Julian the Apostate & Creation/compilation

Sgt Pepper

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Any thoughts on Julian the Apostate?

Also any thought on how the gospels were completed (with the Flavian Signature theory in mind) despite the ending of family bloodlines, plagues, reforms, etc. until the fall of the western empire?

I don't understand by what means it was carried through with emperors like Elagabalus and Maximizes Thrax.

Seems like there weren't many christian leaning emperors after the Flavians for quite a while.

Jerry Russell

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These are very good questions. Joe has a theory that Trajan promoted Christianity in a quiet, bureaucratic sort of way, and left some clues in the letters to Pliny the Younger. Other than that, we really haven't given this a lot of thought.

It might very well be that some of the later Roman emperors didn't like the Christian conspiracy and didn't support it, but it had grown beyond the point where it could be stopped. Or, some of the reported Imperial opposition to 'Christianity' might have been exerted mainly against gnostic or nationalist versions or heresies, rather than against the Roman Orthodox version of the faith.

Richard Stanley

As we are learning here about resistance to cultural change in general, much less obvious 'degradation' it would not do to impose a radically new religion all at once, like the flip of a light switch. Instead, it must be quietly nurtured, in this case, in parallel with all the competing mystery cults invading Rome at the time.

An early Xian church was discovered at Megiddo, built by a Roman centurion in the second century. It abutted a Jewish housing area. Earlier proto-Xian symbols were found inscribe in a cave outside of Jericho and dated to early in the Jewish War. These included military symbols of the Romans, meaning a Roman legion likely had been encamped there.

So via such as spreading a new religion through the military and through others such as slaves, one could gradually build numbers to the point that Constantine could grant it favor over the pagan religions. Even until this time the pagans were dominant culturally and they were not happy with Constantine's action. Which consisted of Constantine removing state funding for the pagan cults and switching this over to the Xians.