Part 1, the Futurist Apocalypse is Now

Richard Stanley

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It's finally here, the first installment of my End Times analysis, discussing how the first Second Coming in 70 CE is being set up for bloody re-enactment right in front of us today. Get your bags of popcorn and favorite beverages ready. This is complementary with my prior 9/11 analysis, and as well the OT analysis series.

Hopefully I'll have the rest done before the first false flag event saves Trump from impeachment or the 25th Amendment.
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Tkx Sarge.

I just realized this thread title should really be the title for the second installment, where I have to explain what the Futurist approach to the End Times is. And Part 4 should be something like: The Sky is Falling? Part 3 may be a problem, maybe: When Romantic Chimpigs Fry Fish!!
The following excerpt is from a longer article detailing Bannon's work on an agitprop film that was never made. It's them was about radical Islamic agenda to turn America into an Islamic state. This is plausible, if only because the USA has been turned into a Jesuit state, since Vatican II, the Kennedy assassinations, and the cultural degradation agenda. For better or worse, WASP controlled America has been gone for decades.

Readers here should understand that 9/11 was an inside job, a false flag; that radical Wahhabi Islam is a western front (created by the Brits in the late 1700's); that the CIA collaborated with al Qaeda in Kosovo and Bosnia, that the American taxpayer funded the radical madrassas of the Taliban. Blathering on about ISIS is sardonic because this appears to be a Western front as well. Blathering on about Russia and Trump is likely a diversion from the fact that Trump's handlers are Jesuits, stuffed into his administration -- including Bannon.

Sometimes, if you need an enemy, you must create it. Bannon's claimed alter ego is 'Satan', and his enemy must resist the Great Satan. Only all of us, except the elites, will pay the big price. Trump said he would keep us from war, but all he has done is piss everyone off, including our best allies.

Bannon’s work on the “Great Satan” project came after the release of his well-received 2004 Ronald Reagan biopic, “In the Face of Evil.” That film included a coda that warned about the threat of “the beast” during a montage that showed praying Muslims, terrorist camps and people falling to their deaths from the World Trade Center on 9/11. ...
Congratulations, Richard, I know you've put a lot of work into this :)

Have you considered publishing an abstract or a condensed version to entice more readership?
More readership than this? o_O

Yes, I have thought about a condensed version, but then I'd have to actually do it.

Thx for the complement.
Well, I do have 3 more 'parts' to put out, besides commenting on der Grop'n Fuhrer's daily blitzkrieg. But, if you ration your daily questions maybe this will work. Maybe you should make a list of questions, so that you wont forget them (from the rationing).

BTW, I'm currently working on the role of the Reformation in all this (from which the Jesuit's Preterism and Futurism concepts spewed out), and I just discovered that if the Lutherans agree to rejoin the Catholic Church this very year, in October it will be exactly 500 years. The Episcopalians had gained all the prior news about rejoining, but they actually have a few more years to go to get to 500.
I suspect this will indeed be the nature of the new merged Church for the new age. This is why Francis is introducing so many reforms, to make the Church more palatable to the younger urban generations.
Is this part of a trend, to waive celibacy for the Catholic priesthood? Or, a strategic short-term gambit?
If I may be excused for it, I'm going to give the unsatisfying answer of "only time will tell." I met a former Episcopal priest who became a Catholic priest and was permitted to remain married, so what they are doing with congregational conversions seems in line with what holy mother church practices in the case of the individual.

As we've discussed before, the ban on priest marriages pre-dates the rise of the nation-state when the church was often left to enforce its own laws - in this case it would be a question of property and inheritance. Now that it can "outsource" that work to the State, the original incentive to ban priestly marriage is largely disappeared - at least in the more civilized areas.

In the meantime, and on the other side of the equation, the incentive for Episcopalians to join the RCC seems to be driven by politics, more specifically sexual identity politics, or to put it bluntly, "the gay question." As same gender marriages continue to become more familiar to the general society, this incentive will continue to diminish.

The game-changer, as I see it, will be the RCC relaxing its stance on same gender relationships (and I'm going to throw in abortion, along with that), perhaps combined with a more nuanced understanding of "the closet" by the queer community. When those tensions can be sufficiently reduced, then the ecclesiological incentive to be "the holy catholic and apostolic church" can kick in.

The obstacle (not surprisingly) is the more rural areas. There, people haven't become civilized enough yet to understand the value and/or the skill of seeing and believing one thing, and yet professing another
In doing some more research I discovered that Wikipedia now has a great discussion on Preterism, as well as on the Antichrist. This conflicts with my prior understanding that the mainstream Church position was that it was regarding Constantine's transfer of religious authority to the Christians. But rather, it seems that there are several sub-schools of Preterism, many of which focus on the year 70 AD, all of these not admitting that Titus was the Second Coming. In fact, the main 'orthodox' school seems to be that of Partial Preterism that curiously states that the Second Coming did not occur with the prophesied destruction of the temple.

The good Bad News o_O is that my Futurist analysis still holds.

This also gives Jerry a task to add Titus to the following list:

This predicted event has been variously interpreted as referring to:
  1. Jesus' transfiguration
  2. the resurrection
  3. the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost
  4. the spread of the kingdom through the preaching of the early church
  5. the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem in AD 70
  6. the second coming and final establishment of the kingdom
  7. the coming of Jesus Christ in vision to the apostle John in revelation.[52]
Many preterists find view 6 unacceptable because it implies a mistake on the part of Jesus about the timing of his return. Many[quantify] preterists believe the immediate context seems to indicate the first view, the transfiguration, which immediately follows (Matthew 17:1–9; Mark 9:2–10; Luke 9:28–36). This view seems to satisfy that "some" disciples would see the glory of the Son of Man, but it does not satisfy the statement that "he will repay every man for what he has done". The same situation occurs with views 2 through 4. Only view 5 (the judgement on Jerusalem in AD 70) appears to satisfy both conditions (reinforced with Revelation 2:23; 20:12; 22:12), as a preterist would argue.[citation needed]

Of course, if Titus was the first Second Coming, then the two beasts, would likely be Caligula and Nero, I'm guessing. And not Domitian as some figure.
666? Is this really associated with the Beast from the Sea, alt-President Agent Orange Leaks, aka Donald J. Trump?

'666', the Mark of the Beast, one must have this in order to do business in the transitional period before the real fake 'savior' saves us from the trumped up beast. The man whose complete array of degenerate personal attributes are SO Antichristey, the opposite of the perfect one.

Jared Kushner relinquished control of his family’s multibillion-dollar real-estate business in January to eliminate conflicts of interest when he became a top White House adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump.

Yet Kushner Cos. has apartment buildings from New Jersey to Maryland with more than $500 million in government-backed mortgages financed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That could put officials at those agencies in an awkward spot: If Kushner Cos. applies for a new loan, or wants to refinance, would Freddie turn them down? If Kushner Cos. fails to comply with the terms of a loan, will Fannie seek to foreclose on a property owned by the president’s in-laws?

“It clearly represents a conflict-of-interest because the government or the president can take actions that would benefit his family,” said David Reiss, a professor at Brooklyn Law School who has written about issues related to Fannie and Freddie.
If Kushner Cos. fails to make Fannie-backed loan payments on time or violate other terms, Fannie employees would determine whether to foreclose. Fannie backs about $142.3 million of the outstanding loans.

In the case of Freddie, which backs about $426.5 million of the outstanding loans, a servicer would decide whether to foreclose.

Kushner Cos. has run into trouble with loans before. The company in 2011 was on the verge of defaulting on more than $1 billion of loans on 666 Fifth Ave., a Manhattan office tower, when Vornado Realty Trust injected $80 million to stave off creditors. ...
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Out of every 1,000 properties owned, you would expect one of them to have 666 in the street number, just by coincidence. Others would have 66, or 888, or other significant numbers. The Trumps and their family and cronies must have at least a thousand properties in their portfolio. And if they have a thousand properties, there must be a thousand mortgages. Some of them are going to be for $6.66 million, or signed at 6 PM on June 6. So don't go getting all excited.
I'll get excited if I want to Jerry. fake > :mad:

Yes, it could be a completely insignificant coincidence, and likely they get some amusing pleasure pricking the rubes. And/or that it was meant to be piled into the entire tableau of apocalyptic names we've seen. If the latter, it all has the advantage of being just that and as well can be used to marginalize anyone that points to it, including me. So there!!!
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Here's one for you about Kushner. Another Jewish author getting wise to the scheme.

The Leader has everything: money, land, power. There’s just one thing missing, the support of the Godly. The Leader has never been big on religion. In fact, he’s a little concerned that many of his Christian supporters are openly anti-Semitic. That’s a problem, since the Leader owes the Jews big time. Many of his father’s biggest land deals — and the Leader wouldn’t be the Leader without his father — were made with the Jews.

So the Leader comes up with a brilliant plan. He’ll marry his beautiful daughter to Hebrew nobility, a real Prince of the Jews. That way, no matter how egregiously anti-Semitic he and his followers might appear, he can always say — but look at my son-in-law, you don’t get more Jewish than him!

If this story sounds familiar, then you’re pretty well up on the story of Charlemagne.
Obviously, Trump (who stays up all night reading Postflaviana) decided to change tactics. He doesn't want to Tweet about us because he doesn't want to take us viral. He really fired Gen. Flynn so that his security firm could monitor us 24/7. :rolleyes:

It's hard to know what the change means - a delay, a total bluff, or what? I saw an account shortly after the announcement that the Israelis really have other priorities. And of course, there are other issues of major contention between them and the Palestinians, like the building of settlements and new housing units.
Sorry I've been under the weather lately. Just came across the following videos:

The first one makes some interesting claims that Trump is indeed being presented as the (or one Antichrist - I say that he is likely the Beast from the Sea), of which many are intended to mistake him as the new Christ savior. Indeed, nearly every action of his is what should be typically expected as the opposite of the popular moral conception of Christ. In any case I need to verify some of the details, such as his being born on a total eclipse in 1946, and thus it having a rather interesting time count till his inauguration as President. Also, in August of this year will be another total eclipse. Very interesting is the symbology from the Bank of America Building in Charlotte, NC, and some other biblical references.

The video creator is another classic example of a Xian who can see part of the picture clearly, but can't bring himself to recognize that the entire (Christ / Antichrist-Beast) construct must necessarily be designed by one (cynical) source.

The second video examines the symbology in Trump's 66th floor penthouse in Trump Tower. It is all solar references, especially with regards to Apollo, and claims that all the twin columns are references to Jachin and Boaz from Solomon's Temple, key Masonic symbols. This otherwise odd Greek and Judaic mashup is what I claim as central symbology of 9/11, and Jerry's and my False Dialectic of Western Civilization. Indeed associations with 9/11 are claimed as well.