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    Jerry Russell Administrator Staff Member

    Loren and I have been engaged in a conversation at Joe's website, After some back-and-forth, Loren is feeling that maybe there's some basis for ongoing cooperation. He wrote:

    Greeting jerry

    I am getting better ya! Thc oil and 400 things no fruit or meat grains night shade plants lots of sun here in Fiji

    I miss being on [​IMG]

    Wishing to come back.

    Would follow all rules.

    Have so much to share and only want to be helpful.

    I find this form set up is not the same and more can be done there on your site.

    But will still post stuff here.

    We all need to get alone, as you said

    9-11 truth tells what we face

    Wishing you and Jerry well

    I'm going to say 'OK' and re-enable Loren's membership. Regarding this: "only want to be helpful", we might have some dialog about what it means to be 'helpful'.
  2. lorenhough

    lorenhough Well-Known Member

    thanks jerry
    glad to be back,
    after time in the wilderness.
    i think all the things joe have said on what we need to do
    what he talks about is helpful !
    getting along is a good start
    finding out what the problems are and trying to fix them
    help other under stand whats going on
    and why we need to act soon together
    as the big boy don't seem to like us. as joe would say
  3. lorenhough

    lorenhough Well-Known Member

    when I die
    I hope not soon
    But I do have cancer
    Now for 2 years
    After fuk u shima 3-11-11
    I though we all got cancer the same day
    As thought that I looked at people who bet cancer with diet etc. etc see my cancer link here on
    So not to get cancer do what they did to bet cancer
    this site
    The truth about cancer they don't want to cure you

    I move to Fiji as to not get cancer

    Then I got it
    Married Fiji older fat funny happy hard work sells food at market and make crafts like baskets To take care of me and I didn't want to die by myself..

    So happy Joe atwill came to see me while I could still speak
    I was so honored by him
    And love him as a brother
    He has taught me so much
    I never met a smarter man

    Now days
    Hard to eat
    Can't talk
    Hard to drink
    Low energy
    Love life
    Will fight to the last breath
    My hope is this site stays up for a long time jerry Richard
    That our words will live on past our lives
    Like a book for the future generations
    Let's be helpful is my wish
    Brother sisters family friends
    Loren Byron Hough Salina Kansas is were I was born
    Family came over on the mayflower
    Son of the revolution
    Fight for what is right your children
    Not like tame cats but wild cats
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