Orange is the New White ... House Occupant?

Richard Stanley

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A friend sent me this funny video, which seems to be prescient considering the Donald's unexpectedly easy ascent and that Hillary, shown in orange garb, is being called on the carpet, yet again by a Democratic State Department IG - appointed by Obama. Does all this suggest that matters are being steered towards the ginger headed Trump? And BTW, is Trump a natural ginger?

I suggest that no matter who wins the election, we'll get the same result. But that with Trump he will pull the rug out from under the nationalists as happened with the Maccabean Hasmoneans versus Titus Christ. As I have demonstrated elsewhere, the Maccabees were Hellenized, aka globalists of the day. But they pandered to the nationalists till the end.

The Federal Prison Blues:


Jerry Russell

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The back story for this hilarious video is that a Breitbart reporter ran a story at Huffington Post, with a headline saying "Hillary Clinton to be indicted on Federal Racketeering charges." This headline was incredibly misleading: what the article actually said was that FBI investigator James Comey believed the case was compelling, and was asking the Attorney General to indict. There was no word in the story about what Loretta Lynch might have to say in response to that.

No doubt this will place enormous pressure on Obama and the Democrats. But I don't see how a swift indictment would throw the election to Trump. On the contrary, before the convention, an indictment would give the Democratic nomination to Bernie, who actually has a fighting chance to beat Trump.

An indictment after convention season would make the game too obvious. I don't think the Democrats would try that.

Edwin Edwards famously won his 1991 gubernatorial election against David Duke, in spite of his many scandals, by running on the slogan "Vote for the crook. It's important." I guess the Democrats are going to need to reprint those bumper stickers.