One Man's Heaven is Another Man's Hell

Richard Stanley

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As I mentioned about Mormon astro-theology I ran across this confirming comment on Neil Hague's blog post about Jupiter Ascending. If I am correct then, if one receives their just Mormon rewards on whatever planet is their home, then they get to inherit a new planet (with his wife, or wives as the case may be) in the galaxy as a new Adam and Eve(s). No doubt with the new calculations of habitable planets within the Milky Way, many Mormons are likely seeing this as either confirmation of their scheme, and/or using these findings to reinforce their particular artificially formed consensus reality beliefs.

PoTai18 February 2015 at 05:08

As an ex-mormon (25 years devout), I find it interesting that the teachings align well with what you've conveyed here. It's taught (though not emphasised so much today) that God is a physical being that seeded the earth from off-planet (temple teachings), Adam was born on another planet, but not earth (Brigham Young) and the earth will be "renewed and receive it's paradisical glory" (their words; harvested?). The more one looks, the more one notices the parallels.
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