Mafia CIA George bush drugs guns $ book talk

Jerry Russell

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Here's the 1992 book...

An investigative reporter exposes President Bush's business ties with the Mafia, detailing the crimes of Bush's sons, Jeb and Neil, Bush's link to the BCCI scandal, and the CIA's involvement in disguising that involvement.

Also see John Hankey's documentary "Dark Legacy", documenting Bush Sr's connections to the JFK assassination...


Richard Stanley

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Ironic how the Bush legacy is being 'resurrected' in contradistinction to Trump, especially now that they are sniping at each other so. Does this mean that one side must be good, or ... ?

Makes one wonder about the real Bush / Clinton relationship, with all that Contra cocaine trade at Mena, Arkansas, and Poindexter - Oliver North at al..

Hmmm ... three sides, not two. A covert love triangle of master Triangulators?

Richard Stanley

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That's right, and then Titus and Vespasian, among the so-called Good Emperors, made Nero (the real-estate scammer) look bad. Deja vu, typology all over again?

Nero plucked the strings, while Trump is a beastly trumpet, and Bubba played a mean sax. The Bushes just gave good skull and bones.