Prince, David Bowie, and the Entertainment Vampire Drug Ring

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  1. I did some research not too long ago on the deaths of Prince and David Bowie. I made a video about it. I tried to cover the tone of the video in a veil of humor because I feel I may have stumbled onto something that many people want to keep hidden from the general public.

    It's kind of a rough draft of the connections that I saw that lead me to believe Prince, David Bowie, and many other people in the Entertainment industry are blood drinking vampires.

    It's a long video, so I apologize. I believe that the insights gained from it will be well worth it, however.
  2. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Hi ZHD,

    I scanned around your video and watched a few moments here and there. The diagram reminds me of Jan Irvin's BRAIN database, and I have to say I've never found these sorts of arguments of guilt by association especially convincing. Maybe in conjunction with other evidence. Anyhow, have you considered scanning your drawing in high resolution? It's hard to see the connections in the video.

    By 'blood drinking vampire', do you mean in the same sense as the Jewish orthodox mohels you mentioned in your other post? Or do you believe something is going on more akin to a Bela Lugosi movie, with canine teeth sinking into tender flesh?

    Do you make the accusation that any living person is a vampire?
  3. I find the practice of drinking human blood to be extremely weird. I don't know anyone in my everyday life that claims to drink blood except in symbolic rituals at church or in steak cooked rare. Yet... in these connections there are multiple instances throughout almost all of these people's careers where they either drink blood, play vampires, or talk about Crowleyan symbolism. Take Gary Oldman for example... He played Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula. He played the evil businessman in Fifth Element that was trying to destroy the world in a movie about aliens taking a 5th element from an Egyptian pyramid to stop a Black Star from destroying the earth. He also sang on David Bowie's songs and played a priest in one of his music videos. David Bowie was also a vampire and played a vampire in his movies. I think the vampire thing is a metaphor but it is also a group that literally sacrifices humans and probably drinks the blood. They may or may not sacrifice people directly, but they know people are dying due to their influence and drug pushing. These people all tie back into drugs and are greatly responsibly for the popularization of drugs in western culture today. I just don't know why the blood part is necessary. I think it gives them powers similar to a "Limitless" drug such as Modafinil, which Dave Asprey espouses.

    I'll try to find a large enough scanner. It think it would help to see it clearly.
  4. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    I went to an OTO meeting (Crowleyan, Coph Nia Lodge, Eugene) recently out of curiosity, and they were careful to explain to me that their communion wafers contained only the tiniest traces of human blood or flesh, I don't remember which. I decided not to partake of the ceremony, and they told me I wouldn't be welcome back until I was ready to take communion.

    Anyhow, for them it was at least 99.9% pure symbolic, as far as I could tell.

    I hope nobody in Hollywood is literally sacrificing humans. I think David McGowan discussed a few suspicious-sounding cases in his books.

    I would love to find time to read this book:

    From Communion to Cannibalism: An Anatomy of Metaphors of Incorporation

    by Maggie Kilgour 1990


    I happened to read Ovid, Dante and Melville at the same time and began wondering why there were so many cannibals running around literature, and, even more, why no one else had seemed to notice. Sensing a glaring omission in tradition here, I boldly set out to do for cannibalism what Freud had done for incest.​
  5. A new day

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    ZHD, great topic for Postflaviana! As a Roman Catholic kid, I remember getting grossed-out pondering the body & blood/bread & wine ritual that is the Holy Mass.

    I like the way Joseph Atwill ties it in to the destruction of Massada. (Could Mass be short for Massada?) That fits the political satire.

    I'm thinking the Flavian creators may also have tapped into other rituals. One may be derived from a more ancient ritual involving cannibalism. The other, the act of "taking in" the god and receiving "grace", may refer to a more sexual or tantric practice. In this sense the sexual has been sublimated to eating.

    Wise choice, Jerry! Kuru, hepatitis, HIV . . . Perhaps the ancients had a hygienic reason for the taboo against cannibalism? I'm intrigued as to what your research will reveal.
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  6. Richard Stanley

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    It might be useful here to note that the late Nicholas De Vere made some very specific and (somewhat more) mundane claims about what real vampirism is/was about. This is found in his rather detailed From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells, later turned into The Dragon Legacy. As such he claims that all such portrayals of such as vampires, fairies, ... are really just diversionary fantasms (that came about for very specific internecine conflicts between factions of elites). This does not mean that some people today might actually have taken to believing and/or role play as such, just look at the morons that disfigure themselves and dress up as animals.

    I have earlier mentioned De Vere and this work, and my recent and separate investigations are dovetailing with his claims, the latest of which has to do with hair and eye color, and I am also guessing to the House of Orange. And from there one can get quite biblical for reference, as well as other sources.

    To summarize, De Vere's claim was that his clan was indeed genetically distinct, and that the historical 'vampire' aspect was related to leveraging their unique biochemistry, via a practice that was only performed within the clan - this having nothing at all to do with supernaturalism.

    This is one case of where the truth might be much more interesting than fiction or fantasy.
  7. A new day

    A new day Member

    I'll check him out. Thanks. When it comes to the romantic dramas about vampires I thought, perhaps, it was a way to dramatize the degenerative effect city "night life". Here, vampires represent people who stay up all night and sleep all day trapped by addictions to alcohol, sex, opium, etc. I do know now that the concept of vampirism (sp) goes back further.
  8. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    I should also note that I suspect that De Vere was shading some aspect or aspects, but there is no doubt that his narrative is coherent. And as I have stated previously, he had a DNA program that would allow anyone to submit their sample to see if they were part of the exclusive clan, albeit one needed red hair and green eyes in any case.

    In the link I provided, a free version of the earlier book, there is a quote about the family regarding themselves as being the closest to God, as if semi-divine. Here, a separate line of investigation revealed that almost all Renaissance and many older depictions of the Classical gods and the human ultra-elites are with red hair, and sometimes one can make out the green eyes. My recent watchings of movies depicting such as QE1 show her being played with red/orange hair and green eyes. Even the Medici (who were not red haired as far as I can tell) sponsored arts depicted the same entities with red hair.

    As I have recently posted about pharaohs with red hair, there is the curious story about the twins Jacob and Esau, where much is made of Esau's red coloring and leathery skin, yet stone silence on Jacob other than being with smooth skin. But as I have found, the Jewish holy book states that Esau will regain his inheritance. And it states that Judah is subservient to Joseph's son, Ephraim (with the Egyptian blood).

    As Jerry has stated, red hair is genetically recessive, so to sustain this trait to any extent requires continual breeding with like kind. This, to an even greater in-clan extent, is exactly what is claimed by DeVere for his clan, and for the pharaohs. Of course, the Euro-nobility is highly inbred, until recently, but De Vere denigrated them as his so-called "tinker nobility", with less than 'noble' motivations.

    So, like Joe, I believe it would be very interesting to see the results of Joe's desired DNA tests, but I suspect that the results will be far different than what he imagines.
  9. A new day

    A new day Member

    I've just finished watching Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, and noticed his symbolic use of red hair females. Similar in the early 60's film, Bye-Bye Birdie. With all the DNA testing going on as well as tissue harvesting I can't help but see the world through sci-fi 3D glasses. Maybe Big Gen-Pharma is searching too?
  10. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Interesting, I'll have to check those out.

    There was a rumor, don't know if true, that the Red Cross was doing secret DNA testing on donated blood, in addition to their testing for transfusion transmitable diseases. Separately, some time ago I had found an article on the Red Cross and Pearl Harbor, that they had been staged for action on Dec. 7/41. But this had been pulled down before I had come back to save the page.
  11. A new day

    A new day Member

    Would not surprise me at all. Inter-national or SUPRA-national? Red Cross or Rosy Cross? I've skimmed over "From Transylvania to TurnBridge Wells", it has some interesting references that might connect lost history, but it's a lot to plow through unless enamored by medieval fantasy.

  12. This one scene neatly sums up every connection on my mind map: Drugs, Satanism, Blood Drinking.
    Here is a scene of Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas that I recently discovered. Pay close attention to what Benezio Del Toro says about the "satanism freak". To add to the weirdness, I also found out that Johnny Depp starred in Edward Scissorhands with Vincent Price, the Prince of Horror! Price played many vampires in his career and helped to popularize the horror movie genre in its early days. Johnny Depp is currently in a band called the Hollywood Vampires. Michael Jackson, another person I have implicated with multiple connections to this web of vampires, used Vincent Price as the talking voice in his smash hit, "Thriller".
  13. I will definitely be looking into this book, as well as the Book that New Member mentioned, "From Transylvania to Tunbridge". I have a sinking suspicion that all this is pointing to a deeper reality inherent in the universe.
  14. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    new day had some problems wading into From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells for whatever reason, but if this type of material it interests you, then you should check out mindcontrolblackassassins who can deliver the occult and pagan references in spades, pun intended (as he discusses matters from his black perspective. This covers practically all the mind control topics here, and then some. This guy prolifically covers current events and I don't understand how he manages to corral so much relevant topical and historical material so quickly. The problem for me is trying to figure out how to access his archives.

    Some of the material might seem so outrageous that it can't be true, but then scan down the long page(s) to see all the bolstering material. As he frequently discusses MKULTRA I see all of these occult practices in the media as part of the overall social control (herding) paradigm, and I get the general sense that he regards them the same way. Various practices, regarded as perverse from the mainstream perspective, are one means to garner compliance by individuals that have been brought into whatever system, in this case Hollyweird. But as you can see from time time to time, just how pervasive all this is in various 'Christian' contexts. "Same as it ever was."

    In this sense I saw De Vere's work as being similarly comprehensive, and in the extensive coverage of mythos and other 'medieval fantasies'. Well and to paraphrase: as he put it he was doing so to pull back the supernatural curtain on what he claims were his exclusive clan's nature as the literal 'good shepherds' of humanity. This claim is rather extensive, and I can only add that my completely independent research tells me his general claims are quite plausible, though I'm still dubious as total transparency.

    And in case you haven't made the connection, De Vere's Oxford family was closely connected with the Elizabethan Court and thus Shakespeare. So close, in fact, that the De Vere's and the Stanley's, my adoptive family (I'm blond, blue eyed, and grey beard BTW), put the Tudors on the throne. For full disclosure, De Vere claims that after themselves, the Stanley's and the Russell's are number two and three in the Norman pecking order, but I have seen the order stated different. Jerry and I are pretty far down in our family trees though, so far down in the shade that we were virtual mushrooms most of our lives. Kept in the dark and fed Bull Shit.
  15. I recently found that the Prince glyph that he used as a name is almost exactly the same as the alchemical symbol for Soapstone. The soapstone is somehow related to the "veil of dimensions". Do you believe that there was a veil hiding you from your true nature?
  16. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    I don't remember any literal soapstones or related symbols in my life. But that is an interesting question in any case, on a number of levels.
  17. As part of research for this line of inquiry, I bought the movie "Dark Shadows" starring Johnny Depp. This movie is directed by Tim Burton and is produced by Depp himself. It is the story of an eighteenth century fishing mogul in Maine who is cursed to eternity as a vampire by a scorned lover who turns out to be a witch. The vampire is locked in a coffin in 1772 and is released in 1972 by a construction crew. He wakes up to a world very different from the one he last experienced.

    To tie this in with the thread, the very first pop culture reference in the movie takes the form of a David Bowie poster in the wall of the protagonist's descendant/ werewolf.

    Alice Cooper also makes an appearance as the entertainment for the family's first part in decades.

    These are all people that I implicated on completely separate association chains in my mind map. This movie was made in 2012. Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper have since gone on to create a band called The Hollywood Vampires, whose music is rife with Satanic references. This movie is a perfect representation of what I think causes people to be vampires... It is the sucking of blood from the community. Not giving back. The apex predator of the town of Collinsport. Give me all your blood, sweat, tears, and money. Give me all your profits. Profit turns people into monsters. It is the use of your money to make even more money. The business mentality is the sin here.
  18. Matt Zeffiro

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    This caused me to reconsider the idea. I'm leaning toward they live. When you consider the amount of film that has been devoted to vampires it goes beyond profit. The predictive programming in True Blood for instance, encouraging people to give blood at a church. I don't think many if any stars are dead when they say so. But a creature walking around who shares some of my characteristics while having a completely different system of hydration seems very well within logical thought.
  19. Before anyone puts this together for themself and has a paranoia-induced panic attack, "Marcilla" is an anagram of "Carmilla," the titular character of Joseph (what's with the "Joe" conspiracy, anyway?) Sheridan LeFanu's 19th century vampire story that "turned" (see what I did there?) the vampire type from a hideous, smelly corpse to one more erotically-fixated (decades before Bram Stoker). If anyone is familiar with the story, you already know the "name anagram" theme is integral to the storyline.

    But then, I'm sure we care not for this business of names ;)
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  20. The anime from 1985 called "Vampire Hunter D"'s main villain is named Carmilla. That movie should be watched by all who are wondering what this thread is about.
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