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  1. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Christian 'Sacred' Hart came here claiming to want some feedback about an inane 'prophecy' - where if it is true then one has to take every single verse of the Bible as a prophecy of some sort. This, in fact, seems to be her claim, as everything just flows out from: "In the Beginning ..."

    So, after politely answering her question, which has rather tenuous linkage to the movie, she proceeded to deliver her mini-sermon on her unique and oxymoronic theology, i.e. in reconciling anarchy with a religion. The latter of which was (and are) clearly tools of state to control the credulous.

    I will concede that it is possible that she did not take the time to read the content here to gain a better idea of what we are about, one of which is in clear opposition to her theology. In addition, after her sermon, I felt it necessary for discussion sake to point out some contradictory fleas in her merry beehive, which she rudely ignored and then proceeded to wonder if I will get all Inquisitiony on her.

    This is highly ironic considering all the humans that her loving god has sicked his Iron Rod on ... much worse than Inquisition Style. There is no anarchy allowed with the big MF. And she wants to condone the acts of the admitted author of all evil (Isaiah 45:7 KJV or the Hebrew) while accusing me? Not on my watch.

    Richard Stanley said:

    And all this developing out from the absurd premise that your propagandic holy 'history' book starts out with "In the Beginning".
    Jerry said:

    What's absurd about this premise? Genesis 1 does start out "in the beginning". Which was my original point, that Genesis is a creation myth, not a prophecy.

    She's not just talking about this inane non-prophecy, which is really just cribbed from the Mesopotamian Creation epics, but she used the fact that the complete Bible propaganda starts with "In the Beginning ... " to say that this makes her feel assured that its all wonderfully true, big open-minded truth seeker that she is. One that refuses to answer my questions.

    I wonder what part of her designed houses are allegorized by the story of the fallen drunk and naked Noah (obviously really) getting caught eating Ham ;), whereby the embarrassed Noah takes it out on his grandson Canaan and makes them slaves to uncles Shem and Japheth? I can't figure out which story is more sacred that the next. Like the earlier story of Lot carnally offering his daughters to the Sodomites in place of God's angels, and then after God destroys the place the drunken Lot has sex with his daughters. This last one must be the master bedrooms. The first must be the kitchens.

    And am I now to wonder if Christian still owns slaves? Or is this all evidence of her evil aspect (which only she can divine) of the wonderful Bible, like Joseph and the 'pharaoh' colluding to enslave all the Egyptians. Hmmm.
  2. Hey Jerry,

    I will delete my account...I don't know or care about Richards opinion...honestly as soon as he said he couldn't answer I wrote him off completely (but he kept talking). But like all religious hierarchy I can see now that theoretically Gnosticism says it values 'thinking' but has no practical use for any type of independent thinking which of course means that it is part and parcel of the Black Priesthood (not a good thing) is no big deal and because it hardly means anything to me, I will bow out...another score for people who hate independent thinkers and want to crush it in isn't like I don't already run across it 24/7. I was just peeved because someone did actually just say that to me on another forum and while I thought maybe there was something different here, not surprisingly it turned out to be just as bad as the catholics all part and parcel of the same great world system that is strangling the world and thought.

    Sincerely Christian
  3. How exactly do I delete my account? It is not self explanatory.
    Thx Christian
  4. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member


    As per your request, I have deleted your account. The way I read your last post, you are refusing to cooperate with site policy in that you insist on hurling gratuitous and ungrounded insults at us. We are not trying to strangle anyone's independent thought, we are not part of anyone's Black Priesthood, and we are not even gnostics. We are just asking for you to carry on a polite conversation, and apparently that's beyond your capability.
  5. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    OK, thanks for the clarification. Her premise is true, but her inferences don't necessarily follow.

    That's a rude question, wouldn't you say? And I don't see much basis for it in Christian's self-description. A slave-owning anarchist?
  6. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Funny, now she states that she "wrote me off" as soon as I couldn't answer her question about this supposed Gen 2 prophecy. Yet this was when, after she had gone out to mow the lawn and then come back, she delivered her sermon, with her rather unique theology of damning half of the holy book she loves. Apparently, at this point I became the proverbial "Greek pig" and she would thus not reveal her Sophia.

    At least the pope, a Jesuit, has recently taken to beg forgiveness for all (or just some?) of the church's long list of sins. Well, the various flocks of sheeps, even the lapsed Catholics and the secular are eating it all up. We'll now get to (continue to) sweep in all under the rug and MOVE ON.

    I've been thinking that this is really what the whole church mantra of that 'we're all sinners', and getting absolution, forgiveness, etc. is really all about. Most people tend to think this all refers to our individual petty foibles and pecadillos, but in doing so we also don't have to think about the big stuff anymore, like how the land that Christian's houses were built upon was taken from those 'evil subhuman barbarians'. First, demonize - to enable Justification of the crime, then after its too late for most, forgive.
  7. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Once one claims that he or she is capable of parsing which parts of the Bible are of Good origin vs. which parts are of Evil origin then I would guess that I should have the right to know if such verses like those are guiding her divine actions or not. We're still dealing today with such a legacy, and there are still literal slaves in the world, including in the USA. The Judaic, Christian, and Islamic canons all overtly justified literal slavery in one form or another. So I think its a fair question that must be asked of such people.

    The shrinking majority of people in America say that this book guides their actions, but it seems that most all of them ignore most of it - as they are all too 'liberal' I guess. They wont even perform the sacred Sabbath BBQ ritual anymore. Probably because the Christians that attempted it did so on the wrong day. Too bad for them , and good eating for me.

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