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Richard Stanley

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The following is a great takedown of Tucker Carlson, another fake populist. Supposedly there are rumors that Fucker is about to lose his job at Faux News because he has been going too anti-corporate lately. I'll believe that when I see it, but even if it happens, it will all be part of the charade.


Jerry Russell

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This is hilarious, but at the same time Vox themselves have been accused of promoting "false consciousness", at least when it comes to their parent company (Comcast) and all its affiliates. Alongside a genuine desire to roast Carlson, Vox may simply be trying to drive business to their partner NBC.

Vox Media has had disclosure problems in the past (, 9/9/15), but a survey of its overlapping interests—and some strangely PR-sounding articles—highlights how glaring and extensive these conflicts have become.
...Vox’s television writers frequently give fawning reviews of NBC shows (e.g., “NBCIs the Internet’s TV Network Punching Bag. But Its Fall Schedule Is Its Best in Years,” 8/16/16) without disclosing NBCUniversal is its primary investor...

And is it possible that Carlson is correct, with his focus on "elite" perfidy? According to CBS news, sponsors including T-Mobile, Disney and Papa John's Pizza have been "distancing themselves" from the show. They say it's because Carlson doesn't support Black Lives Matter and has been critical of the riots. But can it really be true that T-Mobile, Disney and Papa John's are sincere supporters of BLM, even including the riots and looting?

The problem must have nothing to do with Carlson's vulgarity and misogyny. Nobody even noticed this rather "decadent" audio in which Carlson jokes about Miss Teen USA, that is except Miss Teen USA herself, who allegedly contemplated suicide after she heard this radio show. Sponsors didn't pull back in revulsion when this was first aired in 2007, nor when it was unearthed again more than a year ago.

Of course "I'd fuck her" Carlson almost always refers to "liberal" elites, never any other kind. And, the phrase "liberal elite" can be a dog-whistle meaning "Jewish bankers". Or at least, Eric Striker (a frequent guest on David Duke's radio show, and regular author at Daily Stormer) thinks this is the real problem: that Carlson has simultaneously pissed off Trump and his Jewish backers, by "blaming Jared Kushner for Trump's failed presidency".

I can't say I'm one of Carlson's biggest fans, but I do think he's one of the few commentators left on any MSM platform, who will even mention class issues. Yes he's insincere, yes he's an elitist himself. But at least he is willing to give a name to the cause of the enormous and rapidly increasing wealth disparity in the US, and the destruction of small business and the middle class. Once he's gone, there will be no one else talking class-based politics remaining. The Overton window will have moved another notch away from any semblance of reality.
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