Orphan Black

Richard Stanley

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I have been incidentally been watching a BBC America TV sci-fi series called Orphan Black. It seems to have a similar understanding that I do (discussed in the OT analysis series) to the relationship of the tribe of Abraham, at least, to that represented by the Greeks, loosely speaking. Here by the protagonist clone, dark featured, Sarah and her albino sister clone, Helena.

It also makes heavy use of mythological typology, including that of Castor, his sister Helen (of Troy), virgin births of a special child (savior?), etc.. Remember that Pollux, at least was virgin conceived (or cuckholded by Zeus disguised as the 'black swan'), with the 3 siblings birthed from 'eggs' in the myth. And that the ship, the Castor and Pollux delivers the apostle Paul to Rome.

There are 11 'Leda' clones, including an elite one by the name of Rachel, who is set against her sisters in a different respect than is Helena. Rachel is barren, and will she somehow get her 'mandrake'? I am in the middle of season 3 (of 4), so I don't know. There is a parallel line of male 'Castor' clones. Castor was the mythic twin, who was mortal, with his twin half-brother, Polydeuces (Pollux) being a son of Zeus. The Castor clones, as well as most of the Leda clones were given mortal genetic flaws, with Sarah and Helena given the ability to reproduce.

Without the introduction of Sarah and Rachel into the picture one might likely believe that the connection here with the pagan myth is merely a convenient trope, but the odds get a little longer with this merging of the Abrahamic others into the mix.

Jerry and I are now planning a review post of the series, but you might want to watch it before we get there.