July 7: History of Islam

Jerry Russell

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The show has been available on the podcast page since last Sunday, and I'm just now getting around to posting a show note. Sorry about the delay.

Joe talked about a letter to Caesar. I believe he was referring to the incident further described at this web page:


The "Roman" Emperor in question, is Heraclius of the Byzantine Empire.

I also spoke about this page by Emmet Scott:



4th to 6th century: Ebionitism, a Jewish “Jesus movement”, spreads throughout Syria, Mesopotamia and Arabia. The Ebionites rejected the Four Gospels and insisted that Jesus was a faithful Jew who never challenged the laws laid down by Moses.

Circa 600: Chosroes II, a Sassanid king resident in Aramaic-speaking Ctesiphon, embraces Ebionitism and accords it a privileged position within the Sassanid Empire.

614: Sassanids, with large contingents of Arab troops, capture Jerusalem and carry out a massacre of the Christian population.

620: Sassanids, with Arab mercenaries and allies, conquer Egypt.

640: Arab troops, commanded by Mu’awiya, stage a coup d’etat against Yazdegerd III and seize control of large parts of the Sassanid Empire, including much of the Iranian Plateau.

660: Capital of the Empire moved from Ctesiphon to Arab-speaking Damascus and Arabization of the court commences.

670: Document henceforth known as the Qur’an transcribed into Arabic with many changes of meaning from the Aramaic original.

Joe hurt his back, so there won't be any new show tomorrow. I wish him a speedy recovery. I will replay the first half of the podcast from 8/3/2015, about artificial intelligence.