March 24: Steve Bannon and the Neo-Reactionaries

Richard Stanley

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I just ran across this Maureen Dowd piece in my local paper this morning. This has to be the lamest cover story ever, here for why Bannon became an anti-elitist member of the alt-right. It must be remembered that Trump has added 6 Goldman Sachs members to the administration (including Bannon) as well as other predatory crony capitalists. But Trump's base has yet to figure out they are getting the faux populist shaft. Bannon, like Trump are truly Lifetime Actors, leading their mad flock over the cliff.

After the tech bubble in the late 1990's, Bannon's father would have to be delusional to put all his money in one tech stock, and then why should Bannon think this was sufficient reason to radically alter his own worldview. Yes, the stock market is rigged in several ways, but Bannon should have understood this long before his father's experience.

In a Wall Street Journal piece, Bannon said his anti-elitist worldview was shaped by his father’s decision during the financial crisis in 2008 to sell his AT&T stock, at a loss of more than $100,000. Marty Bannon, who started at AT&T as a lineman, got spooked by Jim Cramer’s advice on the “Today” show to take “whatever money you may need for the next five years” out of the market.

Even though one son, Steve, was a banker at Goldman Sachs and another son had an investment background, Marty Bannon did not consult them or a financial adviser until the sale was completed.

He preferred, like Trump, to get crucial information from TV pundits and eschew the experts in his own circle who might have told him that selling during panics is not wise and that having one stock in an undiversified portfolio is not smart.

“Everything since then has come from there, all of it,” Steve Bannon, the multimillionaire architect of Trumpworld, said of the stock sale. So, essentially, because Bannon’s father made a bad, hurried financial decision based on watching TV, we now have to slash Meals on Wheels, Big Bird, the arts, after-school programs, health insurance, immigration from Muslim countries, climate change research, diplomats and taxes for the rich.

Maybe if these elites-pretending-not-to-be-elites deigned to talk to some knowledgeable elites in government once in a while, they might emerge from the distorted, belligerent, dystopian, Darwinian, cracked-mirror world that is alarming Americans and our allies. They might even stop ripping off the working-class people they claim to be helping.

Richard Stanley

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As I posted on my Bannon thread, Bannon's latter day Navy career was spent at the Pentagon, playing footsies with the top brass, not an everyday experience in the military. This is similar to the famous reporter, Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame. Woodward was in the Navy and debriefed (meaning Naval Intel) the Pentagon top brass before becoming a reporter. Shades of Project Mockingbird?

As to the Flavian name meaning 'blonde", more specifically its root means 'yellow' or 'golden'. Here, besides other golden haired elites, note our President's notorious hair, and his obsession with gold generally.

I would add to Joe's characterization of Breitbart News in that its appeal to being a platform for populists, nationalists, etc. makes for a perfect intelligence honeypot. This within the overarching theme I've been discussing about globalism vs. nationalism. The most curious and ironic aspect of Breitbart News is that Andrew Breitbart and his co-founder was that they were vocal Zionists. But then, as was discussed everything about Trump and Bannon is inverted in the public mind.

And of course, Bannon has now been relieved of his position on the NSC, but this is just one more charade to befuddle and diffuse objections. Jared Kushner (the owner of the 666 building) is running around doing the job of the Sec State, among other things, yet with no experience. Trump is now reversing his isolationist position on Syria, quietly adding troops onto the ground, and today attacked a Syrian air base.
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