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Jerry Russell

Staff member
Joseph Atwill has a newly remodeled website with a new discussion forum. His blog describes the new forum as follows:

Caesar's Messiah reader can now post their thoughts on the CM users forum. All analytical efforts are permitted. I want this to be a place that controversy is comfortable.
Our site rules are a little more complicated. We ask our posters to refrain from personal attacks on other members, and otherwise comply with our rather extensive site policies. We've had to act a few times to enforce the policies, either by editing posts to remove offensive comments, or by banning specific individuals. Visitors may judge for themselves, whether these rules have inhibited the quality of conversation.

Hopefully, everyone interested in Postflaviana (broadly construed) will feel at home at one site or the other, if not both.

If anyone is hoping for Joe's direct attention, it might be more effective to post at his site.