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The latest outrage has occurred and most people are still attributing it to Trump et al. being stupid and/or tone-deaf. How much more does it take to understand that we are being trolled big time by Chief Squawattle and his handlers? And it continues to look like Nancy Pelosi is quietly playing second fiddle to the tune of "Killing Me Softly".

“Nero” trended on Twitter early Monday after a meme of President Trump playing the violin drew viral comparisons to the Roman emperor among his critics online.
On Sunday night, Trump promoted the meme, which was initially shared by White House social media director Dan Scavino, that depicted him calmly smiling as he played the violin. The meme was captioned: “My next piece is called nothing can stop what’s coming.”
When Trump retweeted the post, he wrote: “Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!”
Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 8, 2020
According to The Washington Post, a few users also noted that the phrase "Nothing can stop what’s coming" is used by "QAnon" conspiracy theorists.

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the fix is in. Look at the competition...

It's been very hard for me to stomach the idea that Democratic Party voters would flock to warmonger Biden with his advanced state of dementia. Say it isn't so!! Do they really think that Biden is "electable"? He's the savior who will beat Trump??

Look at this video of Trump making fun of "Sleepy Joe".

Maybe it's not the voters who are making this mistake after all. TDMS Research (Theodore de Macedo Soares) has been reviewing exit polls and comparing the results to the vote tallies coming from the electronic voting machines. It looks like Sanders is really winning the primary elections, while Biden is being boosted by election fraud on an epic scale.

For those who prefer video, this seems to be an RT exclusive.

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It does appear that the DNC has their thumbs on the scale for Biden, the former senator from MBNA bank. Trump will make good use of the Ukraine business with Burisma, and Hillary is making a lot of noise in the wings.

People are starting to talk about 'DemExit'.

Meanwhile back at the farm:

President Donald Trump’s new European travel restrictions have a convenient side effect: They exempt nations where three Trump-owned golf resorts are located.

Trump is already under fire for visiting his properties in both countries as president, leading to U.S. taxpayer money being spent at his own firms. The president has been saddled with lawsuits and investigations throughout his term alleging that he’s violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause by accepting taxpayer money other than his salary.​

The U.S. government proclamation initiating the ban targets 26 European countries that comprise a visa-free travel zone known as the Schengen Area.​

The United Kingdom, which is home to Trump Turnberry and Trump International Golf Links, and Ireland, which is home to another Trump-branded hotel and golf course at Doonbeg, do not participate in the Schengen Area. Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania are also not part of the Schengen Area. All three of the resorts are struggling financially. ...

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Are you banking on the promised Trump healing miracle?

If you’re a sentient being living in the world right now, there’s a good chance that you have a minimum level of anxiety about the novel coronavirus that, contrary to some people’s claims, kills many more people than the flu, by a factor of 10. If you’re living in the United States, that anxiety might be heightened by the fact that a certifiable moron is in charge of the country which, combined with the gutting of vital agencies, plus a fear among top officials of telling him things he doesn’t want to hear, has led to a hugely botched response to stopping the spread of the virus. But today brings news that we’re confident will totally put your worries to rest. Whereas last night you might have tossed and turned with fright about what the next days, weeks, and months could hold, tonight you’ll sleep like a baby, content in the knowledge that everything is going to be fine. Scratch that, better than fine. Great, even. Whereas terror might have gripped your waking moments, now there will only be a sense of calm. Why? Because Jared Kushner is on the case.
Politico reports that the first son-in-law has taken time out of his busy schedule solving peace in the Middle East to devote his considerable talents to the coronavirus. Don’t you feel better already? ...

The short article goes on to tell us that the Trump task force will not take action till after he hears JK's conclusions, which apparently must wait till after Congress passes an economic stimulus package. Elsewhere we learned that Congress will not be back from break till March 23, in 10 days, and McConnell has stated that nothing will happen till then. Miracles come in good time and order.

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The following is another interesting take on Trump's 'acting'. Note where he finishes and says "Okaaay!"

At one point Michael Brooks states that Trump is a tool of the oligarchs, which may be the first time I've heard anybody agree that he is not his own doofus ... ehrrr man.

Then there is this article excerpt below discussing Chief Squawattle's National Emergency declaration, where his administration is concerned about creating "opportunities for Covid-19 consumers", presumably not most people with pre-existng health issues, and/or just too poor to be 'consumers'. He then shakes hands with a number of attending business CEOs.

In other words, the White House is betting on the private sector to get the country through the crisis after completely fumbling the government response—which is nice for Republican orthodoxy but shouldn’t be reassuring to anyone else.
Beyond that, Trump touted other measures like pumping up the strategic oil reserve “right to the top,” expanding telehealth (“a fairly new and incredible thing that’s happened in the not so, uh, distant past”), and assisting the airline and cruise industries. (While lavishing praise on Trump’s handling of the situation, Vice President Mike Pence took the time to state that “the American people cherish our cruise line industry.”) The president conceded that the UK, which was excluded from Trump’s order suspending travel by most foreign nationals to the U.S. from Europe for seemingly no reason other than it fell outside an open borders treaty, may be added to the restricted list. And Trump said that the White House believes Democrats aren’t “giving enough” ground in the battle over a bill to relieve workers losing income; Republicans want a less sweeping package, believing it bloated.
Birx also said that automated techniques may reduce testing time to 24-36 hours; in South Korea and other countries, that is down to a handful of hours.
“I don’t take responsibility at all,” Trump told a reporter who asked about the delays in testing. “Because we were given a set of circumstances, and we were given rules, regulations, and specifications from a different time. It wasn’t meant for this kind of—an event with the kind of numbers that we’re talking about.”

Trump downplayed the number of tests needed when asked about the five million number, saying “I doubt we’ll need anywhere near that... Again, we don’t want everybody to take this test, it’s totally unnecessary and this will pass. This will pass through, and we’ll be even stronger for it.”
Trump also tried to pivot to favorably comparing himself with former President Barack Obama, saying “If you go back to the swine flu, it was nothing like this, they didn’t do testing like this, and they lost approximately 14,000 people. They started thinking about testing when it was far too late.” As CBNC noted, former Obama health official Ron Klain said that at this point in the H1N1 outbreak, over a million tests had been performed. ...

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The following is excerpted from the letter from Judge (and law professor) James Dannenberg to US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts in resigning from the Supreme Court Bar in protest.

I can no longer say that with any confidence. You are doing far more— and far worse– than “calling balls and strikes.” You are allowing the Court to become an “errand boy” for an administration that has little respect for the rule of law.
The Court, under your leadership and with your votes, has wantonly flouted established precedent. Your “conservative” majority has cynically undermined basic freedoms by hypocritically weaponizing others. The ideas of free speech and religious liberty have been transmogrified to allow officially sanctioned bigotry and discrimination, as well as to elevate the grossest forms of political bribery beyond the ability of the federal government or states to rationally regulate it. More than a score of decisions during your tenure have overturned established precedents—some more than forty years old– and you voted with the majority in most. There is nothing “conservative” about this trend. This is radical “legal activism” at its worst.
Without trying to write a law review article, I believe that the Court majority, under your leadership, has become little more than a result-oriented extension of the right wing of the Republican Party, as vetted by the Federalist Society. Yes, politics has always been a factor in the Court’s history, but not to today’s extent. Even routine rules of statutory construction get subverted or ignored to achieve transparently political goals. The rationales of “textualism” and “originalism” are mere fig leaves masking right wing political goals; sheer casuistry.
Your public pronouncements suggest that you seem concerned about the legitimacy of the Court in today’s polarized environment. We all should be. Yet your actions, despite a few bromides about objectivity, say otherwise.
It is clear to me that your Court is willfully hurtling back to the cruel days of Lochner and even Plessy. The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christian, and armed males— and the corporations they control. This is wrong. Period. This is not America.
I predict that your legacy will ultimately be as diminished as that of Chief Justice Melville Fuller, who presided over both Plessy and Lochner. It still could become that of his revered fellow Justice John Harlan the elder, an honest conservative, but I doubt that it will. Feel free to prove me wrong. ...

Well, it seems from a Postflavian perspective that the (Catholic) Roberts Court, Trump, and the coalition of Evangelicals are hellbent returning 'America' to its original state. Per the Bible, a real Christian can only either be a slave or a slaveowner, leaving only the definition of exactly what a slave is up to debate. Hence the Constitution as written.

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The following is a nice 6 minute presentation about the douchebag DNC alternative to Agent Orange, ol' Dependable Joe. Dependable for whom? Not the peeps.

And, if Senile Joe falters much more, it seems that Hillary is chomping at the bit to re-enter the arena. But, will we even get to an election? Will the Coronavirus place a halo crown on our fake golden boy?

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Perhaps the biggest underlying reason Donald John Trump (aka Agent Orange) was elected President was because he was able to mobilize the angst of so many over what had happened in the financial bailout of Wall Street bankers from the collapse that started under Dubya, and of which Obama refused to put anyone in prison for.

So last week, the Fed, with Agent Orange's approval, gave Wall Street another $1.5 trillion, which bolstered the markets for a few hours before collapsing. And then today the Fed reduces interest rates to zero, and the markets responded by sinking even bigger. Apparently, the investor class is smart enough to see the dichotomy in Trump's and Trumpist rhetoric with the realities of white people, mostly, crammed together like sardines into airport and grocery store lines, bars and nightclubs, Disneyland and Disneyworld, etc. with the realities of needing to physically isolate from each other.

Such behavior is mostly going on with white people because these are most of the people who have sufficient disposable and form the base of Trump's support, and/or if young and left leaning still haven't come to terms that they can fatally infect their parents and grandparents.

In any case, as Dore discusses, it costs the Fed nothing to pump all these funds into the hands of the rich, because they have the legal ability to create money by the press of a few computer keys. Dore, forgot to mention that the Fed is actually a private institution fully owned by its member banks.

What I have not seen discussed, yet, is a report on short positions in the markets. Everything that has happened is a logical chain of events, and smart money should be shorting heavily. Every time Trump 'signals' by saying things otherwise incredibly stupid, such people should logically be taking short positions.

And as discussed by Dore, no we just can't afford a single payer health system, even though it would cost the economy half as much in the aggregate. And ... you actually would have more choice over which doctors you could see, not less.

So, Teflon Don is engaging in the same phenomenon he complained about to get him elected. And the freaking DNC and Biden have their thumbs up their asses. Because, .... it's all about the digital dead Presidents.


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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Trump has stuck his orange nose into the global oil markets with a threat to control prices.

There may have been a time when the very idea of Washington (and Austin) intervening so overtly to protect the wildcatters would have been dismissed out of hand. But that was before the shock of the financial crisis ushered in a shift toward what Kevin Book of ClearView Energy Partners termed “command capitalism” in a report published a year ago.
That crisis ushered in enormous state intervention in an effort to ameliorate its fallout. Trump’s shock election in 2016 owed at least something to the inequalities and insecurities built up over roughly three decades of neoliberal economics, starkly revealed after 2008 (Trump repaid the favor with a tax cut reinforcing said inequalities, but whatever). Meanwhile, under Trump, the Republican Party embraced such previously unthinkable intrusions to the free market as sweeping trade tariffs and barely disguised attempts to subvert markets for favored industries such as coal mining. And although efforts continue, Republicans have failed to upend the healthcare reforms of President Barack Obama, largely because few Americans want to go back to the old system.
Now we’re living the pandemic-themed sequel to 2008, minus the Tea Party (how about that?). As my colleague Pankaj Mishra wrote recently, the Covid-19 crisis means the state “is back, and in its fundamental role: as Leviathan,” smoothing off life’s rougher edges for citizens. Mishra’s message, though, is that Leviathan brings sharp edges of its own. Oil producers should take a break from high-fiving to think about that.
Consider: Covid-19 is a global threat requiring trust in science and rapid, coordinated action (and where Trump originally played down the risks). Sound familiar? ...

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As the USA zooms into the global lead for infections, Orange Chief Squawattle continues to sing his own praises, albeit much of the credit should go to Javanka. It's almost(?) as if you'd think they are indeed succeeding at what they are trying to do. Or, maybe since we've been promised a miracle, that this miracle will seem the greater in the public mind if we are first taken to the brink of the abyss, Hollywood style?

Despite the clearly widening spread of the pandemic, which by definition cascades across wide geographical areas and reaches peaks in each hot spot at different times, Trump intensified a push to reopen the economy, saying he would issue a relaxation of some social distancing guidelines next week.
And he stressed repeatedly that nobody could have foreseen the possibility of the pandemic, despite warnings issued by the US intelligence community earlier this year.

Any president and any administration would have been battered by the task of combating a generational pandemic involving a virulent "invisible enemy," as Trump calls it.

But it's unlikely any other modern administration would spend so much time praising its own performance -- even as the crisis magnifies by the day.
"I think they think we're doing a really good job in terms of running this whole situation having to do with the virus," Trump said at the White House, referring to the American people. "I think they feel that myself and the administration are doing a good job. ... There was a lot of fear and a lot of good things are happening." ...

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Chief Squawattle has announced, once again, that he can ignore the mandates of Congress, this time over oversight of the trillions of dollars in the new corporate corona swamp funds. See the video further below for a discussion of what the new aid package does.

But in his statement, which the White House made public about two hours after the president signed the bill, Mr. Trump suggested that under his own understanding of his constitutional powers as president, he can gag the special inspector general for pandemic recovery, known by the acronym S.I.G.P.R., and keep information from Congress.
“I do not understand, and my administration will not treat, this provision as permitting the S.I.G.P.R. to issue reports to the Congress without the presidential supervision required” by a clause of the Constitution that instructs the president to take care that the laws are faithfully executed, the statement said.
Mr. Trump has a history of trying to keep damaging information acquired by an inspector general from reaching Congress.
The impeachment scandal began with the disclosure that a whistle-blower had filed a report about something that the intelligence community’s inspector general deemed to be an “urgent concern.” A federal law states that the director of national intelligence should send Congress such a complaint within seven days. ...


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Speaking of going back to our original state:

America in Chains [by James LaFond] tracks the evolution of servitude in America and presents such uncomfortable facts as:

"The English rarely referred to America as the “colonies” but as the “plantations.” Plantations were envisioned as places where people, not crops, were planted. The people to be planted in these places were to be the poor of the British Isles, who had been outlawed in 1572. It was a crime to be poor in Great Britain and the penalty was a life of hard labor, starvation, mutilation and beatings. For the first 100 years the plantations were staffed almost exclusively by English children, Scottish kidnapping victims, along with Irish of all ages rounded up in a massive slave-catching initiative that removed five out of every six Irish persons from their homeland. Every cruelty inflicted upon African America slaves was first used and perfected on English orphans and children of the poor. Numerous rebellions by white, black and Indians dispossessed by this cruel mercantile economy have been misrepresented or dropped from the historical record. Continue to believe the racist lies about “Colonial” America or read this book."

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"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss".

Contextual framing is the key. Chief Squawattle gives more trillions to the derelict corporations and crumbs to us bums. The means-tested chump change masks the fraud, and his approval goes up.

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Speculation has had it that the TrumpXi Virus would be used to decimate the urban population of America disproportionately (which if successful, would significantly help ensure his re-election and prevent him form overtly declaring his desired dictatorship). This is now proving to be correct, as Prince Jared stated today that the medical equipment and supplies held in the federal Strategic National Stockpile was meant for use by federal employees like him, not for the mere states or their citizens. Likely Princess Ivanka is making dresses and sanitary napkins out of the stockpile's face masks.

... "Does anyone know any federal Americans? Where do they live? How many are there? Are they nice? Why do they need some much protective gear and ventilators," quipped Joe Lockhart, former press secretary for President Bill Clinton.
Former White House ethics chief Walter Shaub pointed out that the website of the Strategic National Stockpile points to its potential use by state and local governments.
"It is for the American the federal government's OWN strategic national stockpile website assures us!" he wrote.
The wording on the Strategic National Stockpile's website was later changed.
"The Strategic National Stockpile’s role is to supplement state and local supplies during public health emergencies," it now reads, noting that "many states have products stockpiled, as well."
According to an archived version of the website, it previously said the stockpile was for use when "local supplies to run out" and "when state, local, tribal, and territorial responders request federal assistance to support their response efforts." ...

The Trump campaign and various state Trumpublican efforts are strenuously fighting various proposals to make accommodations to the state electoral processes because of the TrumpXi Pandemic. Would that they would put the same fanatical efforts into helping to save us.
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As further proof of intentional genocide being played out before us, we see the Liddle Wartime Emperor claiming to operate under the Defense Production Act, which he had not hesitated to use prior to the TrumpXi Virus pandemic, while in reality not doing anywhere close to that. As I have stated before, the design that GM volunteered to produce is not even in production by the company that designed it, so there could indeed be a myriad of production problems to overcome, if the design is even viable in the first place.

Nearly a week after invoking his powers under a Korean War-era law to compel General Motors to manufacture ventilators for coronavirus, President Donald Trump’s administration has not formally ordered any of the machines, USA TODAY has learned.
As governors warn of severe shortages of ventilators, Trump has been hesitant to use his wartime powers to force companies to ramp up production under the Defense Production Act, arguing that such an order amounts to a takeover of private industry.
But Trump said Friday he would use the act to require General Motors to make ventilators after what he described as a dispute with the company over supply and pricing. Three administration officials speaking on the condition of anonymity told USA TODAY that the government is still exploring its options and has not yet placed an order under the Defense Production Act for any of the machines.
But the latest order provided no more detail on how the government would compel those [other -rs] companies to make ventilators than the order targeted at General Motors. The order also did not clarify how many ventilators it is requesting.
Trump told reporters he signed a new order under the act to help companies "overcome obstacles in the supply chain" to speed up the production of ventilators. He also said he spoke with GM CEO Mary Barra, who reported that the company would be ready to start production "very soon."
"We anticipate issuing more orders under the Defense Production Act in the very near future," the president said. Administration officials have stressed that GM is still working to manufacture the ventilators and Trump has said he views the Defense Production Act more as a threat he can wield to nudge the companies along. But the president and his senior aides have repeatedly talked of using the law – only to later back away.
"I invoked the Defense Production Act to compel General Motors to accept, perform, and prioritize federal contracts for ventilators," Trump said. "This invocation of the DPA should demonstrate clearly to all that we will not hesitate to use the full authority of the federal government to combat this crisis."
In fact, Trump actually took a less significant step: He signed a memorandum delegating "available" authorities under the act to Azar. The health department has been working since then with FEMA and other federal agencies to figure out how to [not? -rs] execute Trump's wishes.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he needs 30,000 ventilators "at a minimum" to meet the peak of the outbreak in his state in a couple of weeks. The president, who has questioned that estimate, said Wednesday the government is sitting on a "nice pile of ventilators," but is trying to be judicious in how it distributes its own limited supply.
But Republicans and Democrats alike have pressed Trump to prioritize medical equipment for the government under the Defense Production Act as governors have been increasingly vocal with their concerns.
But Trump has been reluctant to use the more controversial provisions of the act and has sent mixed messages about his views of the wartime authority. On March 22, he likened the powers to "nationalizing" private businesses – even though the law does not give him the power to do that.
"Call a person over in Venezuela; ask them how did nationalization of their businesses work out. Not too well," Trump said during a White House press conference. "The concept of nationalizing our business is not a good concept."
Left unsaid is that the Trump administration, like others before it, have regularly invoked the law under less trying conditions. Trump signed an order in September, for instance, relying on the act for rare earth metals used by the Department of Defense. ...

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The Ken, Ken, and Ken Show proves me wrong about all of this TrumpXi stuff. McConnell is correct that impeachment distracted the Great Pumpkin from responding to the TrumpXi .... errr Covid-19 pandemic, which had previously been a hoax.


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What is happening to Prince Jared's federal stockpile? He's sending it into the private marketplace so that states can compete with each other and individuals to bid up the price for what the taxpayers had already paid for.


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The following is generally what I've been saying. How can this fit in with my hypothesis that Trump is trying to game the election by killing more in the blue urban areas? As we'll see after this below, his hardcore base, the QAnon volk are still believing Herr Trump is their boy. It appears that they will indeed do a Thelma and Louise for Donald's sake. Once he wins a second term, or cancels the elections, it will be in his best interests to have these radical zealots taken off the game board, before they catch on. (See my alternate hypothesis at the end.)

A plague is raging and the president is leaving the heartlands and blue-collar voters exposed. This could be the endgame
On Sunday, initially at least, there was no White House briefing on the president’s public schedule. But the bad news kept coming. Coronavirus deaths continued to climb and reports of the heartland being unprepared for what may be on its horizon continued to ricochet around the media.
In the words of one administration insider, to the Guardian: “The Trump organism is simply collapsing. He’s killing his own supporters.
Members of the national guard, emergency workers, rank-and-file Americans: all are exposed. Yet Trump appears incapable of emoting anything that comes close to heart-felt concern. Or just providing straight answers.
Rather, he is acting like Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America: repeatedly letting governors know the burden of shoring up their sick, their doctors and their people falls on their shoulders first. The national government? It’s the world’s greatest backstop.
Remember when the Republican party freaked out about Barack Obama and the US “leading from behind” abroad? Remember the howls that evoked from GOP leaders? Those days are gone. Welcome to what Martin O’Malley, a Democratic former governor of Maryland, calls the “Darwinian approach to federalism”.
There is nothing like populism marinated in wholesale contempt for the populace
Trump is telling NFL owners he wants the season to start on time. He is disregarding Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice on wearing facemasks in public. And he is touting untested coronavirus cures live on national TV. ...

And, as promised above, from Buzzfeed regarding the Trumpublican echo chamber:

Right-wing influencers and QAnon supporters are waging an information war against Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and top-ranking member of the White House's Coronavirus Task Force. They are falsely claiming that Fauci is working with Hillary Clinton and the deep state to cause an economic collapse and discredit President Donald Trump.
Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, a labyrinthine belief system that posits that President Trump is waging a secret war against a global criminal organization, have spent much of the COVID-19 outbreak struggling to fit the disease into their narratives. At first, they theorized the virus was a bioweapon created by former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Then, following remarks last month from radio host Rush Limbaugh, a sizable contingent suggested that the virus was actually a deep state hoax meant to damage Trump politically.
In recent days, their baseless speculations have settled on Fauci. QAnon-supporting radio host Bill Mitchell has been the biggest promoter of the latest theory. For weeks, Mitchell has been spinning a conspiracy theory that Fauci is a “Democrat plant" and nicknamed him “Dr. #FearPorn.” Mitchell’s first tweets about Fauci date back to March 3, when Fauci first suggested the closure of schools and businesses.
“Sorry President Trump, but replace this crackpot,” Mitchell tweeted. Several minutes later, Mitchell tweeted about Fauci again, “Have you ever seen the market drop 1000 points AFTER a 50 basis point Fed cut? That's #FearPorn. Thanks Dr. Anthony Fauci.” ...

The interesting thing to me here is that the first piece briefly mentioned the hydroxychloroquine issue between Trump and Fauci. There appears to be a lot of doctors feel that medication may work. The AZ couple that had problems overdosed themselves. Could this be Trump's 'miracle', his ace-in-the-hole?

Alternatively, and perhaps more likely, if Trump gets his 'miracle', even if his base takes a significant hit, he will be seen as vindicated by them, over the array of supposed enemies arrayed against him. Despite the apparent change in Trump's tone, he is still very belligerent against the press, the governors, the hospitals, etc..
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