The following excerpt is from a (partisan) article about the potential bombshell (whether true or not) proclamation that the Russians hacked the election for Drumpf. Discussed is the ironic reaction of Mitch McConnell, who not so incidentally, had overtly stated years ago that his first priority was to destroy the Obama Presidency over the common interests of the nation.

The article also almost broaches the topic of just how easy it is to tamper with certain areas election results via Internet connected voting machines, ... and then the election apparatus system refuses to allow recount audits. This made moot because some machines still don't provide an audit capability. There was nothing wrong with the old paper ballot system.

The title of the article mentions WWIII, and the conclusion is that the Dems should fight the junta as if it is WWIII. Imagine what the Brown Shirts will do if the election of their Golden AntiChrist is overturned.

This obviously cries out for hearings and an investigation, or a few of them. If we lived in a different universe, we’d ideally have a bipartisan investigation by Congress that was honest and serious and was able to be finished or at least to reach decent conclusions before the Electoral College votes on December 19.

But that will not happen. Republicans will make the Democrats do all the lifting here and then will cry that they’re being partisan and it’s just sour grapes. (Republican Senator John Cornyn tweeted, All this 'news' of Russian hacking: it has been going on for years. Serious, but hardly news.") But this is a genuine crisis. The guy who got 2.8 million fewer votes to begin with, and won because he took three states by less than 1 percent may have made it over the finish line, limping as he was, with a push from Vladimir Putin.

I know I often say “imagine if Hillary had done this,” but in this case, it’s not a mere hypothetical. Imagine the situation were reversed, and this lurid right-wing dystopic fantasy were playing out before our eyes—remembering, I should note, that Trump earlier in the campaign encouraged Russia to do more hacking of Clinton! What would the Republicans be doing? A few things, I think:

•They’d certainly be calling the election illegitimate and would declare Clinton an illegitimate president.

•They’d call on the electors to seat Trump, citing—and properly, by the way—the Founders’ view that electors existed for precisely this purpose.

•Noting that Clinton had (in this hypothetical) earlier egged Russia on, they would be accusing Clinton of being an agent of a foreign government; that is, of treason.

•They’d be so legally brilliant and diabolical that it’s far beyond my capacity even to imagine.

And what would rank-and-file conservatives be doing? Hard-shell Trumpists? Richard Spencer? The good folks at Stormfront?

What should the Democrats do? I’m not exactly sure. Demand the release of the information. Demand a real investigation, one that can be completed by Dec. 19, when the electors meet. Pin McConnell’s ears to the wall in every way they can think of, discredit him as much as possible. Liberals groups need to agitate from the outside. The media needs to get the message that conservatives aren’t the only people who get pissed off.

In a word: Fight. Like hell. Obama too. He’s been doing his job—ensuring the peaceful transition of power. But that is just a custom. He didn’t swear an oath to it. He did however swear an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. That comes first.

Liberals often accuse Democrats of bringing a knife to a gun fight. For this one, it’s time to haul out the bazooka.
This is reportedly the new leading candidate for Secretary of State, who also has no diplomacy skills. Maybe this is just typical misdirection, but troubling giving Trump's selection of others from the global swamp.

Tillerson, while representing Exxon, has also worked with Rosneft, a major Russian state-run corporation, since the 1990s, when they first collaborated on the Sakhalin-1 project in Russia's Far East. Since then, the project has been successful in furthering Exxon's and Rosneft's oil interests.

In 2011, Tillerson struck another deal for Exxon with Rosneft, which gave Exxon access to oil fields in the Arctic. In return, Rosneft received stakes in a number of Exxon projects within the US. That deal eventually tanked, however, when Russia invaded Crimea and stoked tensions with Ukraine, leading the US to impose sanctions on Russia. Tillerson criticized the move sharply, citing the "broad collateral damage" the sanctions caused.

Tillerson holds a $218 million stake in Exxon stock, and the value of that stock would increase if US sanctions on Russia were lifted. The Wall Street Journal notes that as secretary of state, one of the first conflicts of interest Tillerson would need to address would be his holdings in Exxon. He would likely need to divest his interests in the company based on the State Department's ethics rules, Chase Untermeyer, a former US Ambassador to Qatar, told the Journal.

"He could not erase his strong relationship with a particular country," Untermeyer said. “The best protection from a conflict of interest is transparency."

Nonetheless, Tillerson has remained the primary branch between Exxon and the Kremlin. Under Tillerson's wing, Exxon's holdings in Russia outpaced its holdings in the US, Bloomberg reported. And when Russia strongarmed foreign investors to give up their oil interests in a particularly lucrative territory under Russian control, Exxon's interests remained untouched.

"[Tillerson] has had more interactive time with Vladimir Putin than probably any other American with the exception of Henry Kissinger," John Hamre, a former deputy defense secretary during the Clinton administration and president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the Journal. In 2013, Putin awarded Tillerson with the Order of Friendship medal; the award is bestowed upon foreigners whose work helps to better the interests of Russia and its people. ...
The following excerpt is from an article that shows der Drumpf following the typical historical arc of a tyrant, comparing him to Napoleon Bonaparte and Mussolini, and here my and others' comparison with Hitler is still apropos. Note the article's graphic depiction of Trump as the Little Emperor.

Not stated was that Napoleon was in reality a Corsico-Italian noble whose family had strong links to the Catholic Church. How does a noble end up being the leader of a populist, atheist revolution, asks Julius Caesar (who was one himself)? As the Mussolini aspect mentions, he started out Lifetime Acting as a died in the wool 'Collectivist'. But, of course, he wasn't. See more comments on the Italian Fascists below.

Let’s skip ahead to President Trump. His rise to power came from a direct appeal to a large mass of followers outside the current democratic system. He ran against both major political parties and the traditional media that both covered them and typically sided with one or the other. New social media, especially Twitter, helped him appeal directly to individual citizens. He staged live rallies that also gave his followers a feeling of direct connection with him. The followers of a tyrant acclaim him directly, not through democratic institutions. They trust him, not those institutions. He promises not to let them down.

In this way, we can understand how criticism from the mainstream—about racism, sexism, lies, and distortions of fact—meant little in the Trump campaign. His followers trust him to serve their interests. With the enemy at our door, we must rally behind a strong leader and not second-guess him. You salute and follow. This is no time to quibble or waver. He is our general in battle. Since the 9/11 attacks, America has been under attack by foreign enemies, and the existing democratic system proved unable to mount a defense. Instead, it only weakened our national character and thereby added an internal threat to the external one.

Note that Trump railed against President Obama and Hillary Clinton as individuals: weak leaders, that is, incompetent tyrants. He saw in Putin of Russia a fellow tyrant worthy of his respect. Now as president, Trump retains his disdain for the norms and procedures of our democratic system. Why should he conform to it? He ran against it, and won. He is appointing anti-government officials and authoritarian figures—military generals and business tycoons. He will aim to bypass Congress and rule by executive fiat wherever he can. ...
In my research from years ago, I stumbled across the arcana that the Italian Fascists had built several model cities, one of which was named Sabaudia. This was to honor the ancient province of the same name. Today the old region consists of the Italian Piedmont, the Swiss Haute Savoy, and the French Burgundy regions. Inside of the latter is the origins of the House of Orange.

The name Sabaudia seems to relate to the ancient Roman elite tribe of the Sabines, that controlled the imperial offices of Caesar and Pontifex Maximus. Because of the then Italian royal family's, the Savoys, association with the Fascists, they had to decamp to exile for some time, but fairly recently, the Savoys were quietly restored as the official royalty of Italy.

The city of Sabaudia's post office was decorated with tiles of the shade termed Savoy Blue. The pre-existing church there has a round Templar baptistry. If memory serves me correctly the Savoy's have a church that houses the Shroud of Turin.

The Savoy's also have deep links to England, the so-called House of Savoy. It was the Savoy's that sponsored the Congregationalist denomination of Christianity, which gave us the leaders of Yale's notorious Skull and Bones (and British-Israel). This is likely the occult thread that links the Mithraic practices of the elite Romans to modern Skull and Bones.

This should be enough to turn one's hair orange. Who has orange hair? Well, for one the royal worthies of Burgundy are depicted with orange hair, as were some notable English monarchs -- and the DeVere clan.
We are now deep into the Looking Glass. That Trump is packing the Cabinet with so many spooky Jesuits and Goldman Sachs' Lifetime Douche Bags is bad enough, but this probably explains the Russian's spooky involvement. They are all part of the staged drama, directing attention away from the true puppetmasters.

Meanwhile, Trump’s transition team is having none of these revelations. Having serially denied or downplayed Russia’s involvement in steering the U.S. election, the team issued an unsigned statement casting doubt on the competence of the very intelligence establishment the president-elect will inherit to help him run the country in a month and a half. “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” the statement read. “The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It's now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.’”

Bob Baer said that he agrees with Trump in the sense that, once Trump is in charge, the Agency may bend to his wishes—which makes the airing of the evidence the agency has imperative before December 19th when the Electoral College is set to certify Trump’s presidency. “We cant wait until after he becomes president and has a political appointee decide whether the evidence we have on the Russians is legit or not.”


In essence, Moscow’s security organs could now be in possession of what the KGB used to call kompromat — compromising personal material — on Trump and his staff, which could then be used to blackmail them into doing Russia’s bidding.

The mere possibility that Putin now knows the secrets of the RNC and the inner workings of the victorious party of the 2016 election is bound to color U.S.-Russian relations for the next four years, regardless or whether or not those secrets are in any way scandalous. Any perceived tilt by Washington toward Russia, or any accommodation struck with the Kremlin on the ongoing wars in Syria or Ukraine can now be interpreted as quid pro quo for Putin’s keeping silent on what’s he got on the sitting commander-in-chief or the latter’s inner circle. ...
With the EC vote coming up on the 19th, the Russian hacking phenomenon, and other bizarre Trump affairs are setting the stage for a epic drama that might indeed change the results. This would take an unprecedented December not too surprising Surprise. 'Not too surprising' giving Trump's circus of degradation.

The speculated results of such a reversal would not deliver Hillary into the Oval Office, but rather the Catholic theocrat Mike Pence. The dynamics would be that the Congressional Democrats would ally with disaffected Republicans, assuming the Electoral College has enough similar defectors to cause the Electoral College vote to achieve a stalemate. Up till now this has been consider an extreme longshot, but considering the Trump trajectory, well who knows?

And how would the Brown Shirts react? I suspect not well at all. The zealots' violent typological uprising would give the imperium a pretext to put them down.

December 19, 2016

The Electors meet in their state and vote for President and Vice President on separate ballots. The electors record their votes on six “Certificates of Vote,” which are paired with the six remaining Certificates of Ascertainment.
It should be remembered that all of these insane shenanigans going on around Trump, such as Tweeting about nonsense instead of taking national security briefings is going on while his Jesuit 'Brain', like Bannon, is controlling him. These assholes have turned deadly serious reality into a parody, which SNL parodies back into art.

Any time NBC’s late-night comedy program Saturday Night Live parodies President-elect Donald Trump, it bears mentioning that the network is planning to keep him on their payroll while he serves in the Oval Office, allowing him to stay on as executive producer and profit participant of their reality competition series The Apprentice. They also allowed Trump to host SNL during his presidential campaign, normalizing a hateful candidate and forever ruining the Drake ballad “Hotline Bling” all for the sake of ratings.

It’s just a little something to keep in mind every time you applaud how “edgy” and “subversive” they’re being in tackling the president-elect.

That being said, SNL did manage to air one of their funnier Trump parody sketches this week. Titled Through Donald’s Eyes, it provided a first-person look at how Trump sees the world—from his all-gold-everything apartment, of course. Trump watches Fox News kissing his behind, marvels at his toadying yes men and women, eats taco bowls and sips champagne, and looks in the mirror to see a big-handed John Cena, the chiseled WWE wrestler who hosted this week (in real life, Trump is nearly as delusional, alleging he sees a 35-year-old man when he looks in the mirror). ...
The following excerpt is from an article that shows der Drumpf following the typical historical arc of a tyrant, comparing him to Napoleon Bonaparte and Mussolini, and here my and others' comparison with Hitler is still apropos. Note the article's graphic depiction of Trump as the Little Emperor.

Richard Spencer also compared Trump to Napoleon, a few days before the election:

Today, the word “Napoleon” has such a glow that it needs no qualifier, surname, or historical context. Napoleon embodies that upwards striving in our souls . . . that will, not merely to increase the glory of France, but to build a Grand Empire for all Europe. He’s a man who could only be expressed through a symphony.

But that’s now.

There’s no doubt that so many conservatives of his time viewed Napoleon as a “vulgar” Corsican . . . some military upstart . . . someone far too tainted by the times and The Revolution. Conservatives, no doubt, would have preferred an ancient King or priest or troubadour as their leader. But Napoleon was Napoleon; and only Napoleon could be Napoleon.

Trump might be, in his vulgar and stupid way, the Napoleon of The Current Year.

The supposed glorious revolution against the Monarchy and the Church delivered a crypto-monarchist as an emperor. Militarily he had a similar arc as did Hitler, only in the case of Napoleon we were told that he was sent to a form of the Hidden Resort.

How ironic that one of his later kin helped form the American FBI, the current director of which played a curious and unprecedented role in steering the election.
I am still resolutely determined to see the bright side in this. Perhaps the reason the "alt-right" always descends to self-parody is because of the hopeless self-contradictions of their artificially constructed reality. It's all so absurd that it's almost impossible for the proponents to keep a straight face for long.

Perusing the "Faith and Heritage" website that I discovered this morning, I found this analysis of "Judeo-Christian" religion, written by an unreconstructed "traditionalist". (I assume there's still a "traditionalist" wing of the Catholic church? Or did all the traditionalists join the Ancient Templar Order?) Anyhow, he claims that the modern "Judeo-Christian" construct is ridden with contradictions, and doomed to failure as a result. matter how we may wish to suppress its implications, if we grant the ‘Holocaust’ in principle, we have conceded to flipping the historical script, with the Messiah (in His people) recast as the ultimate villain of history, and the villains (His murderers, the Jews) recast as a separate and greater messiah. In popular perception it takes the blood guilt off the Jews, laying it upon Christendom and, thereby, Christ Himself. This inversion of perspective, with the full synergistic effort of Hollywood and Academia, accounts for the radical polarization away from Christian law and ethics in the church. It explains why claimants of Christ now generally regard all things wholesome, beautiful, high, and familiar as tokens of abject evil, while simultaneously imputing to all things tainted, ugly, low, and foreign some higher metaphysical virtue. It posits the only good Christian as one who serves the Jews.


The express values of ‘Judeo-Christianity’ cannot be lived out coherently. We bear witness of this recompense even now as their greatest commandment – defending Israel at all costs – results in unending sacrifice of their sons’ strength in far-flung lands on behalf of Christ’s most tenacious enemies. And all this, while the multi-ethnic religious pluralism presupposed in their amalgamated religion likewise demands the gates be flung wide at home to radicalized refugees from all the tribes on which they made war. They do not reproduce themselves physically, but diminish year by year. And the heirs they do produce generally do not perpetuate the Christian religion in any recognizable form. All their denominations falter, their congregations disintegrate, their seminaries hang by a thread, and every political and economic paradigm which they have professed founders.​
The coherently ignorant decrying the incoherent.
(I assume there's still a "traditionalist" wing of the Catholic church? Or did all the traditionalists join the Ancient Templar Order?)

Yes there is still a "traditionalist" (ultra-montane) wing of the Church, but it's not those oddball Templar versions (which aren't really connected to the Roman Church). The traditionalists oppose Vatican II and other reforms, and support the traditional monarchies. In other words, more of a blood based, Platonic caste system, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
The Kabuki theater pretext gambit is on. Drumpf's golden assets in Russia are a conflict of interest now. The Brown Shirts neoZealots will get ready to Lock and Load.

The majority leader's comments follow an extraordinary statement Sunday from a bipartisan group of four influential senators — including McCain — who called for an investigation into Russian influence into the Nov. 8 election, warning that reports of meddling from Vladimir Putin's government should "alarm every American." And during a television appearance on Sunday, McCain said he wanted a select committee to investigate the issue.

McConnell's counterpart in the House, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), has declined to explicitly support a congressional investigation into Russian interference.

But McConnell was typically careful and tight-lipped on the exact intelligence that U.S. officials have gleaned about Russian influence, attacking those who are leaking internal CIA and FBI assessments about the matter. Other than statements by the Director of National Intelligence made before the election about Russian interference, “anything else is irresponsible, likely illegal and potentially for partisan political gain," McConnell said.

That remark echoed a Washington Post report from Friday that said McConnell not only raised questions about the veracity of intelligence that found Russia was interfering in the election to aid Donald Trump, but that he would view any attempt from the White House to raise the issue publicly a partisan act. Outgoing Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) hinted on CNN that Republicans killed an attempt to go public with the CIA's assessment about Russian interference.

"I don't know what [McConnell] did or didn't do," Reid said on Monday. "I had a number of conversations with Pelosi, trying to write a letter that everybody would accept. We never got one done. Didn't get it done."

But on Monday, McConnell backed a “bipartisan” Senate investigation into the matter and indicated he plans to be a critic of Russia next year and hopes the Trump administration joins him.

“I hope that those who are going to be in a position of responsibility in the administration share my view" on Russia, McConnell said. ...
What did I tell you just a few posts before?

... Ten Electoral College members have requested an intelligence briefing on Russia’s meddling in the U.S. presidential election, a week before the group is scheduled to formally certify the results.

The bipartisan group made their case to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in an open letter Monday, arguing that the information is essential to their duties as electors who are tasked to “elect a president who is constitutionally qualified and fit to serve.”

Citing Alexander Hamilton’s writing in The Federalist Papers, the electors argue Russian interference in the election must factor into their decision. In Federalist #68, Hamilton charged the Electoral College with preventing a “desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” ...

The idea that the Russians influenced the election by hacking the DNC servers is a red herring. The Russians won the election for Trump the old fashioned way, by sending a propaganda team to exploit the weaknesses of the opponent.

Probably doesn't bother the Russians much if their involvement causes a constitutional crisis followed by civil war, either.
Doesn't really matter, it's ALL Kabuki theater Jerry. Just like the Silly Martian admits that the Methodists are crypto-Catholics (via their Episcopalian roots), like all the other fake schisms, the Eastern Orthodox schism was all for show. Father Stalin was a crypto-Catholic and likely is Mr.Putin.

Like the Apostle Paul, Stalin was let out of jail too many times ... because he was a counter-intelligence spook for the white Russian's secret police before the Bolsheviks won.
The following is the conclusion of a long article detailing just a small portion of Trump's coming impeachable conflicts of interest stemming from his foreign business interests. These include ones from Russia, China, Japan, the Philippines, Turkey, and Argentina. The only way that he can eliminate his conflicts is to sell his real estate branding business, and which he is refusing to do.

He's making his daughter, Ivanka, his effective First Lady and she is even sitting in on official meetings and phone calls, while having her own conflicts of interest.

Given the extraordinary power Donald Trump now wields, it’s obvious that foreign governments and corporations can easily curry favor, bribe or even blackmail him, which is why the Founding Fathers so feared outside influences on the Executive Branch. Once he’s president, Trump does not need to ask for cash to be delivered to his pockets or to those of his children to cross the line into illicit activities—and possibly impeachable offenses. Macri of Argentina cannot know if his country will be punished by the Trump White House if the remaining permits for that Buenos Aires project are denied. Abe of Japan does not know if a government holdup of Ivanka Trump’s deal with Sanei International will lead her impulsive father to call for an American military withdrawal from his country. Erdogan of Turkey has told associates he believes he must keep pressure on Trump’s business partner there to essentially blackmail the president into extraditing a political enemy. Duterte of the Philippines believes he has received approval from the president-elect to, at best, abide by or, at worst, continue to authorize the frenzied slaughter of drug users and dealers, and knows he can harm the Trump family if the president ever angers him.

America is on the precipice of an unprecedented threat, as allies and enemies alike calculate whether they are dealing with a president they can please merely by enriching his children. President-elect Trump has a monumental choice before him: He can, as he promised during the campaign, protect the sanctity of the presidency—which he can do only by selling his company. Or he can remain corrupted by the conflicts between his country’s future and his family’s fortune.
This is pretty hilarious, ... and frighteningly plausible. Albeit that Trump and Putin are both likely in somebody else's pocket. At the end, the character of Rex Tillerson enters highlighting the fact of Tillerson's massive deal with the Russian state owned oil company, Rosnoft.

Saturday Night Live slammed Donald Trump during the show’s cold open on Saturday for his relationship with Vladimir Putin, comparing the president-elect to The Manchurian Candidate.

Alec Baldwin returned to play Trump in the opening sketch, with cast member Beck Bennett starring as a shirtless version of the Russian president. “This guy is blowing my mind,” Bennett’s Putin said after Baldwin’s Trump attacked the CIA for saying Russian hackers had tried to sway the election in favor of the Republican candidate. “Donald, I want to state officially that we in Russia are so happy you are U.S. president. We think you’re the best candidate, the smartest candidate, the Manchurian candidate.”

“I don’t know what that means but it sounds tremendous,” replied Baldwin’s Trump.

In light of our being informed of top presidential advisor Steve Bannon's declaration of a jihad on secularism to his Vatican friends, that his Secretary of Education nomination whats to destroy public schools, that many of his top nominations are Jesuit (Georgetown / Fordham (including Trump)) educated, we should be reminded of der Grop'n Fuhrer's statement in August of what he would do for the American Christo-Taliban. The evangelical Taliban were the decisive vote ignoring the vote steering influences of all the last minute 'revelations', and the legendary Clinton machine's seeming apparent political malpractice in failing to connect with the key voter issues. On this last point, the Clintons played the role of populist while really being corporatists. But der Grop'n Fuhrer trumped the Clintons at this game.

In a startling off-the-cuff speech to a gathering of pastors in Florida last week, Trump threw away his prepared remarks and promised, over and over, to give evangelical churches the power to essentially spend unlimited sums of tax-exempt money on politics. Nearly 80% of evangelicals already support Trump. It is one of his largest supportive demographics—and one of the GOP’s most reliable voting blocs.

“I said, ‘I’m going to take this into my own hands and I’m going to figure a way that we can get you back your freedom of speech,’” Trump told the evangelical pastors. “It will be so great for the evangelicals, for the pastors, for the ministers, for the priests, for America.”

Trump promised that one of his first efforts as president would be to dismantle laws that keep Christian churches from spending tax-exempt money on political advocacy. He promised to vigorously attack a law established in the 1950s—from legislation sponsored by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson amending the U.S. tax code rules—that prevents tax-exempt organizations such as churches or educational institutions from endorsing political candidates. The ban on 501 C-3 charitable organizations from engaging in political advocacy has come to be known as the “Johnson Amendment.” ...
Trump also had the campaign photo-op in the Trump Tower of the Christo-Taliban leaders giving the Grop'n Fuhrer the "laying on of hands." Der Grupen Grope?

I did not coin the term der Grop'n Fuhrer, but found in my local newspaper.
To amplify the previous post here, the following July piece demonstrates religious thinking generally, and particularly the Christo-Taliban thinking, where they can correctly pull whatever support for their rationalizations they want from their Holy Book. The Bible has a season for all things, which the "God is Love, Love, Love" pushers ignore. Well, the Catholic Church used their power to burn heretics, because they "loved them."

Today smokers no longer have the right to push their noxious pollution on others, but the Christo-Taliban must have their pagan Christmas Culture pushed on us, and their prayers pushed on secular taxpayers at public institutions. Too bad for the tobacco industry they didn't figure out how to embed themselves in Christian culture. Maybe they can find an opening for der Grop'n Fuhrer?

... The influential pastor admitted that Trump isn’t much like Jesus Christ — a difference he enthusiastically described as a feature of his presidential campaign.

“You know, I was debating an evangelical professor on NPR, and this professor said, ‘Pastor, don’t you want a candidate who embodies the teaching of Jesus and would govern this country according to the principles found in the Sermon on the Mount?’” Jeffress said. “I said, ‘Heck no.’ I would run from that candidate as far as possible, because the Sermon on the Mount was not given as a governing principle for this nation.

Jeffress, who has said freedom from religion is a “perverted idea,” argued as a Trump supporter that the U.S. government should not be based on Christian principles.

“Nowhere is government told to forgive those who wrong it, nowhere is government told to turn the other cheek,” Jeffress said.

The conservative pastor said earlier this week that police officers are “ministers of God sent by God to punish evil doers” — which is what he said the Bible calls for in a president.

“Government is to be a strongman to protect its citizens against evildoers. When I’m looking for somebody who’s going to deal with ISIS and exterminate ISIS, I don’t care about that candidate’s tone or vocabulary, I want the meanest, toughest, son of a you-know-what I can find — and I believe that’s biblical.”
Who knows what is real about the "Russian hacking", especially with the Clinton's unusual political malpractice in messaging. The interesting thing here is that an MSM outlet is printing a suggestion of possible 'treason', just before the Electoral College vote tomorrow.

In each case the president-elect is inviting an interpretation that his behavior is treasonous. The federal crime of treason is committed by a person “owing allegiance to the United States who . . . adheres to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort,” and misprision of treason is committed by a person “having knowledge of the commission of any treason [who] conceals and does not disclose” the crime. By denigrating or seeking to prevent an investigation of the Russian cyberattack Trump is giving aid or comfort to an enemy of the United States, a crime that is enhanced if the fourth explanation applies — that he is in fact seeking to cover up his staff’s or his own involvement in or prior knowledge of the attack.

There is no direct evidence that the president-elect was involved or knew in advance about the Russian government’s actions. But the circumstances underscore the nation’s need for a full investigation.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, has had extensive political dealings with the Russian government. Trump’s designate for National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, has appeared as a commentator for Russian state television and sat with Vladimir Putin at a Russian gala. As a candidate, Trump repeatedly praised Putin and took positions favorable to the Russian government. As reported by the New York Times, the president-elect’s son, Donald Trump Jr., told a real estate gathering in 2008 that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” adding, “we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Two days after the election, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabokov, was quoted by the Times as saying that “there were contacts” between Moscow and the Trump campaign, and that members of the campaign staff “were staying in touch with Russian representatives.”

In light of these circumstances, Trump should seek to clear the air by endorsing the proposed investigation of the Russian hacking scandal. For him to continue to deny Russia’s cyberattack and resist the investigation invites a specter of treason to hover over the president-elect.