June 9: Myths about Christian Martyrs

Richard Stanley

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Another good show. Two things:

  1. It's appropriately Justin 'Martyr', not Justin 'Martin'. I am increasingly becoming subject to such lapses, especially with names. Of course, JM's personal story is funny, like Paul's, in that he gets to write and communicate freely while he is in Roman custody, awaiting his transport and sentencing.
  2. It may well be that the author of the Polycarp story had contempt for such as typical 'true believing' Christians. However, I think it is important to realize that the whole point of organized religion is to have everyone demonstrate their loyalty to the PTB, whether the king or the Hidden Hand, that even the otherwise Knowing Ones are willing to literally and figuratively lower themselves by publicly showing their obsequious obeisance to power. Hence the debated phrase, "It is absurd, therefore I believe." Whoever coined that phase seems likely to have cynically understood the principle.
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