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As others and I have pondered whether or not frenemy Hillary was trying to get Trump elected in 2016 (as was the RNC who supposedly hated him), the Duran boys ponder whether or not Bernie is a fake socialist, because he refuses to fight back against such as Hillary or Warren. So, what will he do versus Trump.

Before doing that the episode focuses on the Iowa caucus debacle and the circumstances around the 'shadow' company that made the unnecessary app. It's connected to corporate candidate Buttigieg and Hillary operatives (who have now gone 'dark' -- into the shadows.

But, let's ponder why there is such a thing as the Iowa positioning and that it is a caucus process. I suggest that both are related to steering the election process to favor the preferred party candidates, i.e. metaphorical fingers on the scales.

But, as the Duran boys also point, why is all this so clumsy and obvious .... as with everything around the Trump tableau? Are we being told this way, deniably, that indeed the fix is in -- so don't expend any efforts to combat it?


Richard Stanley

Well, quite an eventful few days:

  • The Trumpublican Senate, sans Romney of all people, confirms that it is now a rubber-stamp for the as yet undeclared Dictator of this long time banana republic.
  • The Congressional Dems applaud imperial corporate America's preferred puppet for Venezuela at the SOTU.
  • The shithole Christian racketteers preyerfully [sic] confirm their bankrupt religious views over real flapjacks, while Dear Leader calls them to war against his domestic frenemies.
    • Pelosi, sitting to Trump's left, could have approved many better articles of impeachment, but instead we got this Ukrainian Burisma black hole with the Bidens. The owner of Burisma was left in place as the regulator of his industry. And then there are the whistleblower's connections.
  • Kushner's Piece Plan seems to guarantee no peace.
  • A Montana Trumpublican state legislator calls for the death of all socialists.
  • All this after Trump kills a man who fought against ISIS (a product of the 'real' Deep State), perhaps more successfully than anyone else, while blaming him for what General Petraeus caused versus the Sadr forces in Iraq.
    • Iraq, which now wants us out after the trillions wasted foo fighting yet another Deep State dark asset, Al Qaeda.
What have I left out?

Richard Stanley

Yes, the Iowa caca was a clusterfuck, and the Orange Beast took no time to capitalize.

But now, after Charles and I have had our mouths washed out with soap, let's see what blasphemy spewed forth at the Fake Christian's National Prayer Breakfast. It could only have been topped if Paula White showed all how she gets a liddle Orange Julius in her shakey puddin.

We know today that it is mostly propagandic Christian victimology, but too bad Nero could not have torched a lot more of these unguent tribal vermin, especially their shepherds.

I know, I know, it's all part of the donkey show. But, wait, what about that border wall that fell down? Were there any invading Mexican trumpets blowing?

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Don Jr. showed his Biblical knowledge in mocking Nancy Pelosi's claim that she prayed for Trump by saying it's as likely as Satan quoting scripture. Of course Satan did -- during the Temptation, as reported in the gospels.

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But I'd say that the Iranian response was not even proportionate. If it had been proportionate, some important person would have been in the tent. Why would Iran stand down to such an extent?
About this Iranian retaliation to the American assassination of Soleimani, it's now come out that the US was understating the extent of the damage. The Iranian response was, in fact, an escalation. Larry Romanoff at Global Research reports:

On January 13, 2020, the Pentagon replied to a FOIA request from US Congressman B. G. Thompson on the casualties and damage sustained by the US in the Iranian missile attack. You can read his reply in the attached photo, but he stated the US military had incurred 139 deceased, 146 injured, and “extensive damage to 15 helicopters, 2 cargo aircraft and 3 MQ-1 Predator drones”. He further outlined “extensive damage” to the base command center, hangars and barracks, the aircraft control tower and the runways.
Iran Retaliates in Afghanistan
When the Taliban in Afghanistan claimed to have shot down an American military aircraft in Ghazni, Afghanistan, the US initially denied the event, then, after clear and graphic images were posted publicly, admitted the loss of a Bombardier E-11A plane. The US at first disclaimed knowledge of the number or identity of the crew or passengers, then claimed only two occupants, later revised to 6 after more photos emerged. Russian intelligence sources almost immediately claimed that American Michael D’Andrea was killed in that crash, the aircraft apparently serving as his mobile command post in Afghanistan. (10)
D’Andrea was a prominent figure, the head of Iran operations for the CIA, and the man who orchestrated the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani as well as other targeted murders. The New York Times claimed D’Andrea had overseen hundreds of drone strikes which “killed thousands of Islamist militants and hundreds of civilians”. The US government has officially denied his death and has refused requests to display him in public, which almost certainly means the claims of his death are accurate.

Richard Stanley

How I have missed the good old days of talking about the insane financial corruption (because he is insanely incompetent at honestly running businesses) of Agent Orange Leaks, let me count the ways. But, wait, he has just granted clemency to a ton of corrupt shitbags.

After this bizarre impeachment exercise, tempered by Hunter Biden's corruption in trading on his father's name, at least, Agent Orange wasted little time in using these clemencies to announce that corruption is the new expected normal. The more of which helps to dilute and launder the green stains that he otherwise has to cover up with all that orange skin cream.

People are gradually waking up to the fact that not only are the Clintons in bed with Agent Orange, but such as Nancy Pelosi. The corporate swamp agenda is all that matters, while Agent Orange's divisive rhetoric is sufficient salve to con most.

President Donald Trump granted executive clemency Tuesday to former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, as well as to ex-New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and to Edward DeBartolo Jr., the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers football team.
Trump also announced that he had pardoned Michael Milken, the former junk bond king who became a face of the insider trading financial scandals of the 1980s.
In all, Trump granted some form of executive clemency to 11 individuals Tuesday, according to the White House.

Below, Maddow provides a brief compendium of Trump financial scandals, of which he has managed to skate by without a scratch. As I have discussed previously, Pelosi waited until this crappy Burisma scandal to decide it was time to impeach. Of course, Maddow and MSNBC, will take the wider corporate line, with apparently coverage of Trump corruption allowed as only fueling the desired political divide.

I'm even thinking now that Stormy and (fall on his sword) Michael Avenati were part of a huge psy-op, it all worked to AOL's advantage. Historically, people like AOL's base have loved organized crime bosses, as seeming Robinhoods (but really robbing hoods). And, Trump has been surrounded by mob lawyers, including lawyers from mob families, like Giuliani and McGahn.


Richard Stanley

The following are two Phil Hartmann interviews with Jeff Sharlet, who wrote an insider's expose of the secretive Christian group, called The Family.

The first is a 3 year old interview titled on whether Trump would bring about the next Crusades, via his associations with The Family and others' similar, including like minded Catholics, like Bannon, who has invoked the Catholic (Jesuit) term, the 'Church Militant'. Sharlet mentions, Bannon, and Generals Flynn and Mattis as having underlying 'crusader' mentalities, and of course, they are all gone from the administration. But is this mentality gone as well, as witnessed by all the rising tensions Trumpism is stirring in the Middle East, much less domestically?

The second is a more up-to-date interview more generally focused on The Family and its impact on American politics, and how it relates to acting as a driver for the Christian Right, while it's 'Christian' aspects fall into a distinctive form of ultra Predestinaton of the Elite [sic] mentality, that I have claimed in my wider Postflavian thesis to be the esoteric interpretations of the actual writers and compilers of both the OT and the NT cannons. As witnessed with the interpretational outlook of such as Trump (and the members of The Family), Christianity is all about Winning, and 'Christian' compassion for the Losers is at best an afterthought. As Sharlet explains, The Family crosses the denominational divides, including Catholicism, as the dialectic that matters is Power.

And this focus is Global is scope. The Liberal (Old School or New) niceties of the American Constitution be damned. According to longtime Family leader, Doug Coe, such as Adolf Hitler was of an ideal vessel of God, so how bad can Trump be in the same light? Now one might ask themselves why so many 'Republicans' have stood by either silent or helped Trump take a dump on their Republic.