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Besides the media themselves isn't the majority of people who follow them just part of the big game of lifetime/life-long acting? Isn't anyone who has an ego problem simply living a false reality based on their false self and what's dictated by the crowd? Isn't the majority basically working for the system? Are most people simply focused on self-importance and maintaining their identity within the psychopath's reality, so that they do not morally care about good vs. evil - only through fear of self preservation at whatever cost? For example, let's say the mafia are rewarding you and your boys with free drugs and alcohol, and you are also getting a good reputation being connected to them, wouldn't you prefer JFK to be assassinated if it meant you get to continue your arrangement under the mafia?
All this is true, but the term 'lifetime actor' was developed to describe individuals who created false identities for the sole purpose of being trusted. For example Gregory Bateson the 'humanist' who developed weaponized anthropology to enslave populations. Nothing he claimed about himself should be believed. The same is true for Wasson, Huxley etc. To learn the truth about these indivduals we need to start with a DNA database to see who they are related to.



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I think in the case of the guys in the White House, like George Bush - and even Hitler - they had been forced into their acting careers, though they probably enjoyed it at the same time.


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There are records of family trees; a example of a person from family tree you can look up is Charles galton Darwin, author of 'the next million years' they have been picking who to mate with for a long time; breeding them selves and are a different breed so to say would not you?

Darwin was born in Cambridge, England into a scientific dynasty, the son of the mathematician Sir George Howard Darwin and the grandson of Charles Darwin. His mother was Lady Darwin, Maud du Puy of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His elder sister was the artist Gwen Raverat, and his younger sister Margaret married Geoffrey Keynes, the brother of the economist John Maynard Keynes. His younger brother William Robert Darwin was a London stockbroker. Darwin was educated at Marlborough College and, in 1910, he graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge in mathematics.

have you read or seen this book? The Next Million Years

Charles Galton Darwin, the author of "The Next Million Years," was a physicist and eugenicist and the grandson of Charles Darwin. Published in 1952, Mr. Darwin's book is 'amazingly' prescient about what the 'next fifty years' would bring:being a insider he know what they would do to the public; energy shortage (oil), food shortage, and the tell stories scarcely stories of the pressures of overpopulation.

While the author speculates what the remedies can or might be implemented for resolution of these problems, Mr. Darwin is primarily interested in the essential problem - Man -- and how his essential problematic human nature can be perfected from the wild animal that he is to one that is controlled and perfected so as to reach his or her maximum effectiveness in a world of limited resources; [as he said 'they want the more perfect salve' [as they stay wild lh]

*Thus, it is not until Chapter VIII of this 11-chaptered isnthe reader is palpably confronted with a horrifying but superficially scientific creed which asserts that inheritable wealth comes from the inherited ability of successful and wealthy families, and that because these wealthy families, generation after generation, have proven themselves "successful" because of their consistent "success" through time, they, therefore;

*They must be of superior intelligence and ability over the rest of mankind, and, concomitantly, these families, and the individual members of these families, alone are fit to be the elite and to rule over and control the rest of the human race.

Charles Galton Darwin foresees [because he helped make it] a future in which human beings are farmed and bred like animal stock (page 184), each to a specialized purpose (including the use of drugs and artificial use of hormones to remove the sexual desire out of "inferior" human beings), completely controlled by the so-called successful elite.

The author concludes, presciently as well, that China 'will be' the civilization emblematic of the future the elite are planning as it not only has endured for century after century, longer than the Roman Empire, but the very way of life in China, socially crowded and politically cowed, is a good paradigm for what the future of the entire world shall broadly look like in the 21st century with its provinces, dynasties, and collectivism spearheaded under one central head or world government owned and run by families that have future descendants of the Darwin family and other "successful" familes in addition to help; be and stay in power for ever! amen."}

Charles Galton Darwin -

Sir Charles Galton Darwin, KBE, MC, FRS (18 December 1887 – 31 December 1962) was an English physicist, the grandson of Charles Darwin.

He served as director of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) during the Second World War.
its a small world, he also worked on the bomb-He served in the role into the post-war period, unafraid to seek improved laboratory performance through re-organisation, but spending much of the war years working on the Manhattan Project co-ordinating the American, British, and Canadian efforts.-

In 1925 he married Katharine Pember, a mathematician and daughter of Francis William Pember. They had four sons and a daughter:
In his spare time, Darwin also served as a wartime vice-president of the Simplified Spelling Society. and was the Master of Christ's College, Cambridge

In later years he travelled widely, an enthusiastic collaborator across national borders and an able communicator of scientific ideas. He died in Cambridge and his memorial tablet is in St Botolph Church, Cambridge.

On his retirement, his attention turned to issues of population, genetics and eugenics. His conclusions were pessimistic and entailed a resigned belief in an inevitable Malthusian catastrophe, as described in his 1952 book The Next Million Years. He first argued in this book that voluntary birth control (family planning) establishes a selective system that ensures its own failure. The cause is that people with the strongest instinct for wanting children will have the largest families and they will hand on the instinct to their children, while those with weaker instincts will have smaller families and will hand on that instinct to their children. In the long run society will consist mainly of people with the strongest instinct to reproduce. This would ultimately have dysgeneic effects.



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Dysgenic | Define Dysgenic at

dysgenic dys·gen·ic (dĭs-jěn'ĭk) adj. Relating to or causing the deterioration of hereditary qualities in offspring.

Lynn and Harvey (2008) suggest that designer babies may have an important counter-acting effect in the future. Initially this may be limited to wealthy couples, who may possibly travel abroad for the procedure if prohibited in their own country, and then gradually spread to increasingly larger groups. Alternatively, authoritarian states may decide to impose measures such as a licensing requirement for having a child, which would only be given to persons of a certain minimum intelligence.

The Chinese one-child policy is an example of how fertility can be regulated by authoritarian means. Geoffrey Miller claims the one-child policy was implemented to reduce China's population explosion, and "to reduce dysgenic fertility among rural peasants." However, the one-child policy has made longstanding exceptions for rural families that can pay a fine so that those families can have 'only' 2 children.

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