Rome vs the Jews revolution in the makeing we are still living with!


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Jews for Jesus versus Jews against Jesus; Christians versus Jews; Christians versus Judaizers. This book is the story of such contests played out over 2000 turbulent years. Dr. E. Michael Jones

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History Hardcover – September, 2008
by E. Michael Jones (Author)

I feel sorry for the Jews to be blamed for something they didn't do.
Kill Jesus as the story was made up by Rome
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Richard Stanley

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The host of the interview, Sunic, is of proud Croatian heritage, and as he admits, they are mostly hard-line papists, and thus are radically against Jews.

Ironically, without the Jew's (Fake Good News - gospel) actions against that Jew, Jesus, we could not have the Christianity that Jones and Sunic so love. At least Jones admits that Jews were the first Christians. But as we have learned, these 'Christiani' were the messianic Greek speak Jews in the diaspora of the day, otherwise in league with the messianic Jewish Nazorean, nationalist, rebels. These latter almost exactly like the goy White Nationalists of America and Europe of today.

Only through the diabolically masterful ploys and propaganda of Imperial Rome did we come to know the Pauline (context converted) Christianity that we know today. As such, some Jews, at least, are still employed by the same project, a collusion of the Imperial Romans and the Hellenizing elite Jews, then know as the Hasmonean Maccabees, like Josephus Flavius.

In the new, Futurist, End Times, the white nationalists (schismatic yet cultural Christians, at least) will be led of the metaphorical cliffs of Gadara, as happened in the Gospels, per Joseph Atwill's Caesar's Messiah. The pacified, Globalized Christians while become the typological equivalent of the Rabbinic Jews, both aligned with the globalizing vector of the older Hellenization project.

Like the white nationalists of today, likely the Zealots of then were mostly lower class peoples, who had come over centuries to believe that they were indeed Jews, instead of actually being descended from the original Canaanites.

"The Wrath of the Awakened Anglo-Saxon"?

There are some who suggest that the Saxons, at least, are descendants of the Saka, aka the Scythians. Such people amongst the many who migrated in many cycles to the west. It is also suggested that some of the Scythians, at least, were composed of some of the so-called Lost Tribes of the Hebrews, expelled by the Assyrians. Wouldn't that be ironic?

All of this is just some of the reason that Jerry and I suggest that the real issue is the manipulative and profitable kontrol over humanity by a select elite, and they use culture, including religion to do so. Such as 'Jews and Christians' are just cynical identity games of divide and conquer.

Unfortunately the 'true believers' may be a bigger problem than the cynical shepherds and sheepdogs of humanity.
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Such as 'Jews and Christians' are just cynical identity games of divide and conquer.
Yes the big boys make up religious groups or take them over.
As Rome did 2000 years ago to fool the Jews into being a better slave turn the other cheek and pay your tax or give to the church..

Aspiring Author

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Except the Zealouts weren't like white nationalists. The White Nationalist don't have a legitimate grievance: they are are unhappy that white supremacy is being eroded and they are therefore being out-competed by non-white people. Only with racist Jim Crow laws could a skinhead (since skinheads are either not very bright, have poor social skills or are suffer from personality disorders, or a combination of all three) get a job instead of a qualified black person who doesn't have such severe psychological issues. They are simply put, whining losers in countries where the government is also white.
The Romans had occupied Judaea; installed a puppet regime of non-observant barely Jews, and were severely taxing Jewish people to feed and entertain the Roman underclass, who didn't work but lived off welfare, that was paid for by Roman imperialism: wheat from Egypt, animals killed in circuses to entertain Romans...
Frankly the Zealouts had a far more righteous cause than people give them credit. I think that even on this website, where people are well aware that the Gospels are propagand, people forget that Jews had every reason to fight the Roman occupation tooth and nail: Roman civilization was essentially evil and whilst Jewish civilization has its flaws, it is in every way superior to Greco-Roman civilization.

Richard Stanley

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Hi Aspiring Author (AA), welcome to the forum.

I believe you are mostly correct that the Jewish Zealots were not generally racist as with today's white nationalist/supremacists. Jews, throughout time have had either relaxed or lax attitudes towards admitting others into their religion and intermarriage.

Martin Bernal, in his Black Athena Vol. 1, asserts that there are no markers of overt racism, such as we know today, prior to the outgrowth of the Romantic Movement from the University of Göttingen in the 1730's. It was from this university, founded by England's George II, and the Romantic Movement that the concept of "blood and soil" derived, utilized by the Nazis and now here. If there were any other motives behind the Romantic Movement, it served to justify race based slavery in its adherents' minds.

Prior to this time the institution of slavery (bondage) was imposed more as a matter of individual (financial circumstances) or group (losing at war) circumstance. Everyone did it, even the Jews. The Jews had rules for such, including that one must treat their bonded brother better than bonded non-kin. Genesis 47 tells us how Joseph colluded with Pharaoh to manipulate the Egyptian markets to such a degree that all the Egyptians eventually sold themselves into bondage, after selling their animals and lands. Joseph then forced all the Egyptians to move to other areas of Egypt, because that's what slaveowners do.

Of course, Joseph, technically, was not a Jew, he was their 'uncle', and became the father of Ephraim (who had some noble Egyptian blood in him). Genesis goes on to record that the Jews must remain subservient to 'Joseph' for a very, very, long time, or as it says elsewhere in the Bible, till the "two sticks become one". I believe this latter may have occurred just after WWII when Pope John XXIII (I believe) reminded them that he was "their Joseph".

While I agree that Greco-Roman civilization was (and is a problem today) I try not to play the game of is one better than the other. In fact, we argue here that Judaism is a central and synthetic [sic] element to the makeup of Western Civilization, not a foreign element. And we call the Jewish/Gentile construct the False Dialectic of Western Civilization.

I see that you've been responding to a lot of Loren Hough's old threads. Loren frequently, but not always, took an antagonistic attitude to the Jews. FWIW, Loren passed away a year or so ago.