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This is a good article on "The Milner Group" and Cecil Rhodes "Secret Society"

Academic historians dislike the concept that history is often made by groups of individuals plotting together in confidence, even though one obvious way to get big things done is to make plans with your friends and allies while keeping your rivals in the dark as long as possible.

One exception is the late Georgetown history professor Carroll Quigley, who in 1949 completed a book rather grandly entitled The Anglo-American Establishment.

Decades later Bill Clinton was an undergrad student of Quigley (he got a B from him). In Clinton’s 1992 acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, he cited Quigley as an inspiration.

In reality, Quigley’s book, which wasn’t published until much later, was only very tangentially related to American institutions such as the Council of Foreign Relations. It actually focused on one group of British establishmentarians, the progressive imperialists who set up the British equivalent of the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (a.k.a., Chatham House), edited The Times of London for most of the first four decades of the 20th Century, and largely controlled the peculiarly influential All Souls College at Oxford.

Quigley calls them the Milner Group after Alfred Milner (1854-1925), an eminence grisewho more or less started the Boer War of 1899-1902, then mentored “Milner’s Kindergarten” of bright young men in running South Africa, and finally popped up again in Lloyd George’s five-man war cabinet in 1917. But Milner mostly served behind the scenes.

Quigley traces the Milner Group back to the far more colorful Cecil Rhodes’ desire to start a “Secret Society” to promote Angl0-American unity and global domination. In the first five wills written by the mining tycoon of southern Africa, Rhodes (1853-1902) called for his estate to fund a secret society to reunify America with Britain and promote Anglo settlement of the world.

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Sorry I missed this thread.

It should also be noted that Bill 'Bubba' Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar coming up from his 'humble' (connected) beginnings in Hope and Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was during Bill's time at Oxford that he "tried marijuana" 'once', and seemed to engage in some other dubious (spooky) behavior towards some of his fellow students, in regards to such as protesting against the Vietnam War (aka Cardinal Spellman's War), etc.. A great source for this is Roger Morris's Partners in Power (covering the political partnering of Bill and Hill). Here Morris was a former member of LBJ's National Security Council - and then carried over into the Nixon administration, where he quit in protest regarding the Cambodian and Laos bombings.

Cecil Rhodes was also quite close to the Rothschilds, major bankers for the Vatican.

Bill's mother was an in-home nurse for the Arkansas branch of the Rockefeller family, and the story goes that Bill's father died while Bill was still in the womb. Mom and little Bill then move off to Hot Springs, the preferred leisure land of the certain mob families at the time, of whom Bill's new step-father was connected to.

I personally believe all the Clinton sexual antics were part of the cultural modification program whose purpose, for one, was to help create the extreme political polarization seen today. As such, and as the epitome of it all, I believe the whole Lewinsky 'affair' was a psy-op on the American people. For one thing we are told that Bill had his young paramour covertly having a sausage lunch under his Oval Office desk while he was overtly enjoying pizza and talking on the phone about deploying troops to Kosovo. This odd lunch ended up with the famous stained dress discussed in the infamous Starr Report. And in this report, the supposed DNA details, if there really ever were any such tests to begin with, were redacted. Kenneth Starr was picked for a reason, as is frequently the case - as the fix was in.

An entire book could be written on all this stuff, but suffice it to say here, that IMHO, the entire purpose for creating such political / cultural polarization is indeed to create the pretext (as living typology if you will) to advance to the next paradigm, or Age. In order to do that one must excite those strongly attached to the old paradigm to paranoid violence in reaction to the new (which is really a cover, perhaps even expendably temporary, for the globalist's expansionist plans) one, such that the old can be increasingly and ultimately categorized extremist Zealots, just as the globalizing Romans did to the ... Zealots.

Some of today's Republican political candidates (Cruz, Huckabee, Jindal) have attended an evangelical political conference where the sponsoring minister 'kindly' screeched that it is not yet time to kill gays. Instead, they must wait until they elect the right leader, then give the gays time enough to repent, then its time to get Old Testament on them.

Instead such as the Clintons, the Bushes, Obama, etc. are of the globalist party. All Rhodes lead to Rome.