Joe atwill talks about coo coo ken

Grave error here. The highest order of Masonry is Islam, the ideal vehicle for World Government. The Knights Templar were subverted by Masonry during the Crusades and brought it back to Europe. It was forced underground by the Catholic Church, but preserved as the Scotish Rite under the protection of Robert the Bruce!
I just finished reading the Koran straight through. No one here asks why the Establishment constantly "whitewashes" this hateful, totalitarian document which controls half the world? No one concerned that Prince Alaweed Bin Talal and other Muslim moneybags control or have veto power in most of the major corporations (including NewsCorp), contribute to most of the "non-profits" and think tanks, are in partnership with the Rockefellers, and basically control our elites?

Jerry Russell

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Not that I would want to defend the Koran, or Prince Alaweed, but I'm not sure the Bible is really so much better.

The video is gravely flawed for not differentiating New from Old Testament of the Bible. There is, of course, no real continuity between the two.

The Old Testament is on a par with the Koran though not as Imperialist, seeking only the Holy Land. The New Testament, designed, I agree, by the Flavians, is failed "Pax Romana". The Elite has decided Islam is the way to go. Just listen to what they say. No Empire has been more extensive in world history than Islam.

By the way, I followed Abelard Reuchlin's Piso theory of the founding of Christianity for decades. Atwil nailed it, though!
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