Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now

Richard Stanley

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In Part 1 of Apocalypse How I discussed the apparent incongruity of the precessional Great Year's period of just shy of 26,000 years and the Book of Revelation's millenialism, as witnessed by the 24 elders sitting in a circle around God, aka the Sun, and that Christ and Satan were to alternate with each other in periods of a millenium, 1,000 years -- if being anal.

In the following discussion by Alan Green about the Bent Pyramid geometry followed on by a brief discussion of precession he discusses how the period may indeed be much closer to 24,000 years. This is due to the appearance that the Earth's precession may be due to a binary star which we have not discovered. Evidence for this being the case are reports that the rate of precession is changing in an elliptical fashion, rather than staying constant in a circular fashion as would be the case if only our Sun was involved. Of course, such a star would need to be such as a red dwarf variety and relatively distant.

Is this duality of the 6 and 5 sided stars metaphorically representing the forces of Good and Evil in the Abrahamic system?