Postmodernism with Jason Reza Jorjani

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This discussion is the best insight into Postmodernism that I have encountered. Being rather new to Jorjani, I was first surprised to find that he was a founder of the alt-Right movement, before Richard Spenser took it in a racial direction as Jorjani claims), and now to find out that he is a Postmodernist. This seems hard to reconcile, on the surface.

As a rationalist thinker, I have felt free to 'deconstruct' whatever I damn well please, if I see it being a positive enterprise. There is a presumption in the Western Cultural tableau that somebody or somebodies (Christ, Ol Plato (versus Grimes' OG Plato) e.g.) handed us a construct that must not be challenged or improved. Hence the kneejerk reactions against women or various minorities complaining (correctly) about the elite Paternal nature of the Western cultural matrix. How dare they!!

No, instead I say that the Western Cultural Rational-Modernist construct (as the good liberalism shorn of tyranny) is rather incomplete, by omission and/or commission. And hence the construction should be remodeled, not destroyed by such as Identity Politics, etc. For example of the latter, an academic Feminist recently took AOC to task for endorsing Bernie Sanders, a MAN!!! The presumption was explicit that it was better to endorse a corporate female over someone who is a man representing better peep policies. It was so over-the-top that she had to quickly delete her postings.

Modernism's rational Cause and Effect basis has been blamed for such as the Nazis, via such as the Catholic Church, but this is pure propagandic flapdoozzle as we've clearly examined the deceptive basis of Nazism. It was a classic case of a contrived Hegelian Dialectic, create the problem and provide the solution, the synthesis.

Instead, where Modernist rationalism has fallen short is the failure to intellectually integrate/accommodate, and the abject rejection of, the phenomenon(s) known variously as: Heart, Intuition, Empathy etc.. Is that failure itself rational and/or positive. Is it lazy, arrogant, or worse?

Similarly, some of the Postmodernist positions have seemed so counterproductive that I have occasionally wondered on Postflaviana if the entire Postmodernist edifice was a false front, similar as Fascism itself is intended as a deceptive Pied Piper lure back to a feudal schema.
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Richard Stanley

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Related to my mention of the governance of the Presbyterian Church on the Fixing Democracy thread, when I was getting ready to leave home for tech school, my parents had an (unrelated :rolleyes:) party for some church group and this one church elder engaged me in a conversation where he raised the notion of different realities. My teenaged head exploded and I could not except this, based upon my prior social conditioning from school, media and such. No, there can only be one reality.

There is only one reality, but as life experience has shown repeatedly, there can be many perceptions of reality, based upon the vastly different POVs of the respective observers based upon their mixtures of unique and/or common group collections of experiences.

This seems to me what Postmodernism tries to redress in variously better or worse fashion. It seems to employ its cryptic language for the same reasons that secret societies have historically claimed, i.e. in order to protect themselves from the reactive backlash of the entrenched supporters of the status quo who rightly or wrongly fear that their existing and/or future ox is getting gored.