JFK: What do we really know about that day in Dallas?

Richard Stanley

The following is about Dorothy Kilgallen, the once famous reporter and celebrity who was found dead ala Marilyn Monroe. Kilgallen, who was friendly with JFK, was highly involved with reporting on the Jack Ruby trial. She had come to realize that there were big problems with the Jack Ruby narrative, revealed to lawyer and author Mark Shaw much later via a 'rare' copy of the trial transcript.

Shaw has written a recent book, Denial of Justice, about the Kilgallen murder, and an earlier one about the same, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much.

It was clear that Ruby knew the 'assassination' would happen, and now Ruby had a big time mob lawyer, Melvin Belli, to 'defend' him. Kilgallen garners a boyfriend during the time of the trial, and it turns out he has mob pressure on him. He is the likely source of information that Kilgallen is preparing a book about to break the story wide open.

And so, the big(?) problem here is how to reconcile this with the body double claims of Miles Mathis and Tyrone McCloskey.

If a body double was used, the Oswald (the patsy IMHO) would still need to have been killed and Ruby kept silent. Ruby, was a man who would do most anything to make his bones within the organized crime world, and he revealed himself to have been very nervous, once he had crossed the Rubicon of shooting Oswald so brazenly. This left others, like Kilgallen, to be silenced for what they came to know. She saw that Ruby was the key to understanding what had happened, generally. But likely short of the body double aspect IMO.

Kilgallen was onto that Joseph Kennedy had screwed the mob, which provides a great motive for the assassination. But, the web of connections with the mob go very deep, into the Deep US military, the Deep CIA, the Deep FBI, the Vatican, and more.

Joseph Kennedy was almost as brazen in screwing the mob as Ruby was in killing Oswald. While RFK was likely the better direct target for the mob than JFK, taking JFK out meant that RFK was powerless .. from a governmental perspective. But in any case, the 'sacrifice' of JFK was a great ecumenical tool for elevating Catholic power, as we can clearly see today, the éminence grise behind the Great Pumpkin of Chaos.


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JFK's connection with the film began in the summer of 1962, when syndicated columnist Fletcher Knebel sent the President an advance copy of a novel, Seven Days in May, that he'd co-authored with fellow journalist Charles W. Bailey, Jr. Knebel had been inspired to write the book after he did an interview with U.S. Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay, in which the military officer went off the record to castigate JFK as cowardly in his handling of the Bay of Pigs crisis. From that thread, Knebel and Bailey spun a tale of a right-wing military coup. It was a storyline that apparently resonated with JFK. In 1961, his Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, even had been compelled to fire U.S Army Gen. Edwin Walker from his command in Europe after it was revealed that Walker had been indoctrinating troops with literature from the John Birch Society, which viewed both JFK and his predecessor Dwight D. Eisenhower as closet communist agents. The President was all too aware of a fringe that shared similar views, especially after Walker showed up in Mississippi to rally white bigots to oppose James Meredith's enrollmen at the University of Mississippi. As Attorney General Robert Kennedy told White House aide Ted Sorenson, Walker was "getting them all stirred up. If he has them march down there with guns, we could have a hell of a battle."

JFK quickly read the book and then shared it with his brother, as well as members of their inner circle. While JFK thought it was marred by "awful amateurish dialogue" and that the President was drawn too vaguely, the character of treasonous Gen. Scott made a strong impression upon him. JFK took it upon himself to ensure that a hit movie was made of the book, as a preemptive strike against his extremist enemies. As JFK aide Pierre Salinger later told journalist and author David Talbot, "Kennedy wanted Seven Days in May to be made as a warning to the generals. The President said, 'The first thing I'm going to tell my successor is, 'Don't trust the military men--even on military matters.'"
Lee Harvey Oswald got away with trying to shoot General Walker, did someone put him up to that? Was Oswald then set up as a "patsy" to "kill" JFK and "redeem" himself?
Lee Harvey Oswald got away with trying to shoot General Walker, did someone put him up to that? Was Oswald then set up as a "patsy" to "kill" JFK and "redeem" himself?
Oswald shooting at Walker is highly dubious. The bullet didn't match. No motive. No way for Oswald to get to Walker's home. Etc. Marina's statement was obviously coerced.

Richard Stanley

The combined researches of many reveal that Oswald had been recruited into the spook world from at least his days in the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol, with fellow cadet, legendary CIA drug and weapons smuggler, Barry Seal. Their CAP mentor was David Ferrie, another CIA pilot, which was revealed by Daniel Hopsicker in his book, Barry and the Boys. Hopsicker also had a picture in that book showing GHWBush sitting in a swanky Mexico City restaurant with a CIA assassination squad.

Another book revealed that Oswald had been 'sheepdipped' out of the Marines and into covert ops - before he made his excursion to the USSR. That book has a photo of Oswald's DOD card granted to those who are discharged early while allowing them benefits like to buy things at a military PX. And, when he got back to the USA he had handlers like (monarchist White Russian) George de Mohrenschildt and the FBI. So, everything that he did was under supervision, including his Fair Play for Cuba gambit.

It's interesting that Walker was a John Bircher and JFK (while having been an allied colleague of Senator Joseph McCarthy and having had a Nazi girlfriend during WWII) was supposedly a Commie sympathizer (according to Birchers and such), making them odd dual targets for one ideological assassin. Instead, I agree that Oswald was being framed for the Walker 'shooting', likely staged as part of the patsy framing.


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Thank You Gentlemen, I had always wondered about that assassination attempt on General Walker, here is the Wikipedia version:

"Marina Oswald testified that her husband told her that he traveled by bus to General Walker's house and shot at Walker with his rifle.[87][88] She said that Oswald considered Walker to be the leader of a "fascist organization."[89] A note Oswald left for Marina on the night of the attempt, telling her what to do if he did not return, was not found until ten days after the Kennedy assassination.[90][91][92][93]
Before the Kennedy assassination, Dallas police had no suspects in the Walker shooting,[94] but Oswald's involvement was suspected within hours of his arrest following the assassination.[95] The Walker bullet was too damaged to run conclusive ballistics studies on it,[96] but neutron activation analysis later showed that it was "extremely likely" that it was made by the same manufacturer and for the same rifle make as the two bullets which later struck Kennedy.[n 7]"
I'm reading Lamar Waldron's LEGACY OF SECRECY and he offers a few insights into Edwin Walker. He was an extreme right-winger, having been booted from the military for passing out John Birch Society literature to his troops. He organized the opposition march that led to the attack on James Meredith. He accused Eisenhower of being a life-long communist. He ran in same circle as Guy Bannister and he was frequently visited by Jack Ruby. In 1976 he was arrested for making a homosexual advance to a plainclothes cop.

The bullet was a 30.06, not the caliber of Oswald's rifle. Walker said the bullet the Warren Commission had was not the one he recovered. Oswald did not have a car or driver's license, so he would have had to take a bus or taxi to Walker's home. No one saw him with his rifle. Eyewitnesses said there were two cars at the scene.

Richard Stanley

Oswald is said to have taken both a bus and a taxi, after walking 7 blocks to the bus stop, from work to briefly stop off at his boarding house, before heading off on foot to the Texas Theater. He then has no apparent problem shooting JD Tippit on the streets, while later fumbling to shoot another cop in the theater - when he knew they were coming for him, the theater lights even having been turned on.


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The Texas Theatre was part of a chain financed by Howard Hughes, and the police would not have been called had Oswald paid for a ticket, instead of sneaking in. The movie he was watching was called "War is Hell", narrated by Audie Murphy, and starring Baynes Barron as a Korean War sergeant who kills for glory. Baynes Barron was born on May 29, 1917, the same day as Oswald's alleged victim, President John F. Kennedy.

Richard Stanley

There are those Kennedy Lincoln to JFK assassination parallels, and now we have the theater parallels: Pompey's Theater, Ford's Theater, and the Texas Theater.

There is also an interesting aspect of Hughes' and Joe Kennedy's ownership of RKO Studios.

and the police would not have been called had Oswald paid for a ticket, instead of sneaking in.
Supposedly there was a business owner down the street from the theater who followed Oswald to the theater, because Oswald had ducked into his store and acted weird as the cops drove by (after the shooting of Tippit).
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There are those Kennedy to JFK assassination parallels, and now we have the theater parallels: Pompey's Theater, Ford's Theater, and the Texas Theater.
John Wilkes Booth made up his mind to assassinate Abraham Lincoln after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox, and of course Lee Harvey Oswald was the alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy. Both of these "Lees" were Southerners, and both Presidents were "Yankees".


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This forum is phenomenal thanks for keeping it up and thanks to Tyrone for his post here, I read his jfk blog a while back. The first point about Jackie being "cheek-to-jowl" with JFK is a powerful argument. Does anyone here think the Illuminati would leave killing Jackie up to chance? Doing this really only makes sense in the official story but not in the standard conspiracy theory where the only reason they are killing JFK during the parade (and not in his bedroom with a heart attack gun) is for plausible deniability. this is actually an understatement because we know everything they do is for public perception.

Knowing about aldous huxley, mk-ultra, and hollywood...does anyone here really think "the manchurian candidate" wasn't predictive programming, psychic driving, and the cover story for mk-ultra? Does anyone here really still think it is plausible that the film purchased by CD Jackson and Henry Luce was coincidentally filmed by a 33 dergree freemason in the freemasonic shrine of Dealy plaza, Dealy who owned the main media outlets in dallas covering the story.

Tyrone was the first I heard this from and yes this is correct.
There are 3 images of the headshot:
2-marie moorman
3-marie muchmore
....the later 2 sharing the same birithday?

Have you noticed how many of the same people involved in the JFk and RFK psyops were also invovled with the Manson Psyop? Like Ed Butler, Larry Schiller, Joseph Ball, Thomas Naguchi, George Shibley, frank sinatra etc.

Does anyone still think Mark Lane isn't entirely controlled opposition...whose books were written by a freemasonic committee?...much like the manchurian candidate and Bugliosi's Helter Skelter. Lanes film-producer deAntonio was a cultural marxism had just finished smearing McCarthy, much like Cohen before he made Mondo Hollywood (predictive programming for Manson) and Cohen also made the propaganda films of George deMorensdhildt (who was working for Buckley's oil company) and wife (who worked with Zapruder)...AND Jackie was close firends with deMorenshield who was of course Oswalds handler, who's brother was admitted intelligence...AND his elite Aunt supplied JACKIES DRESS! Jackie who, according to wikipedia, sat on "uncle" deMorhenschildts lap as a child.

The strongest evidence for the assassination I could find are the eye witness "the Newmans" which isn't very strong. Jerry stated early in the thread that there isn't any evidence that could disprove this theory but I think there is...how about: The corpse or Jackie's dress and DNA? And of course we already have something that violates the laws of physics in the magic bullet.

Among the many great points Tyrone and Mathis make... The JFK speech is always being taken out of context...again and again. why would anyone (especially a truther) assume he wrote it at all? He didn't even write his own book (based on his public reaction)... and anyhow what president actually writes their own speeches?

I made this video from a good reading Mathis' paper here:


Thanks for reading, I will be working my way thru many of these killer threads in the future :)