Richard Stanley, RIP

Jerry Russell

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Rick's brother-in-law called me to say that Rick was found dead this morning. The police say that he took his own life.

Long time readers of the site will know that Rick has been battling with severe health problems for at least ten years now, which often left him feeling debilitated and in pain. I am grateful to him for his endurance and courage to keep working and offering his insights for as long as he has.

Certainly Rick has been the heart and soul of this website. It has been dedicated to highlighting his unique insights, while my role has been to ask questions and provide assistance and support.

I am in shock. I will have more to say later.


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I can't believe it, I am in shock also, as he seemed to be starting so many new threads lately. All I can say now is that he mentioned the raising of Lazarus in his last posting to me, apparently last evening, so maybe ... I don't even know what he looked like, but he did talk a lot about Thomas Stanley to me, so this engraving is the least I can do for him. Requiescat in pace, Ricardus! 818
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Hi Jerry,

I am sad to hear this, he welcomed me here only two days ago and we were having a great conversation on religion. I will cherish that.

Jerry Russell

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Here is a picture of Rick with my wife Janet, on a hike in the Angeles National Forest in 2012.


Claude Badley

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I've only just tuned in right now to read this horror. Richard is one of the few people I've ever met who appreciated the deeper negative issues of our culture. I'll never forget meeting him in Lancaster last year and his introducing me to the works of Ralph Ellis. He will be sadly and sorely missed, and not just by me.

Rest in peace, Richard.

Yours faithfully

Jerry Russell

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In a case like this, at a conspiracy oriented website, there can never be any final certainty about what happened. Was this really a suicide, as the police and family say? Or were there darker forces involved? For that matter, can we really be sure that Richard has not simply gone into hiding somewhere? If Robert Kennedy Jr. could have been at the Hidden Resort for all the many years since his reported death, why not our dear Richard?

If someone is inclined to question or doubt, there is nothing anyone could possibly say to truly put the matter to rest. Police reports can be falsified, and lies and misunderstandings are commonplace on the Internet.

And I myself am surprised enough by the news, that I have wondered if I have a duty or obligation as his research partner. Perhaps I need to follow every lead as far as I can, and report the results here. But at the moment, I'm feeling at peace with a decision (for myself) to accept the accuracy of the report I've received.

At a minimum, I have decided to share what I know, so that readers can reach their own conclusions.

The reason I am surprised by this news, is that the last time I had a serious heart-to-heart conversation with Rick about the issue of suicide was approximately last March. At that time, he told me that his house in Lancaster was about to be foreclosed for non-payment of property tax. He said that with no place to go, he would be taking his life.

Rick has always had access to a firearm and he knew how to use it, so this was no empty threat. And it was a topic we had spoken of many times earlier.

Possibly Rick's most serious health issue was chronic sinusitis, which he believed was caused by a biofilm infection. It was highly resistant to all sorts of antibiotics and nostrums, and never really went away although it went through phases of being more or less acute. Rick believed that there was a constant threat that the infection would spread to his central nervous system, though as far as I know this never happened.

He also suffered from Crohn's disease, causing abdominal pain. And in recent years he had a skin cancer that went into his eye, causing disfigurement and loss of vision. With all of this, I believe that Rick was suffering in a way I can hardly conceive of. Yet at the same time, none of these conditions could be considered as terminal or fatal in the near term.

When we spoke of his woes, I always told Rick that I needed him, and that the world needs him. And also, I reminded him that his condition was a roller-coaster, and that very bad days were often followed by days of relative ease and comfort. I told him that I hoped that with anticipation of the good days, he could make it through the bad times.

Also, I recognized that working on Postflaviana could be depressing in itself. A never ending stream of bad news, combined with new insights into historical horrors. I suggested that maybe some other means of passing the time might be more encouraging. But he was insistent in wanting to continue working on our joint project.

Beyond that, I always pointed out that I wasn't a properly qualified counselor (my psychology degree has nothing to do with clinical work), and suggested that he ought to call the suicide hotline and get hooked up with a real therapist. As far as I know he never took that advice.

Getting back to the events of last March, I was in some distress that Rick might lose his house and his life at the same time. I called the tax assessor, and found out that they would not be taking any action to seize the property until October. I called Rick back with that news, and he was relieved to be getting a reprieve. I encouraged him to either sell the house, or take out a bank loan, so that he could get rid of the tax lien. Rick had inherited the house from his parents, unencumbered by any debt. It was a three bedroom house where he lived alone.

When Rick went to the hospital with "exfoliative cellulitis" (probably, toxoplasmosis) he fought hard to get the medical care and medications that he needed. There was no talk of suicide then, just a determined will to survive.

And, Rick came up with a plan to keep his house. His brother-in-law confirmed for me, that the family had agreed to take over the house and pay off the overdue tax account, and that Rick could continue living there. In fact, that was the purpose of the meeting that had been set for that afternoon, on Rick's birthday.


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Jerry, Thank You for that update and your personal thoughts concerning this very sad, unwelcome, and mystifying major loss. I can't imagine how hard and painful it must be for you to deal with this and talk about it. I don't know if this helps, but here is a message Rick sent me in the "Conversations" section exactly a week before this happened. You had told us here at Postflaviana about your harrowing experience during those terrible fires, and I was asking Richard how he was doing where he lived-
"Sep 18, 2020
The worst has happened. My hoped for eternal home of ashes has been turned to ashes a few days ago. The proposed transporter of said ashes will be either dead or too old by the time legal access is granted to carry and deposit them there.

Otherwise, the air has gotten pretty smokey, but there is 20 miles or so of flat desert terrain with little fuel between me and the two local fires.

Hardest to deal with is the limited 'gout' diet I've been forced onto. It seems that the incident with the cats including extreme antibiotics and such, and maybe my Covid-19 inspired chemistry lab kit experiments in boosting my immune system, triggered an odd reaction that looks like gout. So now I cannot eat meat or diary, and maybe eggs without my skin burning and other odd pains. But at least I can still have my habanero blueberry pancakes.



Is this something that you also knew about, and perhaps could clarify? He still seemed optimistic to me also, and even a bit humorous in that last sentence, despite his disappointments and hardships, or I would have notified you immediately. I knew nothing about the imminent foreclosure, which was resolved anyway, of course. My great handicap, I admit, is that I never knew him personally, never was at his home, and didn't even know what he looked like, as previously mentioned. I am trying to think and discern, in hindsight, as undoubtedly you and others are doing right now, any signs during his last week on Postflaviana that would indicate suicidal signals that I missed (I am not any kind of counselor either). As with everyone else, this caught me completely off guard, as reading his postings really made my day, for he was truly a treasure here, and I sincerely wish now that I could have caught up with and commented more on all of the new threads that he had recently started here, could that have been an unheeded because it was an unrecognized cry for help, or at least conversation with us? So much to ponder about him ......
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Or were there darker forces involved?
IMHO, I don't think that there were "darker forces involved". With no disrespect intended, and to the best of my limited knowledge of him, Richard had never written a whistleblowing book, nor made a disclosing video, about the darker forces. Plenty of other people have, though, and are still living, so I think that if the powers that be had really decided to eliminate someone on Sept. 25, 2020, it would have been one of them, and not him. I know how coldblooded this sounds, but if they really had Richard on a "to be silenced" list, they would have decided to just let his health issues take care of him in the end. For the record, I also do not believe that they deliberately set those devastating West Coast fires as a cover in order to get rid of Richard and Jerry, and thus "Postflaviana".
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Jerry Russell

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IMHO, I don't think that there were "darker forces involved".

Thank you, Seeker. You are a voice of calm and moderation in this world of conspiracy research.

I might have been somewhat tongue-in-cheek in raising the possibility. But on the other hand I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions, and especially not on behalf of our readers who might have questions. And it's true that Richard has never written a book or made a video. But in our private conversations, Richard and I have entertained the fancy that by merely setting up this website with its hard-hitting analysis, we might have earned the attention of the Dark Forces. But of course this was mere wishful thinking, possibly even self aggrandizement, to worry that we might be so important as to merit a 'hit squad'.

I called Richard's brother-in-law, Fred, to get more information about the events of last Friday. He satisfied me that Rick's death took place in an open and verifiable manner, with little if any opportunity for unidentified actors to be involved. In Fred's mind, there was absolutely nothing mysterious or unexplained about the cause of Richard's death. Fred confirmed that he was aware of Rick's hopes to eventually have his ashes scattered on a particular mountaintop. He just didn't expect that the plan would be carried out so soon. He knows who the "proposed transporter of said ashes" is, and he reassured me that a new and accessible mountaintop will be identified.

For the record, I also do not believe that they deliberately set those devastating West Coast fires as a cover in order to get rid of Richard and Jerry, and thus "Postflaviana".

We can't even say whether the wildfires were set deliberately by anyone, much less what nefarious purpose the arsonists (if any) might have intended. And they may have gotten rid of Richard, but I am still alive and kicking. Yes, I've survived the Harmony Farms Fire and Kirk Road Fire and lived to tell the tale.

So it might be premature to write off "Postflaviana". At the moment, I am still too much in mourning to start sorting that out.
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Charles Watkins

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Jerry, my heart goes out to you and everyone who knew and loved Richard. I never met him, but his writings have helped shape my mental landscape and opened me to a universe of new ideas. His passing has touched me profoundly.

I hope you will carry on with Postflaviana. It has become one of my favorite places on the Internet, the only place I can discuss these topics with thoughtful people who know so much more than I do. That would be the best tribute Richard could want. If there is some sort of memorial, please let me know where I can contribute.

Jerry Russell

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I hope you will carry on with Postflaviana.

Thank you, Charles. I agree that Richard would want me to make it so. However, I do feel a sense of futility regarding the very limited following we've been able to reach. I need to come up with a strategy, and an answer to the questions posed in the thread "Why the masses are not flocking to Postflaviana?" If it's worth doing at all, it's worth finding an audience.

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If memory serves, Richard's faith was formed in the Presbyterian tradition. Since I know it is not where it eventually led him, I'll do my best as a cleric in the tradition of Apathetic Agnosticism to adapt appropriately:

Power of indeterminate length or reality,
potential Keeper of our days,
look on Richard, whom you might have created in your image,
and possibly even claimed as your own through baptism.
Comfort him, to the extent you have such capacity, with the promise of life eternal,
made sure - at least as proclaimed by Richard's earthy Father - in the death and resurrection of your Son,
Jesus Christ his Lord.
Look kindly upon us in our sorrow
as this life is taken from us,
and gather, if possible, our pain into whatever peace You may have.
Allow us to imagine You being with us in our grieving, and overcoming all our doubts.
Awakening our gratitude for gifts of love, tenderness, and wisdom - whether or not it actually comes from You.