Oz and more on 9/11, Siriusly

Richard Stanley

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The following link has an amazing collection of material clearly tying Sirius, the so-called Dog Star, to 9/11 and the Twin Towers. The Pentagon, the interior of a 5 sided star, can also be seen as a symbolic allusion to Sirius, a central Masonic icon.


Discussed are several movies such as The Wiz, The Matrix, etc..

A pic of Neo's (from the Matrix) passport shows an expiration date of 9/11/2001.

Also, bolstering my End Times article, is the discussion of Pisces and Aquarius symbology invoked, and that Sirius is involved with ringing in both new years and new ages.

That both Greek and Judaic systems are involved (also consistent with our wider thesis) from my 9/11 article:

And so with 9/11, we see the simultaneous typological use of the Twin Towers as both the Gemini Twins and as Jachin and Boaz, the twin (but similarly different) columns just outside the Temple of Solomon.

I got to the above after first finding: http://liveinchapelperilous.blogspot.com/2008/08/rainbow-road-to-oz-9-11-and-masonic.html

This link is more focused on the links to 9/11 from The Wizard of Oz, of which I made some references to in the OT analysis series, and commented on here: http://postflaviana.org/community/index.php?posts/7813/