Outlines of Jewish History Lady Magnus 1890

Today while on a break looking at classic cars of all things I happened to find a copy of Outlines of Jewish History by Lady Magnus. 1890 for 5CAD at an Antique dealers tent that was present. I snapped it up. When I got home I looked up on the net to find anything I could about the book. It has a price of anywhere from .54 to 54US on Amazon and Ebay. Also Archive.org has pdf and ebooks of it. https://archive.org/details/outlinesofjewi00magn
I now have a second edition of it, yet still from 1890.

First thing I did was look up some key things. Zionism and Herzl, no mention of either of course since Herzl's first trip to Palestine was in 1898. Sabbatai is viewed very poorly by the author, Zohar is only mentioned briefly.

I am not sure of the pdf's at the site above as to how they have been altered or what edition they are. But it is nice to have a pre-Zionism, pre-Balfour declaration, pre-"Holocaust", pre-Israel view of Jewish History written and published by Jews of the time.
Yes, having stuff written before those events would be good. There are many liars and dupes who act knowledgeable about all things Jewish. I once tried to get any expert on Hebrew or the origins of Jewish culture to talk with me, by phoning every Temple and Jewish outreach in the US southwest. None knew where Hebrew came from - none wanted to know.

Here is a follow along post from a thread I put up elsewhere dealing with the Holy of Holies and the Zohar Fraud.

Kung Fu placed an excellent article on the Islamic Holocaust thread and I suspected this connection would occur if I looked.

As I suspected we find these Kaballists are fomenting more power for themselves and lying about the Zohar which Daniel Matt has proven (see his work here) to be a fraud. But it may be an ecumenical attempt or a way for them to gain converts - when I see they are also into usurping Vedanta (like others) and throwing their foul coil or cape around anything they can. You will have to decide.

The Zohar - Donmeh West


To all who study it with good intention the Zohar is clearly the divinely transmitted work of the Bat HaKol ("Voice of the All") that speaks through its God-inspired ...

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The Zohar seems to be a fraud in the sense that it was written in the 13th century by Rabbi Moses de Leon, who falsely claimed that he had received the material as a far more ancient manuscript. See:


Notwithstanding its origins, Daniel Matt and many other Jewish Kabbalists seem to treat it with the greatest respect as a source of religious inspiration.
I respect Matt and love his meditation titled Unsheathing the Soul from The Essential Kaballah. I love it because I am an epigrapher and into the archetypes or other uses of symbols. But when reading about the Zohar before he was paid huge sums by various people (I originally heard it was a grant from the MacArthur Foundation.) to put years into the Zohar. I saw people saying it was a fictional account done to alleviate the persecution (racism) caused from the removal of all feminine deities or entities from the Jewish system. Thus the Matronit was generated to fill the void once filled by the Shekkinah.

In the brief post I placed here above I see these words - "Bat HaKol ("Voice of the All") that speaks through its God-inspired".

This is almost certainly not true emanation from any God or entity. I also do not think any scripture has been from any god or entity. So you can see my prejudice towards Cabals of power-seekers who are (as Dion Fortune wrote about being "twisted") 'K" balah versus Qabala. It was decades ago that I pondered what Dion meant, and I was very unsure until recently. I will not close the door on what it means even today.

This is my current take on it. Qabala is the Verbal Tradition and more ancient than the southern traditions developed when the glaciers forced people back to southern climes. In earlier times people were more inclined to see entities or forces of ancestors as what later people began having a harder time differentiating from the recently departed or far more ancient energies which had a built up CONstruction of projected energy and worship surrounding them. So, I see K as a demonic or god construct versus a more real attunement with actual energy from people in a continuum they returned to. In either case the strength of power one can direct may be identical through ritual. I eschew such trappings and pursuits in favor of trust in What IS.

What is within the universe is Buddhist orientation. And if one goes back a lot further people were probably just as superstitious about the ancestors but anthropologists have lead me to think of ancestor worship being more ancient. Of course, I would understand any person saying that was a creation from those influenced to think Christianity is monotheistic (It is not.) and the Aten versus other, debate. But we do know in our recorded history that demi-gods became full fledged gods right around the mythos which became all theistic crap.
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Qabala is the Verbal Tradition and more ancient than the southern traditions developed when the glaciers forced people back to southern climes.
On what basis would you believe that (Western?) Qabala dates back as far as the last Ice Age? And, would you see it as a product of an ancient civilization of great technological prowess, dating back to such times? You've talked about such matters in other posts.

It's impossible to prove that there was no such forgotten ancient civilization. Furthermore, I admit that I can't explain how great megalithic monuments such as the Pyramids or Baalbek could have been built by primitive agricultural societies, much less why such societies would have been motivated to make such enormous investment in relation to their wealth & capabilities. But just because I can't explain, doesn't make it impossible... I also can't explain how all other traces of an ancient technological society could have disappeared so completely, leaving only such megalithic monuments behind.

More importantly: if such a great ancient civilization existed, it seems that their technical prowess has been completely forgotten, and we are left with no recourse but to re-invent it. Trying to recover scraps of that ancient technology, by means of archaeology or speculation, seems like a futile venture to me. And I would say the same about trying to recover their religion, whatever it might have been.

Having said all that, I'm curious if you know of any evidence that so-called "Western Qabalah" or "Hermetic Qabalah" had any existence independent from Jewish Kabbalah or generic Western (Christian) mysticism, earlier than 15th century syncretist Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.