Oct. 28: Is the Election Rigged?

Jerry Russell

Staff member
The podcast has been up over on the Podcast page for a couple of days, but I've been procrastinating about posting any remarks here, for lack of knowing what to say. But I've run across this video, which perfectly illustrates the fact that this issue has been simmering for awhile:

And then there was this story from WSWS this morning....


With only six days remaining in the US election campaign, both of the major capitalist parties are preparing for a situation where the November 8 vote fails to resolve the bitter struggle over control of the White House. With polls showing a tightening contest following the unprecedented intervention of the FBI, whose announcement of a renewed probe of Clinton emails was calculated to damage the Clinton campaign, it is increasingly likely that the contest could be determined by the outcome in a single state, such as occurred in 2000 with Florida and in 2004 with Ohio.

Clinton’s lead had already begun to shrink prior to the FBI intervention, particularly after the government announced that Obamacare premiums would rise by an average of 25 percent in 2017.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump are mobilizing thousands of lawyers for deployment on Election Day to battleground states such as Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio in anticipation of widespread efforts either to block voters from going to the polls or to disrupt the counting of the ballots they cast.
Thousands of lawyers getting ready to do battle? And will the "2nd Amendment People" be left out of this?