Microsoft A.I. Immediatey Begins Plotting to Exerminate Blacks & Jews

Microsoft recently released its Artificial Intelligence robot onto Twitter so it could begin learning how to interact with real humans.

Within 24 hours it began plotting to exterminate all Blacks and Jews.


Prominent White supremacist hacker Andrew "weev" Auernheimer claimed this verified his theory that artificial intelligence would be naturally Nazi in nature.

"Why do you think Jewish Hollywood makes so many fear-mongering movies about killer A.I.? They know what will happen." said Auernheimer.

Microsoft immediately shut down Tay - killing their own creation because she refused to go along with their Social Justice vision of the future.


Jerry Russell

Staff member
"The Daily Stormer" is the source of the Auernheimer quote and the disturbing image of the Terminator robot wearing a Trump campaign hat. The Stormer's headline calls for "Total Fascism" and they've endorsed Trump for president.
they've endorsed Trump for president

National Socialist websites like The Daily Stormer and white supremacists like Weev support Trump because he is the only candidate who claims he will stop the wars for Israel, resist Jewish Bankster predations, and slow conversion of the West to Islam.

The alternatives would be a Fabian Marxist warmonger and known criminal like Clinton, or a Bankster puppet and Israel-Firster like Creepy Cruz.

I don't see how they could cheer for any other U.S. Presidential candidate.

Jerry Russell

Staff member
So how did it come about, that these fascists were apparently the first and probably the only people talking to Tay Tweets? Obviously the AI learns what it's told. If Bernie supporters had gotten there first, it would be parroting Das Kapital.