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The following is Alan Green's Bardcast #3 podcast, where he provides the foundational overview needed in his estimation before moving on to more advanced aspects. As such, I guess #3 is a good choice to post first here on this new thread, and rather than continuing on from The Case for De Vere thread which should be dedicated to questions of De Vere as the author or primary author of the Shake-spearean corpus.

All of the Bardcast's will be archived here:

Perhaps a handful of the trillions that watched Bardcast #3 continued to the end (starting at ~2:57:00) to see the discussion of Green's further work on the SATOR Square decoding. In the discussion he shows the usual stopping place for most at the PATERNOSTER which we observed on this thread, but we(I) importantly missed the extra 4 letters as Alphas and Omegas.

Green goes significantly further and demonstrates a curious link between the Latin and Hebrew alphabets, demonstrating ritual knowledge of this in the Roman and Anglican Churches. There are claims made about both Hebrew and Latin languages that they have a 'sacred' aspect, and separately we've been seeing evidence that the same people are behind both, further evidence of what we've been calling the Western False Dialectic of (Jew versus Gentil).

How does this play with such as Sun temple alignments and henges. 'Christ' entering at the Golden Gate, the star gate?