Last Man on Earth presages President Pence [sic]

Richard Stanley

The following completely copied blurbacle discusses the latest episode (Got Milk, season 3 ) of the post-apocalyptic Fox (for Faux) TV series Last Man on Earth. I thought I had made a separate thread on this show, but apparently made just a brief comment on it on another thread. Further below is the main show plot thread from Wikipedia.

This last episode is amazing because the show took a production break, apparently to determine who would win the election. Because this episode discusses Pence and his successors in the apparent emergency chain of command. They knew who were newly appointed cabinet members up till production time. A couple have been added since these names below.

You can watch such episodes on Hulu, and likely other outlets.

Sunday night’s episode of Last Man on Earth imagines a world were Donald Trump is no longer president, and instead current vice president Mike Pence has taken on the role of commander-in-chief.

In the latest episode of Will Forte’s Fox comedy, titled “Got Milk?,” Pence is referred as the 46th president of the United States. The episode introduces Kristen Wiig’s character Pamela Brinton, a wealthy woman who’s in denial about the contagion that has taken over. As the virus begins to spread, she is shocked when she realizes that the President of the United States has passed away. Viewers are informed of this incident when a news anchor reports that President Pence has passed away. The episode makes no mention of Trump by name or what exactly happened to him.

As the story unfolds, Paul Ryan becomes president, only to be also killed by the virus. Unfortunately, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos also suffer the same consequences.

As of now, Trump hasn’t made any mention of the Last Man on Earth episode on Twitter. We’ll have to wait and see if he does.

The plotline from Wikipedia:

Almost a year after a deadly virus spreads across Earth, Phil Miller (Will Forte) is seemingly the only human survivor in late 2020. While he searches for others and paints signs stating he is alive in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona, he finds no one. However, before attempting suicide, he discovers another survivor, Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal).[7] Despite being annoyed by each other, Carol and Phil marry for re-population purposes. Over the season, more survivors arrive, but Phil's increasingly irritating attitude towards them leads him and Carol to search for a new home after he is banished from Tucson.

In Season 2, Phil and Carol continue their road trip in the middle of 2023.[8] They soon discover the group has relocated to Malibu, California and travel there to reunite with the group and rebuild trust. Meanwhile, Phil's astronaut brother Mike Miller (Jason Sudeikis) crashes down to Earth and finds his way to Malibu, where he joins the survivors briefly before possibly being infected by the virus.

In Season 3, Phil and the survivors move to a self-sustaining office building in San Jose, California, following a potential threat by Pat Brown (Mark Boone Junior).