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But we also did more than improve readability and provide better contextual support. We have added some new elements that we discovered incidentally while doing further research. This has to do with two incidents, mentioned in the Bible about the introduction of certain non-Semitic members of the competing 'racial' (for lack of a better term) line of Japheth (the biblical brother of Shem) into the stream of: first, Noah and Shem's Semitic progeny; and secondly, directly into the Judaic lineage.

The first aspect was sitting right under my nose, but because I was not paying close enough attention, looking for other aspects of the bizarre story regarding Noah and Ham, it seemed at the time like another throw away one liner. It shows how easy it is to summarily toss off such matters if one is not able to apply the proper context to the material. And for some others, such as True Believers, they see what they want to see, and vice-versa. In any case, these are two huge admissions IMHO.