianity's major beliefs. He then proceeds to demonstrate significant difficulties with each of them. The book tackles these beliefs in a logical order, beginning with the problems at the root of virtually all religions, suffering and death, and culminating in their supposed resolution through Jesus. Mr. Zuersher also examines the evidence for Christianity, namely religious writings and the historical fact of the early Jesus movement. He makes the case that this evidence does not support the religion's claims and he provides naturalistic alternative explanations for how its core beliefs arose. In these pages we see the coalescence of Jewish and Zoroastrian religious ideas with those of Greek philosophy and mystery cults, to form the belief system we recognize as Christianity today. The result, Mr. Zuersher argues, is not revealed truth, but rather a human patchwork which contains unwarranted assumptions and logical flaws, all founded upon questionable evidence. Entertaining throughout, it is must-reading for skeptics, apologists, and anyone interested the world's largest religion or the culture wars behind today's politics - an invaluable resource for students and teachers, writers and debaters.

Claude Badley

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Zuerscher is generally correct, especially re the OT. However he ducks around the formation of Christianity as he ignores the fundamental issue of Gnosticism which is a movement arising among convert-Jews and from which Christianity was derived. Gnosticism was an oppositional movement within Judaism and ultimately caused Judaism to stop trying to evangelize among Pagans. In turn all the Gnostics were suppressed, misrepresented and destroyed by the Christians - the only surviving Gnostic group being Mandaeans. My own specialty is to uncover the links between Mandaeaism and the Nag Hammadi texts.

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Jerry Russell

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Claude, I'd like to call your attention to an earlier discussion posted at our forum in late 2018, posts #11 thru #24 in a thread discussing Richard Carrier's views about Joe Atwill and us.

Basically, in this thread I am arguing that gnosticism emerged gradually out of Hellenistic Judaism, largely in parallel with Roman Christianity, but taking a somewhat different path. A poster named GrayMac argues that gnosticism came first, with Roman Christianity not invented until the 2nd century by Marcion.