Let Them Eat Empathy Cake?

Richard Stanley

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As Jerry and I discussed in the Racism and Cultural Degradation piece, modifications of any type to a culture, especially one already considered elite, is perceived by many, especially those that are affected most profitably from that culture, as Cultural Degradation. In addition to the programs discussed below in the article, a few years ago I watched a program on TV about a program that had ethnically and class diverse high school children in America to form intimate discussion groups in their gymnasium (how ironic) to talk about their respective subcultural issues. The show claimed that it had a positive impact on the participants.

We all know what a Danish pastry is — that delightful caloric bomb of glazed breakfast deliciousness. But what about a Danish classroom cake? And moreover, how can this help teach empathy?

While researching our book “The Danish Way of Parenting; What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids,” my co-author and I interviewed numerous teachers and students across Denmark to learn how they incorporate empathy in schools and at home. Notably, in the Danish education system empathy is considered as important as teaching math and literature, and it is woven into the school’s curriculum from pre-school through high school.