Jewish Holocaust planned before 1915

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    10 official newspaper articles predicting the Holocaust - decades before World War II - even before Hitler was in power:
    Six million Jews... Six million Jews... Six million Jews...
    Six million Jews... Six million Jews... Six million Jews...
    Six million Jews... Six million Jews... Six million Jews...
  2. Jerry Russell

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    So maybe the Holocaust was predictable, and all the articles agree that 6 million was roughly the entire number of Jews in Europe. And maybe it's a round number, or a mystical number. Or, a guesstimate. It doesn't prove that nothing happened.
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    For sure it happened:

    It proves that it was planned way in advance like 911 - say a 30-40 year project. The Six Million figure was reported before AND after - once mission was accomplished. Remember, Hitler was a puppet to be a lifetime actor for this mission as well as a figurehead for the war that was planned from both sides:

    And the first concentration camps were 2nd reich based around 1905:

    Next is the US:
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    What you said does not prove that something Happened. 6 million found here is not accident. Fake shrunken heads etc.
  5. Jerry Russell

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    Regardless of exactly how it was done, there is little doubt that the Jewish population of Eastern Europe and Germany was subject to “ethnic cleansing” in WWII. According to figures in “The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry” by ‘Walter Sanning’, the population of Jews in Germany and Austria dropped from 731,000 in the early 1930's, to 36,000 postwar. The number of Jews in Poland dropped from 3.1 million to 83,000 during the same time frame. (Table pp. 156-157). Percentage-wise, nothing comparable to this happened to any other European ‘Gentile’ population.

    Furthermore, it is not true that there is no evidence of homicidal gas chambers at Nazi concentration camps. See

    The competing theory by revisionists, is that the camps served as transfer stations to send the Jews to Russia. There is a very severe lack of evidence for this theory. The gas chamber theory looks far more substantial by comparison.

    I've been an agnostic on the gas chamber theory in the past, focusing instead on the broad implications of the genocide of European Jews. But for whatever it's worth, I think I've been wrong to take that position. The evidence favors the idea that most European jews died in the camps at the hands of the Nazis.

    Fake shrunken heads don't prove anything, other than that their creator felt motivated to make them for some propaganda purpose. 'Six million' turned out to be an astute prediction, more or less correct, but that doesn't make it any less of a crime.
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    Maybe you're wrong again Jerry. More recent evidence, which I have discussed on the forum before, suggests that the problematic number with the logistical capabilities of such as the gas chambers can mostly be made up by looking at the mass graves that are being found in Eastern Europe, outside the various villages and towns where Jews lived. These were taken out of town and shot, falling into their graves.

    In any case, these people, were mostly all genetic Ashkenazi, albeit Gomers (Hosea 1)-(such as were similarly used to repopulate Israel after the Semite Hebrews (previously Canaanites) were removed by the Assyrians and Babylonians). All these people were sardonically vanity victims of an Identity shibboleth. And they are being set up for this again, as are Identity based Christians. All for the Globalist Gory Glory of God.

    One simply cannot have a proper Futurist End Times if some big and gory event didn't ultimately make the new Israel possible, so that they could built the second Third Temple there. The temple has to be built before it can be destroyed, right?
  7. Jerry Russell

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    I remember you discussing this on the phone, but I missed it on the forum. I don't doubt that atrocities occurred at various villages and towns all over Eastern Europe. But, searching for this new paradigm on the web, I found that new evidence is piling up for the reality of atrocities at the central death camps as well. And we have the long standing evidence of rail transit records showing Jews arriving at those death camps, with no corresponding records of their departure.

    See, for example:
  8. Richard Stanley

    Richard Stanley Administrator

    I guess I didn't get around to it. Father Desbois has apparently found, by the time of the show, about 1,700 mass burial sites. Here it is below:

    The Holocaust is marked and memorialized at places like Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau. But nearly half of the six million Jewish victims were executed in fields and forests and ravines, places that were not named and remain mostly unmarked today. They were slaughtered in mass shootings and buried in mass graves in the former Soviet Union, where until very recently, little had been done to find them.

    Our story is about a man who's brought these crimes of the Holocaust to light. He is not a historian, or a detective or a Jew. He's a French Catholic priest named Father Patrick Desbois. And for the past 13 years, he has been tracking down the sites where many of the victims lie and searching for witnesses who are still alive; many of whom had never been asked before to describe the horrors they had seen more than 70 years ago. ...
    In any case, one of the troubling things, to me, is how the number '6 million' was released before the real number could have been known. All this is combination with the 51 Documents of Brenner, and revelations of collusion in Black's The Transfer Agreement.
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  9. Jerry Russell

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    The "real" number isn't know with any precision. It can't possibly be known, considering the nature of the estimates. But, 'six million' is roughly equal to the entire population of Polish, German and Russian Jews prior to the Holocaust.

    The number 'six' has some spiritual significance as well; but, what number doesn't?
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    Hi gillis
    Wishing you well
    HOpe you come back to this site
    I miss your insights
    We need not agree on every thing.
    But we. Need each. Other
    as we are all under the. Gun of the rich
    This is for. You..
  11. Jerry Russell

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    I have mixed feelings about this. Yes, fellowship and coalition-building have their place. But I think it's also important to maintain some critical facilities.

    Sean Jobst affiliates himself with white-nationalist websites like "Reconquista Europa" ( This website takes some blatantly anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic sentiments that go well beyond just criticism of elite theology and policies. They seem intent on settling old scores on a national, ethnic, or racial basis.

    People of other races and creeds are also "under the gun of the rich", not just white Europeans.

    What kind of influence are we having, and what kind of political movement can we be a part of, if we are uncritically accepting of such sentiments?

    I'm not missing the arguments with Giles about Flat Earth, either.
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