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On another thread I recently commented upon a Fox TV show, Lucifer Morningstar, just starting its second season. Since I wrote the below excerpt, I have learned a few new things in the subsequent episodes.

First, is that Lucifer has already lived in LA for 5 years before the first episode picks up the story, so this explains why he already has a night club when the show first starts. His vacation from Hell, has turned into a retirement from Hell, but really a change of careers.

Secondly, Lucifer is upset with humanity, and his father, God, because in reality Lucifer's job description was merely that of the prison warden in Hell, and not the source of all evil. Thus, he is tired of getting blamed for the bad decisions that humans make. After all and as far as God goes, he did state in Isaiah 45:7 (properly translated) that he himself, God, is responsible for Everything, including both Good and Evil.

As the series proceeds, Lucifer, his brother, and an associated demon come to learn the complications of being a human in the real world. For one thing he is learning that humans' relations with their parents are as frought as his own.

My first comments on the show, from the other thread:

Or, the Devil, aka Lucifer Morningstar, is in a Fox TV police detective series by the name of Lucifer. As I have noted elsewhere, the cultural content on Fox TV is rather at odds with the pompous moral tone taken the Fox News Channel. The latter, until recently, formerly hypocritically run by an admitted serial woman abuser for Uncle Rupert Murdoch (who supposedly has evangelical roots). Now that woman abuser is assisting The Donald's run for President. Thankfully the evangelicals are so forgiving.

In any case, Lucifer, has decided to take a vacation from managing Hell, and takes up residence in Los Angeles, and for some odd reason has a nightclub (while on vacation?), called the Lux. One thing leads to another and Lucifer decides that he must assist the LAPD in investigating murders, as opposed to tempting more into temptation and then later punishing them for selling their souls. For one thing, he realizes that, while parading around as a human, that as with his more familiar role, only the guilty must be punished, even if he didn't incite them (But did he not?). He soon senses that he is going through some life changes, and that is causing some problems for his Father, God, who had assigned him his famous occupation. While it is somewhat ambiguous, it seems that the dialogue in the show has Lucifer deciding that he is going to turn his vacation into a retirement.

In any case, isn't it nice to see that even Lucifer can adapt?

Incidentally, the term 'Morningstar', used in the Bible in association with 'Lucifer', is well known to be referring to the planet and goddess Venus. The Julian family, of Julius Caesar was claimed to have descended from Venus, as well as having arrived from the ashes of Troy, the famous legendary war of which seems to have demarcated the collapse of the Late Bronze Age, from which the Greco-Romans and the Phoencio-Israelites emerge out of the resulting dark age. Both the Knights Templar and the Jesuits seem to have had or have a fascination with the Morningstar.

The Religious Right launched a protest campaign against this series, and while on the surface it seems obvious that they simply don't like any emphasis on 'Satan' (or any of his numerous aliases), the professional Christians in that vein are more nervous that they can't continue to profit from their flocks by having Satan to blame as their scapegoat (Satan made me do it).
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