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They talk about this book about 20 min. In

This work is divided into three parts :—
Part I gives a History of the Rise of the London Money Power.

Part II proves that this Imperialism of Capital — the London Money Power — is foretold in prophecy, under the symbol of the Great Red Dragon.
Part III gives the Remedy for the industrial evils that afflict our country . (And, I did not scan this part)

There are many persons, perhaps, who will be deeply interested in Part I, and Part III, Who will feel but little interest in the prophetic portion of the work . The work is so arranged that all such persons can skip Part II, and pass from Part I to Part II, without any break in the connection of thought : though they will miss the most striking delineations of the character and the activities of the Money Power. On the other hand, those who are interested in the prophetic aspect of the work, will find its structure in proper logical arrangement as a prophetic exposition ; since it is necessary to present the history of the Money Power, before the symbols of prophecy can be applied to it.

This work is the outgrowth of a life of thought, largely directed to the study of Prophecy, History, and Political Economy . Indeed, the work is the product of original thought . Its historical portion is the history of an Imperialism whose existence has been hitherto unrecognized.—Its remedy is based upon principles of Political economy that have never before been presented to the world.—Its Prophetic Exposition is part of a System of Prophetic Interpretation that is entirely new . The Author may therefore claim the indulgence due to a pioneer, whose movement is over a pathway unsmoothed by the progress of earlier thought.

As no history of the London Money Power has ever been written, the Author has been under the necessity of gathering his facts from newspaper items, and from the statements of individuals whose reliability is above question . His store of facts has been constantly increasing down to the present time . Some important facts he has learned since the publication of this work began ; other facts he learned too late for them to appear in the present edition.

See book here PDF free.
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Chapter I


AN Imperialism of Capital has grown up within the last two centuries from small beginnings, until it is now the mightiest power that has ever existed on the earth . It is an Imperialism mightier than the empire of the Caesars, grander than the empire of Napoleon in the hour of his highest glory . In comparison with it all other empires sink into comparative insignificance . This titanic power is the Imperialism of Capital, which I call, by way of distinction, the Money Power.

1st The Money Power Defined

I do not mean by the Money Power to include any persons possessed of property, who are engaged in independent business enterprise . I do not mean any American business men, or business Companies engaged in independent business enterprise, whether they be farmers, merchants, manufacturers, bankers, miners, builders, or persons engaged in any department of business enterprise . The Imperialism of Capital to which I allude is a knot of capitalists—Jews almost to a man—who their headquarters in the Money Quarter of London, in Threadneedle.

These Jew capitalists have succeeded in centralizing in their own hands the industry and commerce of the earth.—They own almost all the debts of the world,—the debts of nations, states, counties, municipalities, corporations and individuals,—amounting in the aggregate, it is estimated, to seventy-five billion dollars, on which they are annually receiving about four billion dollars of interest.—They own the manufactories, the shipping, and the commerce of Great Britain, and most of the manufactures, shipping and commerce of the whole world.—They have attained control of the industry and trade of the whole earth ; and are rapidly centralizing all business in their own hands . They hold possession of all the great lines of trade and business of all kinds, and they regulate all prices by their own arbitrary methods.—These Jew Money Kings have established a grand Imperialism of industry, commerce and wealth, which is thoroughly organized, and rules in the sphere of industry and trade with autocratic sway.

In our age, capital is king . This Money Power of the Money Quarter of London is the only grand preeminent Imperialism existing on the earth . Monarchs severally rule their own dominions, and no one of them has preeminent power . The Imperialism of Capital, in our time, stretches the arms of its power over the whole earth ; it alone sways the nations with preeminent rule . It buys all the products of the earth : it fixes all prices of all commodities without regard to the law of supply and demand, by its own arbitrary will . It is Imperial over industry and trade, and none can resist it . It is rapidly progressing toward its ultimate aim, of possessing itself of all the world's wealth and all the world's property . If things remain as they are, these jew money kings will, at no distant day, have achieved their aim, and will own the earth in fee simple.

2nd . Discovery of Existence of Money Power.

It had its origin in the British East India Company, and has grown up so quietly that its grand centralization has not attracted the attention of mankind . Indeed, it has only become powerful enough in our own age, to produce startling effects upon the industry of the world.

In the ages before the invention of the steam engine, the chief commerce of the world consisted in the interchange between the Temperate zone and the Tropics . There was but little interchange between the different countries of the Temperate zone ; for all having the same climate and agricultural productions, each country produced sufficient for its own consumption ; and, all manufactures being wrought by hand, each country had enough manufactures for the supply of its own needs, except a few articles of luxurious consumption . The chief commerce of the world consisted in the exchange of some of the products of the Temperate zone, especially specie, for articles of luxurious consumption, sugar, tea, coffee, indigo, opium, and the spices, contributed by the Tropics to the commerce of the world.

This commerce has always enriched the nation which carried it on, and made its merchants the great commercial magnates of the earth.
In Ancient Times, the Phoenicians possessed it for two thousand years.
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The Imperialism of Capital to which I allude is a knot of capitalists—Jews almost to a man—who their headquarters in the Money Quarter of London, in Threadneedle.

These Jew capitalists have succeeded in centralizing in their own hands the industry and commerce of the earth.

This assertion from the book is obviously ridiculous.
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From page 126:

... They prove that Divine inspiration intended thus to mark the Dragon unmistakably as the symbol of the London Money Power. It is evident that Divine Providence wished to make the proof of the identity of the Dragon with the Money Power so certain than none can doubt; but that, as it is said in another prophecy of the Dragon in the Old Testament, “He who runs may read”. The proof dispels all doubt, and compels belief. ...

It's comforting that "the Divine Providence" made such loving efforts to reveal such to us goyim. To warn us that this Red Dragon is the symbol of London Money Power, and that edifice, or front, apparently is an agency of his former Chosen People. As such, is this a loving warning to us, or rather Predictive Programming?

It "compels belief", even by many of those who claim to be 'non-believers'.

Since it is obviously the latter, and not the former, then it begs at least one question. What does this reveal about the perverse theological schema of Judeo-Christianity, at least? And especially if it is all interpreted literally. Said Mr. Divine Providence, presumably aka YHWH, chose a people fathered upon an act of faked prostitution meant to rectify a broken marriage contract (Tamar v. Judah). This is not Fake News people!!! The Holy Word of God says so.

But maybe Mr. Divine Providence was intimidated because Judah's father (Jacob aka Israel) had kicked Divine Providence's stupid ass in an all-night wrestling contest?

I wonder if Mr. Woolfolk had the wool pulled over his volky eyes, and thus could not see Shear-wood Forest for the trees? In the time frame of his writing this book, he likely had one foot in the door of Modernity's new Rationality and one foot yet left in the Superstitions of the Past.

There are other peoples who claim the Dragon, and as we have discussed as well, some of the "Jews" in question have been employed by 'others'. Others that have long existed as the elites of the Western world.

See about Karl Marx, a covert agent of Prussian nobility, for one:

Those who frantically want to maintain this perverse schema persist in such claims that these evil "Jews" have more recently, since either Loyola, or alternatively since Vatican II, or similar that the Mother institution of the only good Jew, Jesus, has been taken over, that the tail is now wagging the Virgin bitch. The dog that always officially claimed the Jews as its Useful Bitches - under the very same perverse love/hate codependency theology.

What's wrong with this picture, and that now Donald John Trump is acting pissed on while drinking Fiji Water? Why did he turn the label towards the camera? Does he have a product placement marketing deal with this company selling subsidized water from parched California? Some suggest that this is a cryptic warning to the Deep State pedophiles that the Donald is coming after them in the now 1,800 alleged sealed indictments Trump is compiling against them (NOT - unless as a likely pretext to declare himself Dick Tator). Fiji, is allegedly a center for human trafficking I'm told.


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Here joe atwill and Tim Kelly talk abouT
hitler as a false flag puppet of London USA combines

Tim k. Talks about the big boys of London thinking there the new Romen Empire. And how they though about EU And. Leading EU down ther garden path ..
very well done 5 stars


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The podcast "The Rothschilds, Hitler..." is by Jim Condit Jr and Christopher Jon Bjerknes. I haven't listened to the podcast and I can't comment on the specifics of whatever they might be saying in it. Nevertheless, I feel some concern based on the biases of these two individuals.

Condit believes that the Catholic church was hijacked by "forces of organized Judeo-Masonry" in 1958, thereby nullifying "the greatest moral force in the world — which force could have greatly hampered their agenda in placing the world on the disastrous path it has been on for the last 50+ years." This ignores the interplay between Catholicism, Judaism and Freemasonry that goes all the way back to the Flavians, Josephus and the Mithraic temples. Catholic researchers, by way of reply, claim that Condit has a history of harassment against his family members, Catholic journalists, and children; and also that he is affiliated with the KKK. See:

Bjerknes sees the current political situation as a stark battle between Jews and Gentiles: "Clearly, coexistence with the disloyal jewish State within the American State is slavery for Whites. Either jews will be supreme and Whites slaves, or Whites will be supreme and able to stop the jews from taking away their rights and their voice. They leave Whites no other choice than to strive for political supremacy, or live as slaves." He is working on a book, "The Case for White Supremacy". (quotes from jewishracism dot blogspot dot com).


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The early years: an unhappy childhood

by John Christensen

Archived for research purposes under “fair use” provisions of the copyright law from where it appeared on July 26, 2004.

(CNN) — [The late Pope John Paul II] was named Karol Jozef Wojtyla … became the Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Successor of St. Peter, Prince of Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Sovereign of Vatican City – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

Why the Pope’s Mother, Emily Katz, is Likely of Jewish Descent

(CNN) — Friends in Wadowice, a town of 8,000 Catholics and 2,000 Jews 35 miles southwest of Krakow, called Wojtyla “Lolek.” Lolek was born in 1920, the second son of Karol Wojtyla (voy TIH wah) Sr., a retired army officer and tailor, and Emilia Kaczorowska Wojtyla, a schoolteacher of Lithuanian descent. [And most likely Jewish, her Anglocized name being “Emily Katz.” Her wedding picture shows typical Jewish facial features.] – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

Emily Katz’s Picture


[Notice the Jewish facial characteristics of the Pope’s Mother, Emily Katz, who was born “Emilia Kaczorowska.” According to CNN, the Pope’s friends were mostly Jewish. Evidently, the rest of his father’s family disowned the Pope’s father for marrying Emily Katz. Note: This picture is placed here under “fair use” of the copyright law for scholarly research only. It could be found at the CNN site as of July 27, 2004 when this revealing information was archived on — Jew Watch Notes ]

The Pope’s Family Friends were mostly Jewish.
Jerry Kluger, a Jewish Boy, Is His Life Long Friend

(CNN) — The Wojtylas … did not share the anti-Semitic views of many Poles. One of Lolek’s playmates was Jerzy Kluger, a Jew who many years later would play a key role as a go-between for John Paul II and Israeli officials when the Vatican extended long-overdue diplomatic recognition to Israel. – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

(CNN) — Kluger told The New York Times that he spent many afternoons sitting in the kitchen next to the Wojtylas’ coal stove listening to Lolek’s father tell stories about Greece, Rome and Poland. –– John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

(CNN) — Lolek, in turn, went to the (Jewish) Klugers’ 10-room apartment overlooking the town square and listened to music performed by a string quartet composed of two Jews and two Catholics. – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

(CNN) — “The people in the Vatican do not know Jews, and previous popes did not know Jews,” Kluger told the Times. “But this pope is a friend of the Jewish people because he knows Jewish people.” – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

(CNN) — Indeed, Wojtyla became the first pope to visit a synagogue and the first to visit the memorial at Auschwitz to victims of the Holocaust. In ending the Catholic-Jewish estrangement, he called Jews “our elder brothers.” – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

Pope Participated in Jewish Oriented Activities such as Theatre Groups,
Singing, Poetry Reading, and Literary Discussion Groups

(CNN) — He also joined an experimental theater group and participated in poetry readings and literary discussion groups. Friends say he was an intense and gifted actor, and a fine singer. – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

Pope John-Paul II Faced Deportation in Poland by the Germans,
Probably Because he was of Jewish Descent,
So He Took a Difficult Laborer’s Job in a Stone Quarry
to Escape Deportation and Imprisonment.
Question: Why would this happen if he were not Jewish?

(CNN) — After the Germans invaded Poland, he escaped deportation and imprisonment in late 1940 by taking a job as a stone cutter in a quarry. – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

To Blend In With Christians and Not be Deported,
The Jewish Pope-To-Be Studied for the Priesthood Starting in 1943

(CNN) — A few months later, in February of 1941, Wojtyla’s 61-year-old father died, leaving his dream of seeing his son commit to the priesthood unfulfilled. The pope has said that his father once told him, “I will not live long and would like to be certain before I die that you will commit yourself to God’s service.” – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

(CNN) — It was another 18 months, however, before Wojtyla began studying at an underground seminary in Krakow and registered for theology courses at the university. – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years, [Note: The Pope did not study for the priesthood until after the Germans had controlled Poland for 2-3 years and after his father had died. This might perhaps be consistent with a mixed family atmosphere and lends more weight to the concept of having a Jewish mother along with Jewish friends as he grew up. — JEW WATCH NOTE.]

The Pope Worked in War Chemical Plant
To Escape 1944 Deportation

(CNN) — He continued his studies, acted and worked in a chemical plant until August of 1944. – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

The Pope Took Refuge
In the Archbishop of Krakow’s Residence in 1944

(CNN) — But when the Germans began rounding up Polish men, Wojtyla took refuge in the archbishop of Krakow’s residence, and remained there until the end of the war. – John Christensen at CNN SPECIAL BIOGRAPHY on the Pope’s Early Years,

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I used to play racquetball with a Jew named Katz. A very nice guy, an MD.

There seems to be a desperate agenda to demonstrate that the Catholic Church has been hijacked by the Jews. Some say it was in the 20th century, some say it was the 15th century. Barbiero says it was with Josephus Flavius, from the beginning. That would be with the first Coming which the Church called the (first) Second Coming (as opposed to the coming Second Coming).

The problem here is the Identity and Shibboleth games, and where the linkage to the Church with the Jews is completely incestuous, literally and figuratively. Christianity existentially defines itself in contradistinction from the Jews, whom themselves have that very odd foundational story with Judah and his daughter-in-law, Tamar, whom had their own transactional cumming. Then, Jesus is a Jew awkwardly fitted with a Greek solar title, Christ.

As former Catholic priest, James Carroll, pointed out in his Constantine's Sword, the entirety of Catholic theology from St. Augustine on is centered around the importance of Jewish existence to the church, and thus they were held in effective protection of the papacy till the time of the emancipation. Jews were restricted to the ghettoes and in their occupations by Catholic religious authority, in order to maintain the distinction.

The fulfillment of the coming Second Coming (as articulated by the Jesuits at their foundation) can not take place without the role of such as Hitler, Jabotinsky and other Zionist's desire for the new Israel. Hitler's and such as Jabotinsky's roles are predicated upon there being a godless Soviet Union as a foil for the Church's Lady Fatima (specifically here her Second Prophecy calling Catholics to come to Hitler's aid against the godless Communists). And who was the common thread the? Certain bankers for the Vatican? Convenient ones that can provide for some plausible deniability perhaps. Oh no, the tail is wagging the dog .... again? That dog's tail is/was wagging because something is coming.

Joseph Atwill has stated that the Roman Church gave Europe its feudal society, which (evil) Liberalism freed most of us from. But where did this concept actually come from. The concept is perfectly described in Genesis 47, where Joseph conspires with pharaoh to enslave all the Egyptian people, by gaming all the markets and taking advantage of climate change no less. Sound like a familiar theme? No? Must be coincidence then.

The funny thing is that Judah (the tribe) must pay homage to Joseph (the half tribes of brothers Ephraim and Manassah, from their Egyptian mother - picked for Joseph by the pharaoh) till the "two (tribal sticks become one". But then came the shibboleth.

The term originates from the Hebrew word shibbólet (שִׁבֹּלֶת‬), which literally means the part of a plant containing grains, such as an ear of corn or a stalk of grain[6] or, in different contexts, "stream, torrent".[7][8] The modern use derives from an account in the Hebrew Bible, in which pronunciation of this word was used to distinguish Ephraimites, whose dialect included a differently sounding first consonant, to the word “Shibboleth”. The difference concerns the Hebrew letter shin, which is now pronounced as [ʃ] (as in shoe).[9]

Recorded in the Book of Judges, chapter 12, after the inhabitants of Gilead inflicted a military defeat upon the invading tribe of Ephraim (around 1370–1070 BCE), the surviving Ephraimites tried to cross the River Jordan back into their home territory and the Gileadites secured the river's fords to stop them. To identify and kill these Ephraimites, the Gileadites told each suspected survivor to say the word shibboleth. The Ephraimite dialect resulted in a pronunciation that, to Gileadites, sounded like "sibboleth."[9] In the King James Bible[10] the anecdote appears thus (with the word already in its current English spelling):

And the Gileadites took the passages of Jordan before the Ephraimites: and it was so, that when those Ephraimites which were escaped said, Let me go over; that the men of Gilead said unto him, Art thou an Ephraimite? If he said, Nay; Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right. Then they took him, and slew him at the passages of Jordan: and there fell at that time of the Ephraimites forty and two thousand.
Younger brother Ephraim was granted the Blessing of Abraham by grandfather Jacob, yet older brother Manassah (one of the three Hebrew tribes of greater Gilead) kills his cousins, ... but not all of them (just the OG Ephraimites, the natives - as the whole Conquest is a propagandic cover story). The tribal territory of Ephraim is where Shiloh and Bethel are, the capitol of Israel, ... because Ephraim was the big cheese. So, to get a new capitol, in ... Jerusalem, and a new kingship ... of Davidic Jews, one must ethnically cleanse the land of Ephraim, such as to facilitate the process of gaining a new age du jour, with a new capitol in Jerusalem.

Wait, didn't we just make Jerusalem the new capitol of Israel, and Trump gets a train station there, at the Wailing Wall?

In any case, as I've stated before, John XXIII told the Jews that he was still their Joseph. Meaning that they are yet his bitches.

People get ready, there's a train comin'
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'
You don't need no ticket you just thank the lord

People get ready, there's a train to Jordan
Picking up passengers coast to coast
Faith is the key, open the doors and board them
There's hope for all among those loved the most
There ain't no room for the hopeless sinner whom would hurt all mankind

Just to save his own
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
For there is no hiding place against the kingdom's throne

Donald Trump has some swampland in Florida he wants to sell. After he drains it first ... of (golf) course. And then there's a train a comin'. The Elect please board on the left.
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who took controls when England took Jerusalem
O ya un
World control fr M the center of land mass.
The temple
The big boys do what ever they want over time
used to describe the Jerusalem area in the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. According to the plan the city would be placed under international regime, conferring it a special status due to its shared religious importance. The corpus separatum was one of the main issues of the Lausanne Conference of 1949, besides the other borders and the question of the right of return of Palestinian refugees. The plan was adopted by the General Assembly with a two-thirds majority, although its implementation failed and nowadays the view that Jerusalem should be the capital of both Israel and Palestine is widely supported internationally.



With its many holy places and its association with three world religions, Jerusalem had international importance. The United Nations wanted to preserve this status after termination of the British Mandate and guarantee its accessibility. Therefore, the General Assembly proposed a corpus separatum, as described in Resolution 181. It was to be "under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations". The administering body would be the United Nations Trusteeship Council, one of the five UN "Charter" organs. (See Resolution 181, Part III (A).))

The corpus separatum covered a rather wide area. The Arabs actually wanted to restore the former status as an open city under Arab sovereignty, but eventually supported the corpus separatum.[3] Israel rejected the plan and supported merely a limited international regime.[4][5] In May 1948, Israel told the Security Council that it regarded Jerusalem outside its territory,[6] but now it claimed sovereignty over Jerusalem except the Holy Places.

The corpus separatum in Resolutions 181 and 194

United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine

The plan was initially proposed in UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) of 29 November 1947. It provided that "Independent Arab and Jewish States and the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem ... shall come into existence in Palestine two months after the evacuation of the armed forces of the mandatory Power has been completed but in any case not later than 1 October 1948". All the residents would automatically become "citizens of the City of Jerusalem", unless they would opt for citizenship of the Arab or Jewish State.

As implementation of the partition plan failed due to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Resolution 194 of 11 December 1948 established a Conciliation Commission. Its task was, inter alia, to implement the international regime for the Jerusalem area.

Resolution 194 provided the following directives in the articles 7, 8 and 9:

Principle of United Nations supervision
Resolves that the Holy Palestine should be protected and free access to them assured,...; that arrangements to this end should be under effective United Nations supervision; presenting...its detailed proposals for a permanent international regime for the territory of Jerusalem, should include recommendations concerning the Holy Places in that territory;...
Area and sovereignty
Resolves that, in view of its association with three world religions, the Jerusalem area, including the present municipality of Jerusalem plus the surrounding villages and towns, the most Eastern of which shall be Abu Dis; the most Southern, Bethlehem; the most Western, Ein Karim (including also the built-up area of Motsa); and the most Northern, Shu'fat, should be accorded special and separate treatment from the rest of Palestine and should be placed under effective United Nations control (this area equals that of Resolution 181, Part III (B));
Requests the Security Council to take further steps to ensure the demilitarization of Jerusalem at the earliest possible date;
Separate control
Instructs the Conciliation Commission to present to the fourth regular session of the General Assembly detailed proposals for a permanent international regime for the Jerusalem area which will provide for the maximum local autonomy for distinctive groups consistent with the special international status of the Jerusalem area;

International support

Main article: Positions on Jerusalem
As the UN has never revoked its resolutions 181 and 194, it maintains the official position that Jerusalem should be placed under a special international regime.[16] Nevertheless, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on 28 October 2009 that Jerusalem must be the capital of both Israel and Palestine.[17]

European Union
The European Union continues to support the internationalisation of Jerusalem in accordance with the 1947 UN Partition Plan and regards Jerusalem as having the status of corpus separatum.[18]

United States
The United States has never officially relinquished its early support of the corpus separatum.

Since the U.S. Congress does not control U.S. foreign policy, despite the Embassy Act, official U.S. documents and web sites do not refer to Jerusalem as the capital of

Holy See
The Holy See has previously expressed support for the status of corpus separatum. Pope Pius XII was the among the first to make such a proposal in the 1949 encyclical Redemptoris nostri cruciatus. This idea was later re-proposed during the papacies of John XXIII, Paul VIand John Paul II


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United Nations Coordinator
The Conciliation Commission is authorized to appoint a United Nations representative who shall cooperate with the local authorities with respect to the interim administration of the Jerusalem area;
Resolves that, pending agreement on more detailed arrangements among the Governments and authorities concerned, the freest possible access to Jerusalem by road, rail or air should be accorded to all inhabitants of Palestine;
Attempts to impede right of access
Instructs the Conciliation Commission to report immediately to the Security Council, for appropriate action by that organ, any attempt by any party to impede such access;

On 5 December 1949, Ben-Gurion declared Jewish Jerusalem part of the State of Israel.[10] Four days later, the General Assembly reaffirmed its intention to place Jerusalem under a permanent international regime as a corpus separatum in accordance with the 1947 UN Partition plan by Resolution 303 of 9 December 1949. The resolution requested the Trusteeship Council to complete the preparation of the Statute of Jerusalem without delay.

On 4 April 1950, the Trusteeship Council approved a draft statute for the City of Jerusalem, which was submitted to the General Assembly on 14 June 1950.[12] The statute conformed to the partition plan of 29 November 1947. It could not, however, be implemented.

Failure of the plan

The Partition Plan was not implemented on the ground. The British did not make any measures to establish the international regime and left the city on 14 May, leaving a power vacuum,[13] as war broke out between the neighboring Arab nations and the newly declared State of Israel. The Battle for Jerusalem ended with Israel in control of west Jerusalem and Jordan controlling the east. On 2 August 1948 the government of Israel declared the Israeli-controlled part of the Jerusalem area Israel-occupied territory.[14] At the end of the 1948-49 War, under the Armistice Agreement, an Armistice Demarcation Line was drawn, with Western Jerusalem occupied by Israel and the whole West Bank occupied by Transjordan. By letter of 31 May 1949, Israel told the UN Committee on Jerusalem that it considered another attempt to implement a united Jerusalem under international regime "impracticable" and favored an alternative UN scenario in which Jerusalem would be divided into a Jewish and an Arab zone.[4] Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion declared "Jewish Jerusalem" (West Jerusalem) an organic, inseparable part of the State of Israel on 5 December 1949. He also declared Israel no longer bound by Resolution 181 and the corpus separatum null and void, on grounds that the UN had not made good on its guarantees of security for the people of Jerusalem under that agreement.[10]

Following the Six-Day War of 1967, Israel also gained military control of East Jerusalem[15] and the West Bank. Israel expanded the municipal boundaries of occupied Jerusalem; these, however, are not recognized internationally. The present municipal boundaries of Jerusalem are not the same as those of the corpus separatum set out in the Partition Plan and do not include Bethlehem, Motza, or Abu Dis.

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Where in the above does it state that Jerusalem is intended to be the World's capitol? I thought you were saying before that the new world capitol was some place in Kazakhstan, or some other -stan.


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Never said that
Is the historic city of Jerusalem fated to become the Great City of Peace? Or, is the historic city where our Lord Jesus once trod his feet now being quickly transformed by God into the most wicked, depraved, hellish metropolis on planet earth? This is a searing, soul-searching question that demands an answer, and both the Holy Bible and an incredible, but ambitious, scheme by the Illuminati, the Pope, and the Jews provide widely diverse and equally remarkable answers.

Objective of the Illuminati
If the Illuminati elite gets its way—and I believe this powerful group will succeed for a fleeting moment of time—Jerusalem will soon be crowned as the Great City of Peace, a shining example of love and harmony between Jews, Christians, Moslems, and people of all faiths. Jerusalem shall become the Capital of Earth, the seat of world power, residence and headquarters for the Mighty One to come—he who shall be identified by the curiously dark number of his name, 666.

The Illuminati intend that the entire globe is to be ruled from Jerusalem. A combined NATO/U.S.A./UN Army will


Jewish Rabbi Menachem Froman, in a commentary for the influential magazine, The Jerusalem Report(Oct. 25, 1999), proposes that Jerusalem become the seat of the United Nations and the capital of the world.
enforce peace and punish "rogue nations." Special agencies will be set up to infiltrate, dismantle, and destroy dangerous "hate" and exclusivist religious groups—like Bible-believing Christian churches. Intelligence units will be given advanced high-tech tools to root out ideological, politically incorrect dissenters and rebels, who will be either killed or sent off to "re-education centers," also known as concentration camps.

And eventually, everyone on the planet will be propagandized into eagerly accepting the mark, the sign of all peace-loving citizens loyal to the New Order.

Objective of the Pope
The objective of the Pontiff of Rome is spelled out in my groundbreaking video, Lumen 2000—The Pope’s Secret Plan for Global Supremacy in the New Millennium(regrettably this video has been discontinued). With the cunning endorsement of the Illuminati’s hidden "Inner Circle," Pope John Paul II will soon visit Ur of the Chaldees (near Babylon, now in Iraq) and Mount Sinai. In March, 2000, he will travel to Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem, the universally beloved Pope will go on international TV, calling for reconciliation and unity among the world’s three major religious faiths: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Then, a sensational and great sign in the heavens, seen by all eyes at once, is expected to presage the ascendance of the Pope, the so-called "Holy Father," "Vicar of Christ," to prominence as the supreme world leader. The Pope shall reign as no other Pope has—as spiritual king of the combined souls of humanity, patriarch of all religions, and overseer of the nations. His twin seats, or horns, of power? Rome and Jerusalem!


Modern-day Israel has become one of the richest nations per capita on Earth. Mobile cell phones, computers, and skyscrapers have multiplied. But just as was prophesied, this once great nation has also become a cesspool of political treachery, moral corruption, and spiritual iniquity.
Israel: A Covenant with Hell?

Almost like clockwork, a newly chosen Jewish leader, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, has recently stepped forward to sign a covenant with the Palestinians and with Israel’s other old enemies, neighboring Arab nations. With Masonic brother Bill Clinton guiding him along the way, Mr. Barak promises the Jews peace in our time.

But the Scriptures do not speak of peace. Instead, they warn of a latter-days covenant with hell, an agreement between the Jews and Gentiles that an angry God will disannul. Blood and carnage shall follow (Isaiah 28: 14-20).

To get their proffered "peace," and to begin receiving the billions of shekels (dollars) of bribe money and economic riches from the U.S.A. and the European Economic Community, Israel must agree to certain "concessions and agreements." For one, the Illuminati and its Israeli partners have agreed that the Catholic Pope will be given unusual powers and authority over Jerusalem and over its Temple Mount.

This is a small price to pay. In exchange, the Jews believe they will be rewarded and become an exalted race. They fully expect to rise up as political and economic Masters of the World. They shall be judges of humanity, and keeper of earth’s laws.

Richard Stanley

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Never said that
Your original post title said:
United Nations world capital Jerusalem

So you didn't say that in the text that you pasted. Fair enough. But you did say it in the title, correct?

There certainly is a lot of room for interpretation, considering that the Christian Bible calls for the destruction of the second Third Temple and presumably the rest of Jerusalem and Israel as well. But then what comes afterwards? The Quran says that the worthy elect of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (aka the Sabeans) will be the only happy survivors.

My problem is that none of your original two post matches the title, and then also contradicts that previous post about Kazakhstan.

Jerry Russell

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Actually, what Alex Jones said is that Trump was recruited by the military. There's a difference between being recruited by the US military, and being a "product" of (Israeli) military intelligence.

Based on a quick scan-thru, the rest of the video is just another anti-Jewish rant.

Moving to the section "Postflavians confront anti-Semitism" for context.