Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now

Richard Stanley

The following is from an interview with Jared Diamond regarding his latest book, Upheaval, where he predicts a 49% chance that the world as we know it will end by 2050. Of course, I am targeting 2070, and that the PTB have already started the scripted countdown, but whose quibbling?

Well, it may be a narrative that suggests itself to me because I’m thinking of Guns, Germs and Steel, Collapse, and this new one, Upheaval, but for me it’s interesting to note that each of them arrived when they did in a particular cultural, intellectual moment. That begins with Guns, Germs and Steel — it’s obviously a quite nuanced historical survey, but it was also read coming out when it did, as a kind of explanation for Western dominance of the planet …
I would say you’re giving me more credit than I deserve. But one-third of the credit that you give me I do deserve. And that’s for Collapse. Guns, Germs and Steel, I don’t see it as triumphalist at all.
No, I don’t either. I don’t mean to say that. But it met the moment of Western triumphalism in our culture, I think.
The fact is that you and I are speaking English. We’re not speaking Algonquin and there are reasons for that. I don’t see that as a triumph of the English language. I see it as the fact of how history turned out, and that’s what Guns, Germs and Steel is about. ...

I have not read Guns, Germs, and Steel, so I don't know if he discusses any religious component of the Western dominance as we do here.
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