Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now


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Of course, we still have a long way to go for this century, and the Coronavirus may not be a major event of it. Something bigger just may happen by 2070 ;)


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Thx John.

I have quickly skimmed that article and, yes, Hexane527 has some interesting arguments and overlap with our positions. It appears that we generally agree with the role of the 'Jews', which we label as Sheepdogs (aka Suffering Servants), as opposed to the elite Shepherds. And, I generally agree over the role of the entire Reformation project, with the Tudor creation of the Anglican Church intended to control and mitigate the other sectarians. And, I agree with the colonization parallel to the USA with especially the OT narrative for the semi-historical Conquest of Canaan and the current Israeli project.

Where I depart is the ultimate aim of that project. While there is absolutely racism involved, this is one means of motivation, not the end or goal. As I have discussed, both the OT and the NT (and the Quran) are explicitly Globalist in nature, barely subtext.

As such, Hexane mentioned the possibility of a diminution of white peoples at some recent point as a driver for making a racist push to gain lebensraum. Ironically, I see this as needing different framing .. to better fit with the widest facts. In this regard, I am now seeing most all religious 'apocalyptic' is speaking to semi-periodic catastrophes that happen over long scales of time. See the works of Randall Carlson posted on YouTube for more.

Such wiped out the dinosaurs (except the birds) and it is now know in only the last few decades that the Earth gets hit by fairly large objects on average about every 50 years. So, in this context one might better see the 'project' as yes, racist, yet this as subsidiary to garnering the best seats for surviving the next round of the cosmic shooting gallery.

Hexane should also avail himself of Israeli Shlomo Sand's great book, The Invention of the Jewish People, to bolster his case in that regard.

There is a possible scenario where the celestial body that Allan and Delair call Phaeton, did such extensive damage to Earth, after obliterating Tiamat, that all of our attempts at reconstructing what’s what are stymied by the complexity of the damage.

Theirs is essentially a Golden Age, then Post-Golden Age Earth. They pretty much throw ice-age theory out the window, in a manner that I’d be hard-pressed to recapitulate, their thoughts on the matter being quite extensive. It may well be that we’re still just stumbling around the surface of this planet, doing simple pattern-recognition and fitting evidence to models, but largely missing the fact that we can’t put Humpty-Dumpty back together again; the cataclysm was just too big. In other words, we can’t visualize the original pre-cataclysmic Earth.

How ironic would it be if it turns out that catastrophists are not being sufficiently catastrophic in their frame of reference. There’s almost something comforting in comparing say, a 2026-2100 Sixth Extinction, to a Phaeton disaster, and even the Electric Universe guys sort of romanticize cataclysm. Old copies of Aeon show the threads of that.

This is not to say that a reassessment of ice-age theory necessitates abandoning cyclic thought in general. It may be to say that if data gathered over 200 years has been fit into the wrong model, the evidence could be re-interpreted to a view of Earth still seeking homeostasis, adjusting its tectonics (and other processes) to that 9500 BC turmoil; and even occasionally dodging the a long-destroyed planet’s debris-field.

I tend to think that our rulers understand the ripple-effects of such a catastrophe as Phaeton are far too variable to accurately predict, so they feed us the results of their investigations in limited-hangout form like ice-age hypotheses and climate-change models, not to mention endless spectacle. They keep everyone busy and entertained while they hunker down with plans to keep some technological system intact after whatever happens next. Could those be among the reasons that Allan and Delair themselves are so obscure? One would think the truth is right out there for anyone to see. Maybe their book is required reading at some higher level of initiation, even as it has passed the notice of even most catastrophists as far as I can tell. They have to have their own origin story to create binding and allegiance to the tasks ahead.

It seems highly unlikely they’d be anticipating another Phaeton. It does seem likely that they’re advanced enough to understand a lot about its ongoing reverberations. It’s highly speculative on my part to think that say the New Madrid earthquake of the 1800’s could be an after-effect of a planetary catastrophe in 9500 BC, but it could be.

Had lunch years ago with Richard Sauder. He was very ‘Aspergery’ and gently paranoid about being watched. He monologued for a solid two hours about the tunneling, equipment, history, money-flows, etc. related to Deep Underground Military Bases. He did years of deep-in-the-stacks library-work to write his popular books. I lost track of his personal trajectory after his troubles in Ecuador. I thought about the implications of a break-away civilization doing underground construction for quite a few years after reading his books 25 years ago. Picture leaders as representatives of a Morlochian-underworld, keeping the Eloi toiling. It’s just a management issue. Maslow probably read H.G. Wells, Huxley, and Orwell.

BTW: StolenHistory dot org, if you’ve had the pleasure, is a refreshing mental jog. Among the obvious diversions, there are some real gems. It’s a very sophisticated blog-format like yours is; easy to backtrack and keep fresh. The dogs of imagination have been unleashed over there.

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9/11 and Conspiracy Factualism distracted me away from my prior interests in Catastrophism, so I missed Allan and Delair's Cataclysm. They do not believe there were ice ages? If so, as Randall Carlson would ask, how does one explain the creation and existence of such as drumlins? Which would indicate the existence of both ice sheets and a massive melt event (requiring external energy input - i.e. cosmic and kinetic).

Earth could still be seeking homeostasis if the the Tiamat event (creating the Pacific 'Cratonic' Ocean) was billions of years ago, and thus both gradual plate rebalancing tectonics are in effect as well as the solar system being a shooting gallery. Carlson has shown 'graph' evidence that dramatic climate swings occur semi-periodically in sync with the precessional Great Year.

And, there have been dramatic impacts since the Big One 11,500 years ago. One in today's Iraq and another in the Indian Ocean, likely destroying the IVC and Sumer, Noah's Regional Flood so to speak.
I tend to think that our rulers understand the ripple-effects of such a catastrophe as Phaeton are far too variable to accurately predict, so they feed us the results of their investigations in limited-hangout form like ice-age hypotheses and climate-change models, not to mention endless spectacle. They keep everyone busy and entertained while they hunker down with plans to keep some technological system intact after whatever happens next. Could those be among the reasons that Allan and Delair themselves are so obscure? One would think the truth is right out there for anyone to see.
I think this is generally correct. I think I have stated this before: that shortly after being taught about Uniformitarianism in high school we took a field trip in a bus past a dramatic cut in an escarpment ridge running along the San Andreas Fault. I thought to myself, "no freaking way". The thick layers of sedimentary rocks are all folded back and forth with no cracks anywhere.


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There’s nothing in the book index for drumlins, but here’s their position on Ice Age theories.

In Chapter 12: An Icy Chimera – they cover the basics of 8 categories of explanations including Geophysical Theories, Land-Water Changes, Glaciological Theories, Atmospheric Changes, Meteorological Changes, Axial and Orbital Changes, Solar Emission Alterations and Astronomical Theories.

They say: “Both ‘uniformitarian’ and ‘catastrophist’ explanations feature in this list. All are essentially speculative, and none adequately explains the basic mechanism by which Pleistocene ocean levels (traceable from physical evidence) apparently oscillated by as much as 975ft (300m). Considering the shaky alliance between assumptions, conjecture and a misconceived topographical background long embodied in orthodox Ice Age discussion, it is little wonder that all these explanations have failed to account for all aspects of the so-called Ice Age enigma. In their present form they are incapable of doing so.”

Just after begging-off on a detailed analysis of each hypothesis and prior to a dense historical narrative, they tell us that: “…the notion of the Ice Age can never have been more than a grand illusion.”

There are 327 references to scientific papers in Part One, 375 in Part Two, 67 in Part Three, 328 in Part Four, 362 in Part Five and 70 in Part Six. Every assertion is thoroughly documented by field research as far as I can tell without diving into the source material.

After covering anomalies in Siberia, Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska; they write: “Again, in stark contrast to orthodox Ice Age theory, even many northern areas outside of Siberia said to have lain under the thickest parts of the alleged ice-sheets afford scant evidence of glaciation or ice-sculpturing of any sort, and in numerous cases are actually devoid of it. The Sverdrup Islands, northern Greenland, and many of the islands of the Canadian Arctic, not to mention practically the whole of Alaska, are cases in point. Spitzbergen is another.”

“As the following selection of information amply demonstrates, northern latitudes have yielded several unexpected discoveries totally at variance with the tenet of vast sprawling North Polar ice-sheets. Their collective message is a singular one.”

This last quote is followed by a few pages of a wide-range of contradictory information from old and new research.

I thought that the above excerpts might give you a sense of whether it’s worth reading. 30 pages out of a total of 372 are indexed under 'ice', 'ice action', 'Ice Age', and 'Ice Age theory'.

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We should probably have this moved to an Ice Age thread, which only Jerry can do. Unfortunately, my ability to sit and read (and write) for extended periods is coming to an end, but maybe others can take advantage?

Carlson abandons the ice dam hypothesis and asserts that cosmic impacts are the answer to the so-called Energy Paradox needed to rapidly melt ice sheets, and conversely to enable them (depending on whether one has land or ocean impacts). The point about drumlins is that it takes a massive amount of water flow underneath something like an existing ice sheet to allow such formations to occur. No overlying ice sheet, then no concentrated pile of rocks in such formations in the area of obvious massive water flow.

Carlson reads a tremendous amount of scientific papers on related topics. On his latest series of shows he has an episode demonstrating an organized effort of geologists to deny that the so-called "black mat" and related is connected to an impact event. This by playing accounting games with glass micro-speroids (instead of virus cases).


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With the global dawn of the Coronavirus, I have been wondering about how it might fit into the sequence of Revelation. We are about 2 years and 5 months after the cosmic birth of baby Space Jesus on 9/23/2017, so he and mommy are still hiding in the wilderness, so to speak, for almost another year. This from Revelation 12.
If the mother was "clothed with the sun", could this be interpreted as a corona(virus) emanating from her?

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I suppose it could be taken this way, or utilized this way. In any case, the Sun was literally on Virgo's shoulder on 9/23/17, so ... "on Earth as it is in Heaven"?

There is a school of thought that during times of solar minimum, as we have entered now (and for the next ~30 years), that the resulting increase in cosmic rays reaching the Earth's surface results in increasing genetic mutations.

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I decided I better post the following on this thread rather that on the Coronavirus pandemic thread. The video examines what else is going on, both in the USA and the world, while the pandemic is distracting us:

This guy likes to make his videos while doing his ranch projects. I don't understand how he makes so many videos and involve himself in so many DIY projects.


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This short video ties together the cosmic apocalyptic theme, along with global warming and the coronavirus. This almost channels Prince Phillip's "If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus" comment. It (arguably) redeems itself from that level, by calling for a change of consciousness. A pause amidst all the activity. Sadly, not everyone is pausing.

(Watch with English subtitles enabled, unless you know Italian.)


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And so it begins, with the Zealot Faithful, following their Nazarite hero and the White House Death Panel:

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words
Killing me softly with his song
Killing me softly with his song

Telling my whole life with his words
Killing me softly, with his song
I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style
And so I came to see him, and listen for a while
And there he was, this young bwoy, a stranger to my eyes

I felt all flushed with fever, embarrassed by the crowd
I felt he found my letters, and read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish, but he just kept right on

Oh, oh, oh... La, la, la, la...

A Louisiana pastor is apparently defying the governor's order against gatherings of more than 50 people by hosting over 1,000 churchgoers at a service Sunday and bringing together hundreds at another service Tuesday, according to the pastor and local media.
Image: The Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, La.
The Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, La.Google Maps
The pastor, Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, said he does not believe his congregation is at risk of getting COVID-19, the disease associated with the coronavirus, according to CBS affiliate WAFB.
"It’s not a concern," Spell told the outlet. "The virus, we believe, is politically motivated. We hold our religious rights dear and we are going to assemble no matter what someone says."
Spell said 1,170 attended his service Sunday, according to WAFB.
"We have 27 buses on Sundays picking up people in a five-parish area," he said.
Spell also told the outlet that police showed up at the church after the service Tuesday night and informed him the National Guard would break up any future gatherings that exceed 50 people.
But a National Guard spokesman in Baton Rouge told NBC News on Wednesday it is not involved in the matter and has no role in enforcing social distancing requirements as set by Gov. John Bel Edwards. ...
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine

Stop the things you do
Watch out, I ain't lying

I can't stand
No running around
I can't stand
And no putting me down

I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
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If the mother was "clothed with the sun", could this be interpreted as a corona(virus) emanating from her?
I just had another strange thought emanating from that previous one, could what the coronavirus is doing to the population on earth now be the Elite version of the Rapture (culling of humans), sugarcoated with the idea of a heavenly "reward" for those who perish, after hearing the "trumpet of God" (is that a timing indicator)?


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Now that we've opened the metaphoric chronological pasture gate your going to let all the horses out?
Ah Yes, 2020 is getting more and more interesting, for those with "eyes to see" (perfect "20/20" vision), as we now have, as I mentioned elsewhere, the "Beast" and the "False Prophet" (Immanuel), and fifty years from now (fifty would make a "Jubilee" Year), would tie in right to your 2070 "prophecy" about the arrival of "Space Jesus", to save or end us all for the Third Millennium/Apocalypse. Meanwhile, continue to "Watch" this year (perhaps tell the mountains and hills to fall and cover you?), so as not to get "Raptured" prematurely by the Woman Clothed With the Sun (Corona), when the "Trump(et)" sounds for you, that would be "Vial"! After all, from "The Fall of the Roman Empire" (released 1964, when the British "invaded" the "Roman" USA)-
"Livius, if you listen very carefully, you can hear the gods laughing!", so
"What forbids us to tell the truth, laughingly?"--Horace, Satires, I.24

OK, I'll stop "horsing" around now, I've done too much "Reveling" with "Elation" over the future! "Our Lips Are Sealed"!
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There were discussions of the Third temple in this thread a while back, so might as well post this here.
It's planned to be built on the wrong place:

More here:

The Jerusalem Temple Mount Myth

by Marilyn Sams


This volume adds new sources and insights to the work of Ernest L. Martin and contains over 375 descriptions of Jerusalem’s southeastern hill (Mount Zion), the temple mount in the City of David, and the tower of Antonia (today called the "temple mount").

Melchizedek built his temple in Salem, Jacob erected his pillar at the same location, and the borders of Benjamin and Judah, home to the temple, divided the southeastern hill.

Solomon erected the temple in the City of David before breaking down its northern wall to install Pharoah’s daughter in her palace (3 Kings 2: 35, Septuagint version).

Josephus described the hill of the temple as descending by degrees toward the east parts of the city, but there has never been a city on the east side of the alleged temple mount. A host of other descriptions (with references) place the temple’s east wall in the Kidron valley, in the middle of the city, and over the Gihon Spring, whereas the alleged temple mount is north of the city, its east wall is at the top of the hill, and there is no accessible spring within its precincts.

It does not match Josephus’s descriptions of the temple’s dimensions, walls, gates, height, position, or finished state. Its remarkable square rock (under the Dome), is never mentioned with reference to the temple, but is for the Roman Camp, which the Byzantine Christians identified as the "Praetorium" and the site of the Church of St. Sophia (which Caliph al-Malik destroyed to build the Dome of the Rock). Indeed, Eutychius stated the Christians had never built on the temple ruins site and Rabbi David Kimchi said the same for the "nations."

At Masada, eye-witness Eleazar described the Roman camp as the only monument remaining after the 70 A.D. destruction. Today, the alleged temple mount is the only surviving monument from the destruction and is the Roman camp. Archaeological findings relating to the issues are dispersed throughout, but two specific chapters on the alleged temple mount’s archaeology and the archaeology of the City of David are included. A list of the most relevant descriptions is given at the end.

A review of the book by Margaret Barker, UK scholar and author of 29 books states: "Marilyn Sams brings together a vast array of ancient evidence to argue that the Jerusalem Temple was not on the Temple Mount."
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I've seen someone else, maybe Martin or his associate(?), make this claim of the real Temple being to the south. It makes a lot of sense to me.

I wonder how the dimensions of the 'Temple Mount' (as the Fortress Antonia) compare to the standard Roman fortress, which or normally orthogonal.

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I wonder if those are really from the Temple and not a palace?

Take a look at the following from Ethiopia and see if it looks similar. Note the Star of David, and also that this site has swastikas:

From your link:


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I should have noted also that there is a story about the Ark of the Covenant being taken to this very area. Hancock wrote a book about it, The Sign and The Seal.


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Some among the Rastafari movement believe that Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie was the Second Coming of the Messiah and that he did not really die in 1975.