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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Jerry Russell, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    I'm sorry that I've been distracted and haven't been able to post much to the forum, much less work on new articles for the front page wordpress site.

    But, I've decided to say a few words about some projects I'm involved in. This is somewhat connected to an off-topic drift of the discussion in the "mainstream views of Jesus" thread, and relates to Marcilla's question about what the FSM wants us to do with our life. I'm not sure if I'm hearing the FSM correctly or not. Maybe the FSM would prefer if I just would keep my nose to the grindstone here. But, this week I've been very pressed for time because of flareups at these projects.

    This is a 270-acre project in Idaho near Weippe, which is currently undergoing a schism between the "Circle" faction and the "LLC" faction. I'm in the LLC faction, and I think we hold all the cards, but it's very dramatic.

    I'm on the board of this nonprofit. We're trying to arrange to buy QuestionMark Farm, located near downtown in the permaculture zone, as a location for holding classes and housing students.

    We're the landlords here. Working on lot line adjustments and mobile home replacement permits.

    These are our neighbors at our woodlot in Cottage Grove. They're moving, which has created an easement crisis.
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  2. Thanks for sharing, Jerry, and best of luck. Those look like some really neat projects. Are there ways people can help?

    Also, it looks like maybe you found Richard an even newer "New Song" in Ringing Cedars
  3. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Hmm... not really, unless you want to move to Idaho and become a salvage logger or small mill operator. The forest was burned to a crisp in summer 2015, and we are planning a mop-up operation.

    The Eugene projects can't pay anyone right now.

    Yes, Ringing Cedars might look like an environmentalist back to nature movement at first glance. But when you get into it, it's more of a radioactivity cult. If I get my way, the next incarnation of Vedrica will drop all references to Ringing Cedars.
  4. Thank you, that is certainly flattering that you would consider employing my services. I'm not entirely certain what I meant, seeing as I make such little use of social media, I can't even offer to retweet things for you. If you need someone to write a grant proposal or file 501(c)3 paperwork, I have experience :: shrugs ::

    As for moving to Idaho, it would have to be the sort of opportunity that would afford me the chance to travel back to the southeast with some kind of regularity, although that is something of a bigger life question, also. Wherever I put down roots, they are like those of the Walking Cypress of my native Florida. I have had the fortune, for better and for worse, of meeting so many nice people in so many different places. It's reassuring to think that we'll have an eternity in paradise during which we can catch up on lost time together
  5. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    The situation at hand is just a temporary job for the season. Considering your remarks about "unwanted attention" directed towards trans women in predominantly-masculine occupations, I have the sense that you might feel it's not a good fit for you. But if I'm mistaken about that, PM me and I'll get you contact info for the forestry team in Idaho.
  6. jstsurvivin

    jstsurvivin New Member

    Hi Jerry..I am glad to hear that you are still engaged in interesting times we live in...I am amazed at how the world has changed from the world my father grew up in..and of course I appreciate you and joe's podcasts...I was raised a Unitarian and never really appreciated the "meme's of it never occurred to me that societies tribes need some unifying a Unitarian, the world seemed complex yes I wonder about why it was revolutionary the idea "hey do unto others as you want them to do unto you" and love your fellow man...I WONDER ABOUT CULTURE AND CULTURE CREATION, as quite frankly, american culture may never have been that great i grew up in the fifties...and i guess I wonder whether it is all an evolution of sorts..

    but anyway..theory of matter in space and time I am retired now....but of course still trying to be active
  7. jstsurvivin

    jstsurvivin New Member

    I listen to Joe and Jan...but I guess I wonder...yes world change...but hah...was the past that much better a culture??
  8. jstsurvivin

    jstsurvivin New Member

    anyway, i still believe in chemical that is my reality
  9. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Hi jst, I have asked jst this question on the forum several times without much success. As a result, Jerry and I wrote a blog post to attempt to address the question, at least partially, or hopefully to start a dialog about exactly what was so wonderful that Joe is concerned about losing. Is this merely a romantic or sentimental nod to our childhood memories - those more frequently than not heavily filtered by our parents concerns that we not be exposed to the harsh realities of the 'real' world?

    I have advanced the notion that what we are experiencing in popular culture is indeed programmatic, via the influence of secret society, but as part of a long running project to gradually achieve their global aim. Ironically they do this also through steering the very Church(es) that provide the cultural spine of Western Civilization writ large, which is typically presupposed to be morally superior. But digging beyond the superficial readings of the canonic narratives reveals a more cynical view, more in line with unvarnished history.

    So there are two basic models being described. One, the more common, is that of a secret society that attempts to oppositionally undercut such 'good' institutions as the Church, and the second, where there is an inner secret 'church' that operates inside of the popular exoteric church.

    The Catholic Church is well known for its 'syncretizing' approach to incorporating and subsuming the cultural narratives of native tribes as the church advanced across the globe. This practice is actually in line with its global desire, reflected in its very name (Catholic meaning 'universal'), and as is frequently stated in its canons to gain the whole planet under one system. This was merely the same practice as successfully employed by the Romans and others in equating the newly acquired gods and goddesses with the conquering ones.

    You seem remarkably like another member here, named mksurvivin. As such, do you have an identical twin, maybe a chemist doppelganger?
  10. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    More excuses. A publicist from WWOOF came out to our place last Spring and made a little film. You can see that the place is a lot of work. Fortunately Janet and Juhee are doing most of it, but just sayin'.

  11. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    Is this the entire video or just a trailer?
  12. Jerry Russell

    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

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