Outsourcing, Automation, And The Joy Of Assisted Living. | Kate Northrup


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Outsourcing, Automation, and the Joy of Assisted Living. | Kate Northrup

Hmm both okay and interesting because to me I get way too confused with the assisted living part of this. Because to me I think of it for only older people more then anything.

At the same time belated XPosted comment regarding all of this.

@jessicaabrunowaybeyondfedup @northrupmd Good for you and whom needs to do it year in and out. Especially, after doing it for Thanksgiving and yrs past. But at the same time need further explanation as to what you meant by #assistedliving. Since I assume that you still by yourself and beyond as well. At the same time that also includes the rest of your family as well. Mainly, @katenorthrup and @mikejwatts. That also includes Penelope of course. This also applies to @anncmoller and beyond as well.