Living in the Future's Past

Richard Stanley

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This is a pretty interesting show (2018) narrated by Jeff Bridges. It covers a broad range of interrelated topics, because 'everything' is indeed interrelated.

This is the trailer:

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As such it is more than just about the environment and our addictive energy needs, but how we think about such, in terms of psychology, culture, tribal identity, personal status, misplaced priorities, etc.

If 'Energy' is unlimited as some claim, we Earthlings still have a lot of issues to resolve, because we are currently oil based, in the process of abandoning coal and already wood as energy sources.

It has been said, and demonstrated, that if you build a freeway (to improve traffic flows) that demand will fill it to the extent that there will be little traffic flow. If we could convert to fully renewable and carbon neutral energy sources, will the human hive continue to push back the natural world yet still? There is evidence that if developing countries can bring their populations to a decent level of dignified existence, then their population growths will plateau, of their own accord, at a global population of ~11 billion.

Imagine if all these people are ingrained with a cultural mindset where they don't feel the neurotic need to consume, acquiring useless ego trinkets. But this leaves the Western and Chinese 1% with their traditional preoccupations of excess material wealth -- driven by their cultural narratives like the Bible.

While the former Republican congressman turned environmentalist sees the Bible as encouraging us to be good stewards of the Earth, that term can be interpreted variously, and the Patriarchs of the Bible and the royals of the West were mostly material gluttons. Now we have Trump.