July 28: Futurism and Christian Zionism

Richard Stanley

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Good show. I just finished listening and I'll try to add in some details, as time permits, about:

  • The Jesuit Disestablishment and its relationship and timing with the American Revolution
  • Where did the disestablished Jesuits go, besides Davey Jones' Locker that is [sic]
  • The Roman Church's simultaneous encouragement of heretical Protestantism and the foundation of the Jesuits before the Council of Trent
    • The theological argument over Biblical Salvation by Grace versus by Good Works was a divide and conquer sham
      • The Roman Church is now making concessions with the acceptance of the Lutherans back into the Roman Church
  • The rationale behind simultaneously promoting two, mutually exclusive End Times Schools
  • The Jesuit school system and their 'pagan' Greek Ratio Studiorum curriculum
  • The implications of Barbiero's thesis as applies to Jesuits, Templars, and Freemasons
    • And the implications of Mithraism and how it might be similar to the Nazi's esoteric interests
    • Machtan's Hidden Hitler thesis, the Jesuit influence and Antinous
    • The kontrol implications of the Jesuit Confessional
  • The implications of so many Georgetown alumni in the current White House today
    • And that the Jesuit Pope and Trump are checking off the Futurist End Times boxes of Revelation